2409 S 1st St P-11, Yakima
(509) 453-3301

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Jacob Loy

Lid wasn’t secure. You all just ruined my white sweatshirt thanks.


The Valley Mall Blvd have the worst customer service of all the Starbucks partner stores around and their drinks are so inconsistent its beyond ridiculous. I order the same 2 drinks everywhere but this location cannot get them right and the last time I went ( my birthday) my drinks was not right and I had to ask for napkins to wipe off the outside that had stuff running down the side of it and the gal rolled her eyes at me and handed me ONE napkin. I tried to call once to talk to a manager and she asked me what I wanted her to do cause all she would do is give me a $3 gift card to replace the drink. I told her I would just like it remade cause $3 didn't come close to replacing the cost and she told me no, the $3 gift card is all she was going to do. I've managed Starbucks stores in the past, I've worked customer service for over 10 years and my birthday drink from earlier this month (April 1st) was wasted because it went in the trash which ticked me off.Parking: There are very few parking spots and it is a hassle because the drive thru line blocks part of the parking lot so parking and leaving is a nightmare. Not to mention you are ignored by the workers if you go in anyways.

Rong chen

A really bad service there,I went inside yesterday,everyone was talking together in a circle,except a Asian girl ,only her seems very busy there ,I was there over 5 minutes,they were still chatting and ignored me all the time ,finally I ask and placed a big order,but the drinks were ready,nobody let me know,they just keep chatting there in a circle,back to customers,I got to said this is a worse Starbucks in yakima ,a really poor service!! I will never go back again

Beth Wilbanks

Why is it so difficult to get unsweetened iced coffee? It's just coffee and ice! Came through the drive thru early this morning, got to work and there's sweetener in it. And I can't drink it and it's six bucks down the hole.Service: 1/5

D Jim

Don't go inside unless you have PLENTY of time to kill. Drive through/ window seems to be more important than the people actually in there inside.Even if the line is long, you'll probably get your drink quicker than anyone inside will. ?Service: 3/5

Rita Yates

Thanks for the quick service, tasty treats and welcoming smiles. Yeah for Brulee latte!Food: 5/5


Best service I ever had. Very friendly and clean..Food: 5/5

Laura M.

I always order online from the parking lot and my order is ready within 5 minutes. This store has a reliably fast and friendly team working. Kudos to the hard working staff.

Monica Grays

My go to place is Starbucks, for hot chocolate. I don't know what's going on... it seems the hot chocolate is getting watered down. It's been pretty consistent throughout the ones I visit. Yakima and cle elum for sure. it's a hit and miss in Ellensburg.Not sure if it's a training problem or a new policy from upstairs. But, I'm beginning to think it's not worth the purchase. Might as well go to the gas station, for a watered down hot chocolate. ? Bummer.

Mary V.

Stopped by around 6:30pm on a Monday, looking for some hot green tea to fuel our drive home to Portland. My boyfriend asked to see the tea menu, and the barista waved her hand under the tea sign quite rudely. It was very condescending and not what we were looking for. I said to her, "we're looking for a hot green tea," and she replied they didn't have any. I was shocked and asked again, "a hot green tea?" She said they only have iced. Very disappointed in the selection and the treatment.

Fred C.

Music is too loud. It's just a rock out palace for the employees. You can't read or do any work and you'd have to yell to have a conversation. At least the food and coffee is good.

Laura Suarez

Usually my go to Starbucks but today the workers were unfriendly with bad service she started off by rushing you as you order in the drive through, they forgot something in my coffee & my bf asked nicely if they can add it and she didn't like that as she showed with her body language they returned the drink & just dumped the missing caramel on top of the cold foam. Horrible experience

Joanna Cruz

The wait to get your drink is ridiculous!!!15min to get your drink..Can’t even leave the line if I wanted to

Tami Rodriguez

Great pumpkin spice latte! Nice and hot! Drive thru went quickly!Food: 4/5

Jorge Silva

Ordered a caramel ribbon crunch, got no crunch. Didn’t get what I paid for.

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