Potbelly Sandwich Shop

2664 S Oneida St Ste 101, Green Bay
(920) 321-0376

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Shannon M

I stopped a couple days ago to get my Potbelly fix to my surprise they closed at a different time. Now they close at 6pm. Well I stopped yet again at 2:30pm this Saturday coming back from my daughter's Middle School Bowling Tournament in Appleton and went to the drive through speaker to order. The guy asked me if I was there to pick up an order, Nope I was there to order food. So when I said no I didn't order on the mobile app I was told I couldn't get any food! I was extremely upset not at the fact I couldn't get food I actually wanted at the fact I come to a restaurant that is open at least the drive through and was told unless I order on the mobile app I couldn't get food! Seriously if you can make food ordered on the mobile app you can take orders and make them as well. I was so angry at the fact I was being told only way I can order from this restaurant is order on mobile app I drove off. I could of ordered on the app but the point is they have people working only if you ordered on the app. They didn't have a line and not sure how this place can stay in business either it isn't opened or closed more then open. Or turning away a paying customer because they only wanted to make food for mobile orders. No matter how good the food is I would find other food choices because if your open serve me the food you serve or why are you open? It's just rude and I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone not this location. Want Potbelly food avoid this location and go to eat at different location

Rachael Krause

Super friendly! We went in and the person behind the counter was very informative about the menu, and the other two people working had amazing attitudes! Not only that, the food was excellent and we could customize it to our liking! Definitely will go back!

Jacob Krawczyk

Let’s start off with short staffed and yet they find a way to keep your wait time enjoyable. Very friendly and on top of their game. Food was great!! Hot fresh and ready in a short amount of time.

Liz N

Delicious food, but they got 2 of my 6 items wrong (wrong soup and wrong flavor of shake) which I didn't realize until I got home.

Christopher Thoms

Solid sandwich making. Pleasant staff, clean facilities!

Diann Bonin

Excellent service by James. Sandwiches were okay

Megan Gwidt

Super disappointed. I went to potbelly for a salad, as all my friends said it was great. The entire bowl of salad was wilted and slimy. What a waste.

Kevin DeGuelle

The Italian sandwich was amazing on multigrain, omg beat sandwich I have had in quote some time.


Lovely service and food is just exquisite and tasteful.

Brent Dorn

Nothing overly special. Only half of my sandwich had meatballs


Ordered a BLT got home and they didn't put any mayonnaise on it. Pretty pricey for a basic sandwich.

Chad Fairchild

I ordered online ahead of time for pickup because I was in a hurry, online order allowed pickup as an option. When I arrived the door was locked - drive through only. I called like curbside pickup and no one answered. I then sat in the extremely crowded drive through line for 10 minutes to get my order. The entire reason i order and pay online ahead of time is not to sit in the drive through!the person working the drive through was polite, when i explained how unhappy I was to have to wait in the drive through they explained they were short staffed, I saw 3 people from the window going at a casual pace. Will not order from here again.

Christopher Lefeber

Hello,I just want to say first and foremost that, I love Potbellys as much as I love life itself and anyone that knows me knows that. That being said, I'm very bothered by the fact that corporate took the Turkey Club off the menu. It brought me great physical and psychological pain to be given that news when I arrived one day hoping to order the usual with that sweet juicy Nueske's Bacon on it. PLEASE BRING BACK THE TURKEY CLUB ASAP.Peace and Love,Feebs

Nathaniel Rendall

Drive through was fast and the manager working was super friendly!

shanthan pasham

Ordered a kid's pizza cheese sandwich, which as per their menu has no meat. But the sandwich came with meatball, I was refunded for that sandwich when called. But the inconvenience and experience it caused deserves the least possible rating.

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