Yo Yakima

2401 S 1st St, Yakima
(509) 426-2925

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Tantamika “T” Coleman

It's very yummy. So with all the flavors and new flavors coming in, it's great YoYakima has lil taste-tester cups, that's handy! ?Although, I wish they had different sized bowls... Maybe 3 different sizes. I'll live. Otherwise, it's a nice atmosphere.Next time, I'm going to bring a game or two to play with a friend while we eat frozen yogurt!Thanks Yo Yakima! You don't disappoint!

Maria Arrez

Great flavors with a variety of self served toppings!


My girls love coming here. My youngest niece is simple with vanilla n lil m&m and the other like chocolate with candy.

Jessica Briggs

Me and my son goes there I love it

Trenton Murdock

Best place to get frozen yogurt in Yakima

jason pitner

Enjoy this place very much. I like building my own yogurt bowl.

Miguel Valencia

You want icecream with all types of different condiments candy, chocolate fruits ect. This is the place to go

Krissy Jo

great service the lady had a good head on her shoulders while serving a full house. state in yakima and she was so nice. one woman crew. great selection of good sweets and toppings fruit and chocolate and syrups. love it

Kadence Long

I wasn’t even able to try the yogurt. I went here two days in a row the first time it I noticed a small sign that says they’re only taking cash because their card reader is down which I can understand things happen. But I come back the next day with cash and as soon as I walk in the door the worker tells me he’s leaving for 15 minutes and will be back after he runs to do something. He then proceeded to lock the door with the lights still on inside and the open sign still on. I just found the whole place very unorganized and unprofessional.

Jamie VanderSchaaf

Liked it a little pricey just won't get as much next time

Nicole Torres

Needs an update on slow machines. Could use labels where fruit toppings are located. Kinda dark inside. Could use a good cleaning both inside and outside. Chairs outside are very uncomfortable. A bit spendy. Overall very good. I would come back.

Sharlene Blacketer


Melanie Miller

Yo.....froYo is expensive! But delicious.

Katrina Velasquez

My 1st time there and I can't wait to go again

Natalie Elyea

It made my daughter very happy to go there. They have a great variety of flavors

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