Pizza Hut

2787 Prairie Ave, Beloit
(608) 365-5777

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Gabriel Bruno

The pizza was great. The pepperoni, the sausage, the sauce, and the cheese. The employee that took my order was great. But it was too long. So I had to order it with the mobile app. But the pizza was really delicious.

Ashley Kelly

Placed order online after waiting for about a half hour they tell me they dont see my order show them my phone now make it. Because here is my order I signed the receipt for it. I paid for you don't see my order smh worst experience ever nothing for the inconvenience.

Fireman Jerry

Ordered pizzas twice any this store seem not get things right . Or Staff can't read can hear either cause of Ordered hand toss and got pan style. Ask for extra items got none of it . Got credit and used a coupon that I had before and did not get the full credit . Lately this store has went down hill .Staff is not friendly either

Paul Hieser

Good pizza. I wonder if they changed their sauce since I last visited.


I didn't want to complain to much but when I went to pizza hut tonight, I tried using a coupon from the bucky badger book, it says in there that they participate, it was buy a large 1 topping pizza and get one free. When the cashier looked at it she went to get a manager and he comes screaming out of the back saying "We don't participate in this!" And walked off. I understand they don't have to, and I know how hard customer service can be. Instead of taking the coupon, there was a older guy waiting for his pizza, the cashier proceeded to bring his pizza out and she said, "we ran out, so you get 2 pizzas." Not only did I order online ahead theybhad me wait all over again and breadsticks got hard.

Terry Finn

Pizza was good. Got a salad to go. Was big enough I had it for dinner that night and lunch the next day

Kim Martindale

We love the taco pizza from here. Customer service at this particular location is great. It is sad to go there however and not see anyone dining in. They even have a nice size party room to hold an event. The reason for giving 4 stars and not 5 is because the consistency of how we receive our taco pizza varies...sometimes there are a lot of chips, other times not so much and same with the cheese. Despite this, we will continue to patronize this location and want to see it survive.

Justin Merkes

They charge more now for pasta, but they've reduced the amount you get, thanks a lot. They put the word new in front of it on their online menu yo make it seem different, oh it sure is, half the size as before but a dollar more per pan. Plus the quality is c rap now too, its identical to dominoes pastas which are not good. I'll never order from them again.


Always Great Service and Great Food. I use both dining in and delivery. The food always arrives Hot and made the way I order it with delivery and dining in. I use my Beloit, WI - Prairie Ave Pizza Hut.

Brittney Nicole Zadoka

We ordered from there tonight at 5:27 pm and received an estimated delivery time of 6:27 pm. Gave them a call at 6:56 to see what was going on because the tracker still said our food was in the oven. I spoke to a girl on the phone who stated that their cook had just walked out so they will not be accepting new orders for the rest of the night to which I replied we had ordered an hour 1/2 ago and the tracker said our food was still in the oven. She didn’t seem to know how to reply to that other than saying sorry. I am extremely pissed off about this as we waited an hour and a half for me to have to call and then just be told well… sorry ??‍♀️! Now we get to wait even longer because we have to order from somewhere else. I understand you’re left without a cook but why didn’t we receive a phone call when it happened? And why did the tracker say my order was in the oven in the first place??!! Pretty unacceptable.

Heather Cooper

The server was AMAZING! The taco pizza was delicious as usual!

Ellie Smith

Jacob Mason (delivery driver) and Connor Mason (cook) are violent, homophobic people that have problems with racial minorities. They physically assaulted and verbally threatened an LGBTQ+ minority. Jacob has admitted to driving under the influence and a woman had gotten a restraining order against Connor on stalking charges.

Jack Shadows

Ordered 3 thin crust pizzas. Sure, it was a bit later in the night, but nothing unreasonable. They closed at 11 and STILL no pizzas. Calling tomorrow for refund. Dont care if I get pizzas or not. Never ordering from here again. Papa johns is better anyways.

Aurio Ruiz

Pizza took forever called and ask they said pizza on the way still took another 20 mins before it got here pizza was cold and burnt along with pasta was dry delivery guy was nice offered coupon for trouble and apologized for inconvenience

shane schultz

The waitress was very polite and attentive to our needs. Food was also done well to.

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