HuHot Mongolian Grill

2621 S Oneida St, Green Bay
(920) 405-8888

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Edward Knueppel Jr.

Went with a party of 20 and they had no problem seating us. The waitress was super awesome and split the bill up for us. It was so good I went back for seconds. We also got to make our own s'mores at the table.

Ann Dumonthier

Greater explained how the process works as I stated it was my 1st time & she gave me a list of sauces that explains what is in it.Being ALL U CAN EAT - works great as you can try out different varieties of food & sauces. Chef was friendly & smiles. Place was clean & no bad smells. I wasn't sure how long it would take to gather the food of my choice & watch the Chef fry it, as im handicap ( not noticeable) .... I was amazed how fast it went. Server stopped several times to see how I was doing, which I appreciated. .My food was delicious & I'd surely go back, which I am next wk with my grandson.Very pleased.Priced fairlyCleanFriendly staff & very helpful


I’m really torn on this review but there plenty to be said. Ate here for dinner tonight and observed several questionable thingsOk, who doesn’t love piping hot Mongolian??? In the current age of cleanliness I was surprised to see minimal regard for our current situation. Yes, you can put gloves and hand sanitizer out for all to use, but unless someone is ensuring people mind themselves in the chow line, it’s pointless. Saw a staff member come by and rearrange all the tongs, the same tongs that customers were grabbing with their bare hands, and then take the same gloves hand to push food back into its respective bin on the buffet. Not exactly a good try at hygiene. I’m also not saying that the place needed to be surgically clean, but at least look the part.The chow itself was hot and quite tasty, but then again with Mongolian BBQ, if you don’t like your food, there’s nobody to blame but yourself.Bathrooms looked like a bomb went off, but that’s just my perception.Cool staff and a busy little joint in Green Bay

William Denham

Wow on my top 10 love it! Can't complaine about the taste when you are the one making it lol. Fun and good eating. Just give it a go.

Spencer L

Place was clean and well staffed. Cooks were excellent. I brought up two bowls and they asked me if I wanted them mixed together (of course I do). The wait staff was attentive and friendly.I would recommend this place

Heather R

The food was good, service was good and they are very accommodating of food allergies. Only complaint is the cleanliness. The carpets get dirtier as the day goes on and there is pieces of paper in random places. It could use a deep cleaning. I still like eating there.


My family loves dining here! I do have to admit the first time I tried HuHot that I wasn't impressed with the food. (Due to the lack of trying different sauces above my comfort zone.) I decided to give it another chance and started trying different sauces and found the perfect combination that I love! There are many types of meat, noodles, veggies and sauces to choose from to make your meal just the way you want it.The wait staff and grill team are amazing people. Please remember to bring extra money to tip the gill masters as well!!!

Irene Sanchez

I love the endless options to create your own stir fry. This is one of my favorite places to grab lunch/dinner.

Maeve Grogan

They may be short staffed, but the people that are working give fantastic service. I have a food allergy so they had to extreme clean the grill 3x for me. Every time they apologized for the wait, but it was no trouble at all! Waiter was phenomenal, cooks were above and beyond. These guys all deserve a raise!

Hailey Rutledge (STORM)

It was a fun atmosphere and I was very clean. The sauces were too sweet for my taste, even the spicy sauces were very sweet. But it was still a good first experience

Russ Schisel

It's fun to create your own dish and have them make for you and it's all you can eat :) Pleasant and attentive servers and lots of food choices. Was pleasantly surprised the have class as a food choice

Naresh Guddeti

This is one of our top priority restaurant in Green Bay Area. Visited many times this place and never disappointed. Unlimited menu version is awesome. Every time it’s a new taste. Staff were friendly and supportive. And the one who works at grill are very supportive to make the food to well done as requested.

Michelle Shipp

Staff was very kind and most wearing masks. However, not super attentive as our waiter forgot to bring half the appetizers we ordered. The buffet style food is cringe-worthy. Hand sanitizer and gloves are encouraged, but I didn't see another customer use them (or wear masks) and instead overheard one tell their family "no, you don't have to wear gloves". The plexiglass does not protect the food well from everyone hovering over the food. Food in different wells were cross-contaminated and there was lots of food over the floor. The smells of everyone's different food cooking on the grill made me nauseous; not that this is the restaurant's fault, it's just the nature of this style of place. Not for me, I've decided.

Brenda Caelwaerts

So good glad you are back open. People are always so friendly.

Ken Heitman

Fun place to visit. Open selection to pick what you want for one reasonable price. If you don’t like a meal it’s kind of your own fault. Would recommend

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