2625 W Mason St, Green Bay
(920) 499-9956

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Raeann Teller

Drive thru sucks ladies are very rude!!! Nd get upset at the costumers when it was them who made a mistake!! Wth where they do that at smdh ?‍♀️ DON'T RECOMMEND W.MASON MCDONALD'S AT ALLLL.. costumer Service SUCKS.

Frances Leal

We come here a lot for the iced coffee and the frappes. Usually get fries too. We use the order online and park in selected spot for delivery and usually good service. Good is always hot and coffee is good but depends on who makes it. Sometimes it's a bit sweet. We always order the Hazelnut iced coffee. Staff is pretty friendly.Food: 5/5

brandon schiesser

Just got home to eat the 2 Smokey BLT double meals, again the Mason St location didn't give us one of the Burgers. Instead We got a Big Mac....ridiculous....AGAIN. I paid $27 for meals We didn't get. Took 20min inline to NOT get what we ordered...Service: 1/5

Kayla Chaltry

I have picked up multiple delivery orders from this location. The lobby is always closed. Line is almost always so long you can’t even pull into the restaurant. This place really needs an easier way to just grab somebody’s order and go. It’s ridiculous. I 100% do NOT recommend accepting any delivery requests from this location. You will lose out on time, money, and gas.Parking: Why have parking spots if you are never going to open the lobby again?

Brother Bread

I have never had a bad experince with any of the staff, and they are usually as quick as they can be with customers. The food itself is usually normal with no mistakes as of yet. The only problem is how long you have to wait. It's nobody's fault that it's always busy, but waiting as long as 15 minutes for only a few things can be quite tedious.

Ari LaBarge

Called them and they said they were open until 24 hours but they’re closing early at 1am. Got there within 15 minutes (12:20) and they said they’re closing early. Thanks to the lady that lied to me, wasted my time, money, and gas! Love you!?

Mike Drexler

I had attempted to use the mobile app for a breakfast in store order. It allowed me to place the order but once I arrived at the store at 6:15 AM all doors were locked. I attempted to call the store twice, no answer. Went through the drive-through and asked about my order, they could not find it. I told them I would go somewhere else and at that time the manager was flagging me down through the drive-through the window to give me my order. However the 1st words out of her mouth were" you don't need to be so rude". Do not recommend going to this location.

Vlad Angere

Ordering lanes need to be set up better, idiots are always cutting to the front for the second lane when there's a line of cars waiting. Y'all need to take lessons from Chick-fil-A, maybe put in a barrier. And no napkins anymore, or did I just get shorted on my last visit? I depend on fast food for my free napkins. Otherwise, pretty fast service and the usual dependable McDonald's quality food.

Samantha Skenandore

Drive threw was really busy it was 9:00a.m I ordered fresh cookies so they could be warm and even waited longer for them only to find out all they did was grab a pre packaged bag of course and warmed it up. Seriously, is it too much to ask for these days. If I didn't have to work I would of turned my happy self around and went right back...


Generally a fast place, good to pick up for delivery drivers. However they refuse to make orders for delivery drivers, even if it's a single item.

BamBam m

Waited in line for 15 minutes finely got to order only to be told they were closed several others cars behind me it was 2:40 in the morning.

Adrianna House

Took forever to get food and by time I got it fries were cold and a bone was in the McChicken?

See Joy Explores

Good service. They gave us exactly what we wanted and the way we asked for. Fresh and crispy fries with light salt. Nicely made. Thanks.Parking is well available and clean premises.


regular school kids can't eat there ?. mc chickens bomb <3. good place some nice people. it's a mc Donald's. congrats on reading this review

Roberta Carrington

So glad they were open late, we had a dance competition in GB and they were the only place available for late night. Excellent service and fresh food!!!

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