Krispy Kreme

2329 S 1st St, Yakima
(509) 453-4111

Recent Reviews

Eleanore Forbes

The staff was amazing. Thank you Kyleigh for piping hot donuts. And thank you Josh for all your help with baking of our tasty treats.

Tommy Lee

If there was a no star I'd give them no star for terrible service coming from the managers and the clerks.We ordered through drive through and we could hear them giggling and laughing over the speaker and we felt humiliated so we called back the store spoke with the supposed to be a manager in charge name Ethan was unprofessional and didn't know how to appease the upset customers. Never, ever again would I shop there again!!!! We plan on speaking with Mike(general manager) in a couple of days.


Bad customer service-clerk name Tony needs to be retrained on providing good customer service. Manager name Ethan destroys the image of Krispy Kreme altogether.

Yvonne Perret

I have never had a better doughnut than Krispy Kreme. They are the best in the world

Laura Manzo

I ordered glazed donuts , they didn't have any, cinnamon sugar, either ..Also they took 10 minutes to take my order there was only one car in front of me.I asked about lobby service was told they close early depending on who the manager is??? It was Saturday afternoon.VeryUnhappy.

Dan Arnett

4 Oct 2022 - 4 StarsAlways enjoy a good doughnut

Jon Murphy

Went to get some of the chocolate glazed promotion doughnut this morning. I got there at 8:05 and the guy working told me they wouldn't be ready for another hour... Really? Not having this promotion doughnut ready until 9am. Most people are at work by then. I really feel like our Yakima location dropped the ball on this one. I drove over a half hour out of my way this morning to get a box, just to be told they weren't ready. Very disappointed!

J Bob

The prices keep going up but the donuts just keep getting smaller and that's if you can get someone to help you!! Stood in there for 5 min. and no one came out of the back to help!

Phil Haskell

Well when you go to Krispy creams you know what your getting it’s the same at any store. This place hit the spot and then some love the doughnuts

Resort Videos

Warm fresh donuts, hot coffee and clean seating area. The employees were very friendly.

robyn mcaffee

They advertise for serving coffee, is there a reason I couldn't get coffee? They said they could only do drip coffee.

KyUr Li

They had a really good apple fritter. Restroom was clean.

michelle spencer


Ali Panjwani

Great service! Parked my semi and went in for a drink. The iced latte wasn't available, so the person offered my order on the house. People in Yakima/Union Gap are very kind :)

Catherine R.

I've been going to this Krispy Kreme for years but recently I've noticed that on the speciality doughnuts that I order, namely the oreo and the cake batter, they have been giving increasing less and less filling. The last oreo doughnut I bought I ate the entire thing and I never found the filling, the hole was there where they would have inserted it, but it must have been such a small amount that I completely missed it. Why would I want to pay more for a doughnut that has less in it? (specialty doughnuts cost more than regular filled) Other than that the service was prompt and polite, and the other doughnuts I got (original glazed, marble bar, chocolate sprinkles) were delicious. It's just a bummer that my favorite donut (the oreo) is getting steadily worse every time I go there. I know skrinkflation is real but I wasn't expecting it in my donut filling.

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