Domino's Pizza

1719 N Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire
(715) 833-3930

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Aaron Haller

This dominoes never disappoints.

Michael Smits

I would like to thank Erika (a manager at this branch) for her outstanding service in helping our athletic team track down an itemized receipt! Erika went above and beyond to communicate with us over a period of days to identify what we needed and then was ultimately able to send us our itemized receipt. I talked to other managers at the location, but Erika was the manager who made sure that she personally followed up with me after I called the location. I am very grateful for Erika's help and consideration!

Lori Anderegg

Great place to order and great food! Nadine S. was very helpful and took our dietician needs seriously! She ensured it was a safe experience for someone gluten free and went the extra mile. I really appreciated her customer service! I would highly recommend!

Anonymous Customer

Best Dominos ever!! Make your food the way you want it, if it gets messed up, they remake it, they're always trying their best and trying to give customers everything they need. 10,000% recommend this location

MJ Pickett

Signing up was very tetious but thought it would be advantageous in the long run.Selecting the ingredients went smoothly until sauce selection... I went with the default ?. Tasted like cheap spaghetti sauce making this pizza one of the worst I've had.I did the order... I selected the sauce... But Spaghetti sauce as the default selection in my opinion is a poor decision.

Beth Lewis

Always a great choice for delivery to my hotel when I visit.

Misty Biesek

Always the friendliest service and quickest deliveries and the food is always phenomenal! Absolutely unmatched every time.

Shane A.

Ordered two pizzas and wings. When I arrived the pizzas were done however they were too busy goofing off and forgot to make the wings so I had to wait 10 mins for the wings to get done. Whilst the pizzas were getting cold for those 10 mins. Redic.

Justin F.

Well I was just brought back into my childhood thanks to some difficulties with the wed site Scott and Erica made sure to nip that issue in the bud and then smoothed it over with a blast from the past I use to work at a pizza restaurant as a young man and just due to the frustration of the website obviously no fault of there own but they gave me a doe ball as I was commenting on the photo of the original owner of the place tossing a pizza I ordered pan and they were like if you ordered hand tossed we would do that for ya but give it a try I played with the Doe did my best to toss the pizza handed them the flat they added toppings and cooked it for me they gave it to me and said let's see how you did and how we did well I'm excited to see we also got some other stuff and just great service great people super happy with this place the pizza was epic I would have to say I won

Almond Jelly

For a Dominos, this place is very good. Of course delivery times get longer during busy days, but I've never had a complaint about the time. If you've worked in delivery services you know how messy things can be. The food is consistently good. If I ever have any problems with the food (rarely) they are always willing to make it up to you within reason.

Eric Koenig

Good pizza, plain and simple ??

Mike Blodgett

I’ve ordered from this location many times never had issues besides sauces being wrong. Until tonight. Ordered food got the charge and it never showed up. Will never be getting food from them again. Looks like toppers will be getting my business

Robert Newton

Ordered online. Didnt receive the correct salad. Called said they would bring it right away. It's been over an hour. They 6 minutes away and it's only a salad... how hard can that be... you lost my business this is 2nd time my order been messed up and late. Out of the 3 times I've ordered here. 1 out of 3 is bad.

yazzie q

Ordered a few pizzas today, one had no pepperoni whatsoever or even a decent amount of the other toppings ordered, and the other was supposed to be extra pepperoni and it seemed closer to regular or light. Also the crust on one pizza was nearly flat when it was supposed to be the regular crust which is usually fluffy-ish. I recommend checking your pizza(s) immediately. lol Dominoes could ya please throw more toppings on and get your orders right! ?

Kristen Bignell

If I could give no stars i would the manager i spoke to was so rude and kept talking over me while i was trying to talk.i will never order from here again.

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