333 Gibson St, Eau Claire
(715) 318-7322

Recent Reviews

Jordyn Schraeder

Great atmosphere with friendly bartenders

Tore Haack

Very classy place, but no dancing allowed :(

Nate Johnson

Great spot for a date night and quite the opposite of a dive. Nice intimate setting with high windows overlooking downtown. The bartenders were all friendly and knew their drinks. We will be back and plan to do one of the outdoor igloos with a group of friends.

Tiffany Goetz

I enjoy the atmosphere here and the drinks are always tasty.

Dianne Lueder

Good service. Quiet enough for a conversation. Pleasant ambiance.

Samantha B.

I wasn't sure what to expect with it being a hotel bar but it was actually very nice. Super dark with minimal lighting at night. It has a patio on the rooftop of the Lismore - the patio is super lighted and very cute. No heaters outside though. It was a little more expensive than other bars around the area but nothing too crazy.

Bee Shindou

LGBTQA+ friendly, a lovely experience for a date. Drinks are roughly around the $10-14 range on average. Dimly lit with mood lighting and ally friendly atmosphere.

Steve Dau

Pleasantly surprised with this little gem. I walked in and saw the available options and decided to be "that guy" and have the crafters make some off menu items. They knocked em out of the park and made my night. Cheers!

Michayla Thielen

This is one of the cutest places to go for happy hour drinks. On the more expensive side but I love that they pay employees livable wages. You can tell that the bartenders truly know their drinks and are great at recommending things if you’re unsure. Super friendly too! They open things up so it’s sort of all outside in the summer, but check out the igloos if you go in the winter!

Jim Kreilich

Rooftop bar at Lismore Hotel is a great spot to enjoy a cocktail or beer. They have both draft & bottle beer.

Trent Nutter

Great service and atmosphere.


Ironic name for a more upscale joint. Some say prices are high, I say (having come here from the twin cities) that the prices are typical, and everywhere else in Wisconsin is ridiculously cheap. If you're here from out of state, I don't think there will be any sticker shock, and you'll probably get a higher quality than you would expect based off the menu. Very good cocktails, especially if you stick to the classics. The house cocktails can be a bit hit-or-miss. The reviews complaining about them not having this specific liquor or that are really missing the point. Trust them to make the classics, just ask for whichever your favorite is.Service can be a bit slow if they're busy, but if you're slamming drinks so fast that the bartenders can't keep up, you should be at a different joint.Patio seating is quite nice.

Rich Hansen

Fun environment nice rooftop (shame you can hear the exhaust fans beneath, but whatcha gonna do?) , and really good cocktails. This bar would do just fine in a larger city, so it's a real highlight for such a small city such as Eau Claire. If I ever get back to Eau Claire, I will definitely come here again. Singapore Sling (fine, nothing special, mine is better) Amaretto stone sour (very few things I like more than an amaretto sour, and this was the best I ever had) Martinez (stiff. Delicious. Recommend highly) Also, the wait staff on the rooftop is highly attentive. Sometimes when a bar has a rooftop they never come to you, and after you go to the bar to order you lose your seat. Not here. They checked on me every give minutes. And I don't think it's because if my caging animal magnetism or overwhelming silent charisma. It's just a really well-trained staff. Highest recommendation for anyone who doesn't want to travel to MSP or Milwaukee for a great cocktail lounge experience.

James B

Cool aesthetic and drinks are good. Prices are reasonable/ good value when factoring the built in pricing

Ms. Bryant

We had GREAT service, excellent drinks and a super time. It was a bit weird being on top of what used to be a pool l swam in years ago but, l can cope with the change since the space is decorated well. Prices are a bit highish but it’s worth the experience. I am glad to see new life in the old downtown hotel. Eau Claire keeps evolving and may become fully cool. Nice.

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