2659 W Mason St, Green Bay
(920) 498-8888

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Crystal D.

Today I had the unfortunate experience of visiting subway at 2659 West Mason St, Green Bay, WI 54304. The manager Katlyn really concerned me with her behavior and cleanliness. It started that I placed in app order at 1130 am which said it will be ready at 1145, my daughter ran into subway at 1145 and came back out at 1150 with an incorrect order. We brought it back inside where they served it to someone else although it already left the store... How gross is that. At that time Katlyn said there was no order. 15 minutes later my order magically appeared in the system to which Katlyn started yelling at me in front of other customers saying it must have been my phone. I told her to stop being rude and just give me my sandwich. At that time, she took the knife and wiped it down with half a paper towel. Again, gross what is the cleaning protocol here. Lastly, she was rude all the way to yelling at me on my way out the door that she is the manager so go ahead and contact corporate. How gross, unprofessional, and stressful; that experience was. I don't care if this only goes back to her, I just hope she treats paying customers better in the future. If I wanted to rip her off, I would have kept the incorrect order handed out in the first place. This experience was not up to my standards at all.

Mark Adriansen

Good service, good sandwich, but the days of the "$5 Footlong" are gone. My 6" Cold Cut Combo was $5.05. But I'll be back because I like Subway.

Shirley Jauquet

The employees did not know anything about gluten-free options at Subway (despite their sign stating some Subways have gluten-free bread). I ordered a spicy Italian on Flatbread with mozzarella and was told their is an additional upcharge for mozzarella. I changed to provolone. Before I could stop her, the server started putting my sub into the oven. I had to shout over the loud piped-in music for her to stop! She never asked me if I wanted it heated! Then she scraped the last of the pickles along with a tablespoon of pickle juice into my sub. Yuck! I paid and got out of there! Never coming back to this Subway in Walmart again! ??

Brian Ziewacz

The manager was the one who waited on us and he was awesome. Did an excellent job. Made our subs "our" way perfectly. Keep up the good work

Chrissie L

NASTY HAIR in my sub. First thing I saw. Please wear a hair net next time. Don’t try to look pretty. You’re not there to impress your looks. We just want food. Do your job and follow your work GUIDELINES next time.

Jack Frost

used to be good with the friendly guy,now 2 zombie girls 1 with a mask on her chin the other no mask didn't say a word will not go back there not suited fort that job.

HaleRaiser 22

We don't eat subway often, so the smiling friendly guy making our sandwiches really made it a great experience! We appreciate the genuine happy service and fresh foods offered. In a world where every 'fast food' place lately is full of poorly cooked sub par food that we literally waited 30 min for recently (and then the order was wrong) this was a very welcomed experience! Thank you to the guys working Saturday night!

Lanata Yn

Worst Subway I've been too. Ordered a 12" online. I ordered extra lettuce and a half order of jalapenos. I got neither. And the veggies that were there were half portion at best. And let's not talk about the meat. If I wanted a 4" sub, I would have paid for that instead.Best part: the kids were playing on their phones...

Caryl Nelson

Had tuma sub, small amount of filling. Bread was toasted to dark, dry roll. Not happy as well. Will not go to this spot.

Debra Danforth

In and out fast

Gel Geor

Everytime i have went there in the morning they never have meatball subs i worked at a subway for years and we didnt have that problem either noghtcrew need to make them before they leave or ur morning crew needs to do them earlier this is not one time its several not to mention the wait only 1 person on.

Jen Jen

Yummy subs

Jessi Everard

Very poor. Waited about 10mins just for a worker to come out of back. She was "doing dishes" following her 2 males came out to the main part of the restaurant.

Dave C

This Manager doesn’t honor Uber Platinum rewards, even after their employee accepted my app reward. Here’s your free 20% ounce drink and cookie. Employee calls manager, then I am forced to pay for it after employee handed me them. Stay Away all Uber Drivers. They lost our family business as well.

Shantel Wilber

The girl that opened didn't want to work she was mad because I came in 20 minutes after they opened she had an attitude the whole time.

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