909 Hansen Rd, Green Bay
(920) 405-0735

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Mark Hansen

People working drive Thur don't know what the hell they are doing and when I paid they forgot to give me the sodas and when I ask they kept say sodas what took 6 times till they understood

Cassidy Schmidt

Fast services and great food portion size was definitely reduced But welecome 2 corporate America

Randi Stir

I like the food there, I think it good. The Icecream ? is great.Food: 4/5


Kind of what you expect from a Culver’s. The food was good.The credit card reader had some issues.Restaurant was clean.

J. Brandon Aulik

My Kids love this place and ask for it often. Food has always been good and Service is lacking put the work force is all pretty young in age. Mistakes on order can occur so check your food before driving off.

Kimberly Scott (Princess Treasures)

Great chicken, but the frozen custard is the main attraction. I could eat it every day and not get bored of it.

Sandy Bell

I'm very clean store very delicious fresh food. The onion rings are good. We always enjoy it.

Melodie Illgen

Good food, fast service - BUT - If you request special order - Like No Gravy on Mashed Potatoes - Check order before driving away! Next time we'll have to emphasize & remind them!

LaToya Moore

Great food and great service

B Lor

I love Culver’s but this location by far is the worst. They need to train their workers on better customer service. The lady at the window and the lady who brought us our food was so rude. We literally just got our food a minute and they sent someone to literally yell at us and told us to get out of the waiting spot. They were so rude and acted like we weren’t customers, just loitering. On top of that they forgot to give us our onion rings. When I called them, Evan said we couldn’t go back to pick up the onion rings and that they would send out a coupon next week. It’s ridiculous. If I don’t receive it, I’ll be filing a complaint with my credit card company for food I did not receive.

Scott Atwater

I just love Culver's. I remember as a kid going with my parents from Middletown to Sauk City to get ice-cream at Culver's in the summer when there was only one restaurant. Forty years later I take my kids there for ice-cream and many other Culver's delicious food. This place is the best.

Greg Smith

We were in Green Bay visiting and staying across the street at the Marriott. After clearly discussing with the drive through employee, my daughters inability to have gluten due to Celiac’s Disease, I was assured there wouldn’t be any bread or dinner role and no gravy with her meal. I was told that wouldn’t be a problem. I still have the receipt showing the order. After going back to the hotel my daughters pot roast was on top of bread and had gravy. Contacted Culver’s and they told me I couldn’t exchange the meal for the correct one because it goes against their policy. So now my daughter couldn’t eat her dinner. She’s only 7. I told the manager this was unacceptable but they refused to do anything. Instead they said they would send me coupons in the mail. I received the coupons which were only good at this Culver’s, 2 1/2 hours from my home. A letter was attached with a snarky response of how to “properly order without bread so this wouldn’t happen again. I assure you, I am very capable of ordering food at Culver’s and making it clear about my daughters disease. Just poor policies, poor customer service and a poor experience. I sent a letter to Culver’s corporate office and never received a response.

Matt Brzeski

Consistently good food, always served fresh and hot (so far), and onion rings crispy!All locations do a great job.

Luke Joseph

Literally every time I order just a deluxe cheeseburger they either ask if they can make it a double or they just do it without asking. If I wanted a double, I would say a double. I'm not sure if it's what they're trained to do to bring in more revenue or what but it's highly annoying.

Jamie Fonte

I've been to 4 Culver's in the Fox Valley area. Absolutely love this restaurant. However, if you don't stone clean your flat top, your burger will taste like a rusty penny. Other than that, love Culvers

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