Red Coal BBQ Family Restaurant

2235 N Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire
(715) 514-2836

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Clark Thomasson

I was looking forward to having a bbq place on the west side. But what a disappointment. Firstly, they were not busy. 8 tables in use, and four people working them. An hour in we asked if our foosd was anywhere near ready to bring out. Three tables were seated, ate and left after we got there. At an hour and 15 minutes we told them to just bring us the bill for our drinks, if we could not get our food in the next ten minutes, and lo and.behold, there was food on ou

Shelly Crutcher Gruenig

Love the food - eat there whenever we visit our son! Took carryout to the hotel poolside and only regret was they forgot one of our muffins so we had to wrestle it out because we love those muffins! Extra plates, napkins and sauce made it the perfect meal!

Matt M

What a bummer! The old location was so good. This one was flat out awful. We sat down and got drinks then waited for 15 minutes while our waitress ran around and got refills for other tables. Not ideal, but not a huge issue. While ordering, we asked if they had a kids menu. We were told they didn't have any printed, but that they had several options and all came with fries. Both of my kids got Mac and cheese, my wife got a brisket sandwich, and I got a pulled pork sandwich with a side of Mac and cheese.My wife said the brisket was fine. My pulled pork was dry and over cooked and I didn't get my side of Mac and cheese. My kid's Mac and cheese meals were also dry and over cooked to the point that it looked slightly burned. There were also no fries. I didn't ask for my side of Mac and cheese because it looked gross and it was. We forgot about the fries for the kids meals until after. Most of the food looked like it was leftover from a catering event a day or two ago and reheated.We got our bill and sat their waiting for the waitress to take the payment, but she never came out from the kitchen. The other waitress came over to take it eventually and I asked them to take off the side of Mac and cheese and do something about not getting the fries. They came back and told me the manager said to take 5% off of each kids meal which is just insane.It's super unfortunate that what was an awesome restaurant went downhill so quickly. Needless to say, with the bad food and poor service, this one is out for us.

Kellie Hedlund

Best brisket and pulled pork in town!! Also tried the pork belly, and it was awesome!!

Big Wolf Motorcycle Tours

Okay flavor wise. St. Louis style wet ribs. Sauce was good. Food portions were not great though. I've gotten way more for the same price. With a little more of a drive.

Jayne Ferlitsch

Wonderful gathering spot for a family gathering! The food was SO good...especially the smoked brisket. I had the Lone Star Burger and it was the best burger I've had in a long time.The place was very clean and had nice clean bathrooms.The only minus was that they were out of mushrooms, so my mom didn't get her mushroom and Swiss burger. However, Owner Brian Moscowitz (sp?) didn't charge us for her burger. And then our wonderful server Tucker brought out a huge bouquet of flowers for my mom who had just turned 85. It was a wonderful meal and wonderful service and we will DEFINITELY return!

Maggie Voth

This is the second time my husband and I have been here. the food both times was fantastic. Our Server, Sara was amazing! we love her! we will definitely be back.

Caleb Stober

One of the most delicious sandwiches I've had in a long time. I got the PBLT and loved how thick the bacon was and how tasty the fries were. Their BBQ sauce is incredible, and I say that as someone who usually lives in South Carolina. Very good food.

Brad Hansen

Best BBQ in the Eau Claire area! Would highly recommend for food, and great service!

Aaron Zillmer

Overall a wonderful experience!! Had the early bird curds!!!! They were amazing! I had the cowboy skillet and the lady had the eggs Benedict. Everything was delicious. Probably the best hollandaise sauce I've tried. They do have some small issues that most new restaurants experience. I am confident they will works those kinks out and be amazing. (we were only table and took about 1hr to get our food.) My plate was almost cold when we got it but was delicious none the less!

Brendan Lotzer

Don't know what has happened to Red Coal.They used to have the best brisket in town, it melted in your mouth. Thick cut, juicy, tender. Have given it another shot at the previous new location and now the current new location. It's dry, extremely thin cut, clearly heated up and seared on a flattop by the marks on it.The new location on Clairemont I tried for lunch. I'm assuming the brisket was from the day before and warmed up. This is fine for people ordering a sandwich maybe but when I am paying $20 for a brisket platter I should be getting good delicious brisket.Just very disappointing in how every expansion has resulted in worse and worse food for somewhere that use to be amazing.

Taylor G.

I actually almost never write reviews but I simply wanted to give warning to anyone considering Red Coal. We walked into their new location and it was dead silent and had a weird feeling to it, but they just opened so we chalked it up to being new. We were told there is no brisket, so we went okay must have been a good weekend for for resteraunt to be put of brisket. When we got our food all of our meat was cold and VERY fatty. It was absolutely disgusting how fatty our food was. We barely ate our food and I actually got sick after leaving the restaurant. I have worked many years in the food service industry so I understand that the food and atmosphere is not the waiters fault. In fact, he was so polite, had a great spirit to him and could tell he even felt embarrassed. They did comp one of our meals to make it right, however getting sick and served something like that doesnt make it totally right. I sure hope for their sake things get worked out and improve at their new location.

Lori N.

Diner atmosphere. Tables dirty but not a lot of help. The ranch was runny for the cheese curds and not a lot of meat on the pulled pork. Not sure will go back.

Jim Paulson

First visit and was excited. Food was good....service not so much. Had to wait 52 minutes for food. Ppl who came in after me were served way before i was. My order was simple, their house sandwiches, i thought it would go pretty quickly, but this was not the case. Doubtful if id return based on this incredibly long wait time. Getting used to a new location, does not explain how others were served, eaten, and left before my order was served.

Tiffanie Zellmer

A little bit rough but I know that they just opened this location so maybe we will try again later this year? The greens were so salty we couldn’t eat them. Mac and cheese was really dry. I will say the pork belly was really delicious. The portion sizes though were really really small.

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