Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

1741 Geneva St Suite 400, Delavan
(262) 740-7200

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Teresa Pietryka

Put a closed sign up if you are permanently closed or temporarily closed. Instead of people waiting in the parking lot for you to open. Use some common sense.

Linda Nelson

I have read that this location was sold back to corporate. I just read a business article that said Papa Murphy's is a sinking ship, losing money, and the subject of two big lawsuits. I wouldn't hold my breath, waiting for this location to re-open. (And this location has been going downhill for years.)

Penny Panzer

A couple day ago I went for a pizza and the open sign was ON,but the doors were locked and NO ONE was in side the store. I went back a day later the same thing! NO one answered the phones ! was so very disappointed!!!!Food: 4/5

Shelli Allen

I have never had an issue here before now. Tonight I placed an order online at 2:30 in the afternoon for pickup at 5:30. When I went to pick it up at 5:30 my order was not ready. The worker had to look through different receipts to even find my order only to discover that it had been up on the line waiting but had never been made.When I finally picked everything up after having to wait longer. The two salads I had ordered to go with my food looked like they were thrown together very sloppily and they were only half size. This is not what I paid for.

Bria C

This is honestly the worst papa Murphy’s I’ve ever been to. I went in tonight and the kids working were openly eating while taking my order, they also made my order wrong which is awesome. Last time I tried to order they told me I couldn’t because it was 6:30 and proceeded to lock their doors. This location is literally nothing but disrespect. I never had issues with them in the past. You should reevaluate your new staff.

Tammy Elblein

We used to love going to pick up pizzas the last few times 5 or 6 young workers all on their phones standing at the counter waiting for them to finish to help us only to tell us sorry we don’t have that, we’ll it will take awhile are you sure you want to wait? Maybe come back tomorrow. What has happened to customer service and taking pride in your work?

Jade Arndt

So sad, all kids working there now, never get the pizza right or always out of toppings or crust! Last time lights were on and door was locked. They used to be our favorite.

Jessica Kubly

Store is very dirty! Food and sauce that looks like it's been there for years. People working not wearing hair net with long hair. They didn't change clothes when they went from one pizza to the next. Or wash their hands after taking cash.

Kelsey Rupert

I know staffing is an issue right now, but the quality of the pizzas at Delavan location have gone down quite a bit. The online ordering wasn’t working. The dough isn’t stretched on the pan to make a crust, way too much cheese on the last several we have had, and inconsistency with the amount of toppings. Rarely any sides out to choose from. Also, need friendlier employees. Bummer since we used to love Papa Murphy’s. Hopefully, finding staff gets better in the future.

Gary Hetzel

Horrible experience tonight, waited 20 minutes without being asked for assistance and the pizza was waiting the whole time, ingredients just piled on the middle, didn't have onions, green peppers or mushrooms that were on the order. Ordered cookie dough and had to wait longer for someone to ask and was told they didn't have any. Asked for a refund and was told I could get it next time, doubt there will be a next time.

James Bilskey

Single handedly the worst Papa Murphys pizza I've ever had the displeasure of purchasing and cooking. The person staffing the store clearly didn't care or wasn't trained. It was pathetic to say the least! I wish google would allow pictures because this 16 dollar cheese pizza was a awful!

Jaiden wellCrauszer

Ian is the best worker ever he should get a raise

Becky Brellenthin

I don't like to post bad reviews. I ordered a Big Murphy pizza the other night and when I was eating it I found a piece of metal in the first slice. I called and spoke with the person who said he was the Manager but was new. He wasn't sure what to tell me and when I mentioned I had Door Dash deliver he acted like they must have put it in there. He told me he'd have to call his boss because he wasn't sure what to do. He did offer to make me a new pizza, which I appreciated, but I told him I wasn't coming in that night because it would be another 2 hours before I ate if that were the case. He said he'd have his boss call in the morning but I never heard back from anyone.

Sandra Kirkpatrick

Great pizza and Tuesdays $10. Lg pizzas, who can beat that.

Jenna Wallace

Great pizza, always! $10 Tuesdays are a must have dinner night. Fresh toppings and ingredients, so much better than ordering a pizza from other chains. Staff is always prompt and friendly. Everytime I order in-store my order is made quick and to perfection. If I order online, it is always ready when I pick it up. The cookie dough is delicious and the salads are pretty good too....nothing beats the pizza, though! :)

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Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

1741 Geneva St Suite 400, Delavan, WI 53115
(262) 740-7200