Panda Express

2435 S Oneida St, Ashwaubenon
(920) 328-0806

Recent Reviews

Howard Lubin

The food was not very good. Wait times were long even though they were not very busy. The menu only has 6 or 7 entrées that are made ahead of time and kept under heat lamps. Better Chinese restaurants are nearby with better value too.

scott laplante

Quality is good for fast food Chinese. Portions can be on the small side for the price. Some items are out of stock if you plan to head there later in the evening.

Joanne Compton

Ordered 4 different entrees for our family and they were all fresh, hot and delish. I even converted my father!!! Very picky man! ? No leftovers!

Kyle Ness

The food is so sugary it's just not for me. The staff is very nice. The food was also a little past its freshness. I had orange chicken, Beijing Beef I think and an egg roll with sweet and sour sauce. The sweet n sour was horrid. The best part was the white rice.

Zachary Gallenberger

Ordered online for pickup at a specific time. Arrived, presented the cashiers with the name on the order and the time for pickup. They said we need to see your phone. I wasn’t sent a confirmation text, so I gave them the phone number and email associated with the order but this still wasn’t enough to get my meal. They made me walk back out to my vehicle in negative degree windchill to show them a screenshot of the order confirmation on the device I placed it on; my tablet. I can’t help but think if I hadn’t brought my tablet would I have been refused my food? I’ve eaten here many times and have never had this happen so I don’t know if this extreme level of confirmation is new but needless to say I wasn’t thrilled.


Worst service I've ever had. Our order was cut off at the drive through so only able to place part of it. Went to the window to pay and let them know they missed part of the order and was told to go back through the drive through and reorder the rest of the items. Asked to speak to the manager only to have the most arrogant manager (Ivan) come to the window and say they are too busy and better luck ordering next time. Good luck to this store as you lost our business. I'll be sure to let everyone know how poor your service and door is.

Jesse Perez (lilkimiconic)

Very unprofessional. Walked up to the door to pick up my online order and they locked both sets of doors. There were many people in there eating so decided to go to the drive thru. I get up to the window and the guy comes and says “Oh I’m busy so I won’t be able to get your order you’ll have to come inside”. Then I go back to the front and try the other door and that door was locked and then two workers come by and the main door was opened, which made no sense considering it was locked the first time. Definitely the most ridiculous trip that was suppose to be easy. Get ready!

Eric Bowman

I’ve been to many Panda Express and they get very busy during dinner, so it’s understandable. I think employees get overwhelmed because there’s only one designated area to retrieve food for drive thru, lobby, online, delivery etc….Wish management would allow another food table in each restaurant… I went in tonight, busy as usual for dinner, of course you have typical Karen’s that complain over every little thing… give me a break…. It’s a lot of young people. I waited about 10 minutes for teriyaki chicken, but it was very hot and fresh! There was a worker named Savannah who was very pleasant and attentive. She also acknowledged my kids and gave them stuff to draw with while we dined in.Thank you for outstanding customer service!!

Valerie Bartow

Went through the drive through. Ordered my food which wasn't difficult. Plate with chow mein super greens Bejing beef and black pepper chicken. Also an Orange chicken with fried rice bowl. Told me there was a bit of a wait for the plate. Ok. 15 min later got the food. Got home it was cold and NO chicken on the plate. I wasn't happy. But didn't call. Should have.


Sat in the drive through line for almost 30 min waiting to order and to the speaker and nothing for 10 min went up to the window and no one was inside and no food prepared. I am so happy that you guys think it’s okay to choose your own hours and leave no sign or warning. You had many people waiting in line for nothing that is some terrible service?

Troy Thielbar

place has no help so dining room is locked, only drive through which also doesn't move! I had several cars ahead of me when i pulled up and many left, sat and waited 10 more minutes and the car infront of the ordering speaker never moved the entire time so i had to leave as well. These people can't even operate the drive thru one customer at a time, avoid this place unless you have 30 min to sit around to order food........if your lucky!

Amanda Fiumefreddo

Ordered for pickup. They wouldn't let me inside to get it, nor bring it out. I sat in the drive thru for 25 minutes. Received obviously cold food. One plate was missing an entire entree item.


The orange chicken tasted terrible. The flavor was like the chicken was charred and the sauce was wrong too. Just smelling it you could tell that it wasn’t normal. It had to be thrown away. I will not be coming back to this location.

Katrina Haycraft

If your gonna be drive through only put some signs up. Nothing in the drive way or on the door.

Angela Harris

My husband and I ate here yesterday and were really impressed with the customer service. From as soon as we walked in the door, everyone was extremely polite. A guy came to our table and asked if we need any additional sauces or drinks, and then as we were leaving the same guy opened the door for us. Food was amazing too! All around impressed!

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