Firehouse Subs Oneida Center

2665 S Oneida St E, Green Bay
(920) 544-4690

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Dark Myth

I'm sad to say this business has really gone down hill. The food is still good but the wait times for a simple sandwich are atrocious. You can be one of two people in the whole store and lets say you order a turkey sandwich it takes like 15 minutes or more. Employee's also spend time distracted on their phones just out of view left of the registers. I don't know why management allows them to have their cellphones while working?I've seen and had several incidents myself where they completely mess up the order give the wrong food out, even after taking such a long time to make it.I get a real don't care vibe from the employee's. Which is sad because I really like the subs from here when I get what I ordered.

Augustine Aguilar

Order a sub and never got it. Order online and waited over 44mins and nothing. Customers came in and order and got their food before me. Horrible service!!!

aly crossman

I love firehouse but after tonight I don't think I will be back unless a manager makes my food. I called in an order! My husband picked it up! I ordered 2 large hook & ladder! He gets home. Our subs are mediums, both subs are incorrect! I call to have my food remade & we both will pick up. We get there & the 3 employees working were very unprofessional, looked like a 12 year old working & the girl working was someone to the employees! Bottom point I get home with new subs & I noticed I had hardly any meat. At this point I was so irritated. I work in food industry and this is so very uncalled for! & yes I did check food before leaving 2nd time & the food looked correct but they are definitely slacking on portion sizes. Train you're employees correctly. This is Ashwaubenon location.

Britt V.

Very tasty. Had a chicken, bacon, ranch and the freshness of the ingredients was great. Went for a weekday lunch and had a surprisingly long wait time. However appreciated the local decor making tribute to local firefighters.

Karen Smalley

The young man who waited on us was very courteous and knowledgeable about the menu and place of business .Food: 5/5

David Finley

Slow and we were the only ones there but I'm rating the food that was good but not as good as I have had in the past I would have given it a 5 if it was my first time eating itFood: 3/5

Michelle Hansen

To the girl that was working today severely understaffed, YOU were doing a fantastic job holding it together!!!! I’ve never seen it that busy , unfortunately I canceled my order and saw you walk past with tears in your eyes !!!! I left you a $10.00 tip anyways !!! Hang in there !!! And to the lady that was complaining “ this happens every time I come in “ fill out a application or go eat somewhere else !!!! I will be back !!! Try and have a better day ❤️

Brandon hartman

One of my favorite sandwich shops! Always kind and courteous, clean and respectful. Amazing food!Food: 5/5

Shelley Moccero Carwardine

Great fresh subs made to order

Chris Warber

The brisket sub is my favorite! So many soda flavors available with their Coke machine. I'll take a brownie with my combo.Food: 5/5

Will Y.

We just needed to grab food after a long day and the employee was visibly annoyed that we had the audacity to come into the store 25 minutes before it closed. He walked up to the counter and said nothing and scoffed when I asked how he was doing. We ordered 3 subs, all to go, and he was so rude that my girlfriend waited in the car because it was so uncomfortable. The absolute worst experience I've ever had, anywhere.

Wisco BrewHippie

People are always friendly. Consistently good. I'll keep coming back.

Sterling Rachwal

Vary good subs. The atmosphere is a positive one between the employees and clients.

Nik McDaniels

Great food and Selena was a great help while I was there, thank you for the fantastic service!


Wasn’t greeted, had to ask cashier how it was going and he didn’t say all but two words, I ordered a sub after two people and I got mine first. My brother had to wait 45 minutes for his sandwhich no one got food in the order they should have, one guy said he waited an hour for his sandwhich and they rudely told him 3 times they aren’t making it. Family walked in and they said it was a 45 minute wait….. I’m not saying the job is bad but 45 minutes for some Sammie’s and no one gets the food in order. Maybe next time service will be better.

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