Miner's Drive-In Restaurant

2415 S 1st St, Yakima
(509) 457-8194

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So good great fries shakes and most importantly the big miner which is enough to feed two people. Love it I would eat again


Miner's Drive-In is a must stop, especially if you have not been there. It is as close as you are going to get to an old fashioned drive-in in this day & age. Food is good, soda fountain is great & prices are reasonable. They get extremely busy around lunch time & it is worth the wait. A great experience in this day of drive-in fast foods & one that you should share with your children. My son is 51 years old & still stops there with his children & grandchildren. It's a tradition.

J Mart

Been years since I have been to miners. And it seems like the hamburger are still cold. The cheese wasn't melted. And instead of spreading out the onions lettuce and tomatoes. They just put it all in a ball in the same spot. Reminder everything is sold separately. Hamburger around $11+fries about $6+ and a drink around $5


46 Years of tradition (43 years of personal experience for me) Miner’s was as much a part of my young adulthood in the late 70’s and the 80’s as was the greatest generation of music in those years. Late night stops after ‘the game’.. segued into ‘some food to counter-balance the underaged alcohol consumption on the way home from ‘cruising the ave’ back in the day. Food was always consistent as was the unsolicited flirting with the late night staff. (Hi Lottie…) Miner burger, no onions, crispy fries, extra, extra extra thick vanilla shake with a medium root beer along side…. Great food, fun atmosphere and two decades before the remodel. In these past 10+ years, seems the old guard / management have successfully retired and left day to day operations to others. Yes, the business volume is there, but the atmosphere and efficiencies have fallen off. Just this weekend…. Called in an order, 15 minutes out from arrival, arrived at the drive up as directed to, waited 12 minutes to be acknowledged (after calling back in to alert them we were in the drive thru)… Numerous staff, milling about, horseplay visible through the window. Waited an additional 7 minutes before another, “inquiry of foods whereabouts” ….. only to be told “the extra crispy fries, take longer”… btw, might of been 8 total people in the entire place.. 35 total minutes to get our food, complete with ATTITUDE…. STILL GREAT! Burger / Fries / Shake… all reminiscent of yesteryear, just missing something….oh I know… service and timeliness…

Chris Roybal

En Route to Richland for business, after a long day of hiking at Mount Rainier National Park, I was starving! I stumbled upon the Miner's Drive In and was grateful for their awesome food to satisfy my appetite! Old school fast food restaurant with delicious food and HUGE generous portions. I enjoyed a massively delicious Big Miner Burger and a mountain of fresh tater tots. I apologize about my photo, as it does not do the size of this burger justice. Needless to say, I was unable to finish my meal and had some leftovers. Fast, friendly service and great tasting food. If I ever find myself passing through Yakima again, I'd happily go back and suggest you do too.Vegetarian options: Garden burgers, salads and vegetarian sandwiches available.Kid-friendliness: Most definitely kid friendly with some delicious food and deserts and even some arcade games available.Parking: Plenty of parking available..

Nick Johanson

Maybe I’m not the target audience for this place but good lord the food was ridiculous. Was it good? Sure. Not great in a memorable sort of way, but good enough for a visit. But the portions were ridiculously huge, even for a guy like me, who generally enjoys this kind of food. We ordered a small fry and if that was their small, I don’t want to imagine their large. I bet a burger and fries here is at least 2500 calories. It was also extremely expensive for two people. $40 for two orders of burgers (one chicken) and fries with drinks. It was a unique local experience but I probably won’t return. Nobody should serve portions that ridiculously large. The only picture I got doesn’t do it justice. But hey, they’ve been in business forever so I guess it works.


I went with my softball team. The food tasted good, but we had to wait 25-30 minutes just to get our food. We weren’t the only waiting, there were people who had been waiting for over an hour until they got their food.

Kelsey Johnson-Schmidt

When I was in HS we would travel to Yakima for state basketball. Miner's was always a stopping point. Their food is as good as I remembered! Definitely get the fry sauce for dipping your Frenchfries. The burgers are huge, so make sure you are hungry!It does feel pricey for the area, and they are currently low staffed so it takes a while to get your food. Don't go here if you are in a hurry or have cranky/hungry kids. I also don't think they have updated ANY of the decor since they opened. But the dated feel is part of its charm.

Leno Ramirez

Excellent place for people who eat well... Big and delicious hamburgers, sandwiches, and more... Of beef, chicken, fish and shrimp... delicious and big size of fries... A small size is enough to share with up to three people ... and the prices, super cheap.Kid-friendliness: The menu for kids have very delicious options.Parking: Big area to parking

Old Radman

I have been going to Miners since the early 80s.I will admit love the place except my last visit this summer. The food was less than marginal and service poor. I understand personnel have left or passed that helped keep the quality alive. I truly miss the Miners of old where the food was actually not cooked under heat lamps.

Allene Hoke

I had the Miner’s burger and it was the Best Hamburger ever! And Huge. Everything is fresh, and cooked to order. They add plenty of fresh tomatoes, walls walls sweet onions, pickles and very tasty sauce. Pricing is very good. Customer service is excellent. Very Clean. They offer indoor dining or drive through. They also have a lovely picnic park, for those who prefer to eat outside. It’s a quaint restaurant with a vintage feel.

Jas T.

Big miner is large. The burger is ok. Not the best but it does have half the garden on it:) clean place. Good flavors, fries are funny. Not bad, different.

David R.

Too expensive for the service and quality of food. They forgot items in our bag which we had to return to fix. Then my daughter takes a bite of her veggie burger which they marked on the bag as such to find out there was a beef patty in it. To make matters more upsetting, they made her wait in a long line to speak to them about the issue instead of helping her when she walked up to the side counter with the incorrect burger in hand. I use to go to Miner's all the time growing up. There are far better options out there now. I won't be returning.

Lola P.

Not sure what all the reviews were about. Worst thing that happened was the wait. Other then that friendly staff. Portions are big. Came with big sauce of ranch. And portions are big. Definitely recommend


Portions are unnecessarily huge paid $20 for a cheeseburger that can feed 2 grown men no problem and an order of chilli cheese fries that is big enough to feed a school full of hungry children...ridiculous.Flavor wise it's ok nothing special meat looks boiled and chilli is not great in my opinion. It's a cool novelty place to stop by and check out the big food but that's it. I'd come back though.

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Miner's Drive-In Restaurant

2415 S 1st St, Yakima, WA 98903
(509) 457-8194