The Fire House

202 Gibson St, Eau Claire
(715) 514-0406

Recent Reviews

Kathryn Steitz

Fun Trivia night. Great selection of craft beers. Not very handicap friendly. Very few low/regular tables way in the back. Difficult to navigate past bar and high top tables.

Jordyn Schraeder

One of the best places to grab a brew in Eau Claire!! ? Love Tuesday Night Trivia and the fresh and extensive tap list.

Nate Johnson

The girl working on 11/12 needs to look into a different gig. We walked in at 3:25PM and the place was far from busy. For whatever reason she made it a point to ignore my girlfriend and I. She continued to make it a point to ask other patrons sitting at the bar what they wanted for their next drink instead of serving us. The customer next to us said "I know you have other customers waiting" referring to us and she went to another set of people who had half of their beers left and asked what they wanted to try next. We finally thought "oh it's finally our turn", after she's asked every person at the bar if they needed anything else as we patiently stood there waiting to be served. Then she hiked her foot up onto the ledge of the counter and started tying her shoe as if we weren't even there. We've always had a great time here in the past and enjoyed the experience but this put a damper on our date. After waiting for 10 minutes basically right in front of her face as she intentionally ignored us, we decided to leave since the bartender had still not even acknowledged we were standing right in front of her waiting to be helped. Maybe something changed after this place was bought out, the service and friendliness used to be wonderful and we really enjoyed this place.

Jen B

Best place for beer in EC! All craft beers on tap. Love coming here for happy hour as it’s a good place for conversation.

Stuart Smith

Is this the best bar in town? 38 tap beers, a great barkeep and a vibrant ambience. You bet! Don’t miss out.

Scott Henslee

Great selections of adult beverages and local options that you don't typically find on tap

Kimberly Torgerson

Firehouse is our fav spot for date night or meeting up with friends. The drink prices are very affordable especially during happy hour. Great selection of beers for the beer lover! We enjoy when they open the big doors and can see the downtown and glimpses of river as we have drinks. The frozen pizza is very delicious. Perfect for a filling quick meal for two people or light snack for a group.

Kaitlin Robinson

Our sever was super nice and the place was cute! Our kids got firefighter hats and enjoyed looking at all the memorabilia! Food was good and my husband enjoyed their beers. Would come back!

Tate Williams

I always have a good experience at the fire house. The taplist changes often enough to keep me interested but my favorite beers stay on long enough to let me enjoy a few visits with them. The only complaint I had previously was rhe challenge in ordering if not seated at the bar but recently the establishment has removed a few barstools and allowed for an ordering area. I love this change. The staff are always incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and I bring all sorts of friends to this place.

Jenna KB

Always a go-to when we need a chill place to hang out and try new beers! We also love taking our guests here. Love the building and the staff! The popcorn is a must and the pizza (although frozen) is just what you need after a few beers!

Robert L.

The worst bartender I've ever had. The most judgmental and rude person I've ever had in the service industry. Terrible beard, worse chain necklace. He is the most rude server I have ever had at a bar.

Chad Osowski

Friendly barkeep, tons of beer to choose from however mostly IPA oriented (not a real hoppy person) and the music was just a little to loud to make conversation difficult.

Daniel Vondrasek

Although the extensive beer selection is quite formidable, the bartender seemed like she was afraid of me. Tried to strike a conversation with her and she was dismissive. The patronage was cliquey at best and not very inviting to people who were new to the bar

Ryan “Da1Goose” Smith

Would normally rate it higher as they have one of the largest selection of tap beers in the area. However, the live music was a real downer.


Great Bartenders, friendly atmosphere even with complete strangers, I don't normally like sours but got convinced to try this one and it was very good!

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