2664 S Oneida St Ste 101 Ste 101, Green Bay
(920) 321-0376

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Erik Ost

Up to par with other potbellys. High price but higher quality than some other sandwich shops

Karla Kaster

Fresh! My sandwich was made exactly the way I ordered it and tasted fantastic!


Super friendly staff, very generous manager she was having trouble with my rewards and gave me my sandwich for free. Thanks for making my night.

William Mcpherson

I typically stop here a couple times a week. However lately not only the food but the service is drastically slipping. The last time I stopped and it will be the last time, I came through the drive through, I was the only vehicle and it appeared there were no customers inside. The lady came over the speaker and said yes? I just figured ok she is having a rough day no big deal. I placed my order, and heard is that it pull forward in the same sentence. I made it to the window, she took my card and somehow my food was ready, this was interesting considering it typically took several minutes. I get on the interstate get the sandwich out and it's cold! Bun is cold what should have been toasted meat was cold. No big deal I call them, and was told I was speaking to the manager. He told me it was impossible to be cold so I let him know I could certainly come back to show him and he declined!! He told me a would have a refund, so whatever I took it. It has now been several weeks and several calls and nothing. So they simply just lost my business!!!!!!!

Joelle Rogina

What a super fun crew!!! I love potbelly (I’ve probably been to 90% of them in the country) and this one didn’t just give great service, but a great experience. It was also my friends first time at one and she’s completely sold!!

Brandon Powell

Edit as of 5/23/22My wife and I just had another bad experience here. Haven’t eaten here in a few years, walk in at 5:30 (they close at 6) to get dinner and they were already closing up early. The entire team looked so upset that we came in and you could just feel their frustration through their facade of pleasantries. The guy serving us appeared to give an eye roll. We were so disappointed (and didn’t want to be a burden) so we just left and got dinner elsewhere. I rarely post negative reviews but we love potbelly food and want it to stay around, but I don’t see how it will survive much longer here without a change in customer service. THE IRONY is that when I went to post this review, I realized that I had left a review 3 years ago stating the same thing lol so I hav lowered from 2 stars to 1.________I love potbelly, and am thankful to have it here in Green Bay finally, but I have to give it two stars for the customer service aspect. We have been here dozens of times since they opened and all but maybe one time we left talking about how rude or inconsiderate the staff was. Hoping with some more training this will change. Food and atmosphere is standard though!

Shaun Yonts

Overall very good food in a reasonably quick amount of time. They have a good menu and you can customize to a good extent. Prices seem a bit higher than at some other sandwich shops, but not dramatically. Restaurant is nice and clean, but apparently there is only a single bathroom so with kids that could be a bit of an issue.

Karen Anderson

We had a ham and cheese, an Italian sub, bowl of chili, and a cup of loaded potato. It was excellent . Service was friendly, fast and food was exactly how we ordered it . Place clean. Will definitely go back.

LA Micksch

I have tried to go here 3 times in a 3 day span. No sign on drive thru to tell you what their hours actually are, but they have been closed both times and I called at 5 on a Sunday before making another trip and no answer or hours on phone. Did they go "belly up"? I have 3 gift cards here, guess those are useless.

Shannon M

I stopped a couple days ago to get my Potbelly fix to my surprise they closed at a different time. Now they close at 6pm. Well I stopped yet again at 2:30pm this Saturday coming back from my daughter's Middle School Bowling Tournament in Appleton and went to the drive through speaker to order. The guy asked me if I was there to pick up an order, Nope I was there to order food. So when I said no I didn't order on the mobile app I was told I couldn't get any food! I was extremely upset not at the fact I couldn't get food I actually wanted at the fact I come to a restaurant that is open at least the drive through and was told unless I order on the mobile app I couldn't get food! Seriously if you can make food ordered on the mobile app you can take orders and make them as well. I was so angry at the fact I was being told only way I can order from this restaurant is order on mobile app I drove off. I could of ordered on the app but the point is they have people working only if you ordered on the app. They didn't have a line and not sure how this place can stay in business either it isn't opened or closed more then open. Or turning away a paying customer because they only wanted to make food for mobile orders. No matter how good the food is I would find other food choices because if your open serve me the food you serve or why are you open? It's just rude and I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone not this location. Want Potbelly food avoid this location and go to eat at different location

Rachael Krause

Super friendly! We went in and the person behind the counter was very informative about the menu, and the other two people working had amazing attitudes! Not only that, the food was excellent and we could customize it to our liking! Definitely will go back!

Jacob Krawczyk

Let’s start off with short staffed and yet they find a way to keep your wait time enjoyable. Very friendly and on top of their game. Food was great!! Hot fresh and ready in a short amount of time.

Liz N

Delicious food, but they got 2 of my 6 items wrong (wrong soup and wrong flavor of shake) which I didn't realize until I got home.

Christopher Thoms

Solid sandwich making. Pleasant staff, clean facilities!

Tifanie T.

Sandwich was great! Soup was meh. Very bland and veggies were not cooked completely. Will order the sandwich again but will not order the soup.

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