Olson's Ice Cream

80 S Barstow St, Eau Claire
(715) 514-4828

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Kaiah Webster

Positively delicious ice cream, clean establishment, good atmosphere, and kind staff. It gets busy (for good reason) so the wait would be my only complaint.

Andrea Bergemann-Phillips

Always Soooon Good. Just wish their waffle cones were a little larger.. and if they, the employees could have like allergic reaction info about whether there fake coloring in your ice cream such as Red or Yellow "food great" dyes. Many are sensitive to yellow coloring and allergic to Red Colors IE: Red40 Red40Lake PEG- whatever number..Thank you???

Rachel T.

So it's UWEC Parents weekend and busy..I get that. After patiently waiting in line for the two servers to help others and run the cash register, it's my turn. I order a large chocolate shake and a dish with two scoops. Rather than making the shake first, she begins to scoop ice cream...apparently runs out, and disappears for at least 5 minutes to fetch another container of ice cream from the back. finally returns and starts to scoop, but drops the scoop on the floor (while the partial scoop has been sitting over 5 minutes). after another scoop is placed in the dish, she bends over and picks the scoop off the floor with the scooper hand. scoops more of my ice cream without washing the same hand! finally gives me the dish, and helps another customer way behind me. over 10 minutes later the other guy finally makes my shake AFTER making a shake for the large gr behind....10-15 minutes later, my two scoops are melted. Hey, at least I was charged $24 for those two and caramel corn. We are locals and visit often. The guy who made my shake after the large group behind me, admonished me for asking where my shake was. We likely won't return.

V Misher

Reasonable prices. Fast friendly service. Big portions. Delicious ice cream!

Jhon Luke C.

I recently moved to Eau Claire this summer and NEEDED an ice cream shop that could fill my sweets cravings (which I have often). And Olson's has not disappointed one bit! They have a variety of flavors to choose from and even roll out new ones for different seasons (like Caramel Apple Pie for the fall!) My girlfriend and I just tried the brownie sundae thanks to the help of Mary Kate & Kinzie (amazing & friendly staff!) and it was worth every penny. I also love the fact that you can swap the vanilla scoops for 3 scoops of your choice. Just make sure you choose wisely ;) Great for students, families, or just a hungry 29 year old fitness trainer like me.

Nicolette T.

This is a homemade ice cream spot in downtown EC. They had so many menu options, something for everyone. A great way to stay refreshed during the hot summer months. There is a greatly large dining room inside, great for large groups and families too.

Emma Petri

Best ice cream in town! The cones and prices are awesome, best some great staff that works here. It's locally made and locally owned - Ramone's is not made in the Chippewa Valley. Definitely will be back soon!

Darwin S

Attentive service, creamy vanilla ice cream, and A&W root beer. Waffle cones are delicious. Olson's give you the full can of root beer. Excellent service and hospitality. A gem in Eau Claire.

Devin Muellenbach

With the student discount here, the price is reasonable for what is received. I go here quite regularly and I always get a shake with 4 different flavors. They are always good about asking if they don't remember which flavors I ask for, providing a good quantity of ice cream in the cup before its blended perfectly. So much flavor variety and well-made ice cream. Worth the wait/line! Friendly and positive staff, lovely atmosphere.

The real J Pepperman

Not cheapest but still the best in CV. Still locally made in Chippewa Falls. It's the little things that make our day.

Elaine A.

When my partner and I visit Eau Claire to do some shopping and play PokémonGo, we make sure to stop at Olsen's for some ice cream :)Every flavor I've had is SO good. I love it here because they usually have some pretty unique flavors. Last year I went and they even had a Black Licorice flavored ice cream! It was better than I had expected; I'm a huge Black Licorice fan, but I didn't know how it would taste as an ice cream... but it didn't disappoint.If you're in the Eau Claire area, hop on over to Olsen's! The ice cream is great!

Ruth Erickson

So many flavors to choose from, reasonable prices, generous scoops and extremely delicious! Friendly staff and very clean.

Kristin B.

No sugar cones and extremely strict about which ice cream can go into the cone and which goes on top and incapable of figuring out ways to be flexible and nut safe. The ice cream was mediocre. They use styrofoam cups.


when you're feeling depressedor just less than your besttake a walk to olsonswhere they sell portionsof the finest cream in the westthe coffee is quite good too

Ryan Ksug

The iconic Olson's. Probably the best ice cream in EC. Will be back to try more flavors..

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