2863 S Oneida St, Green Bay
(920) 964-0227

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David Gomez

These guys are amazing!The best sandwich team that I’ve encountered. Zullen, O, and Navea are all very attentive and have excellent customer service.

Jamie Fonte

If you're going to close at 8:30, change the business hours on your door.

Brittany Ortiz

Food was good and the ladies were great behind the counter. Seemed like everyone working there was happy as well. I think that shows a lot

rach b

We came to have lunch here after moving into our new apartment, and neither of the two kids working could have been over 18. When we walked in, one of them was standing at the end of the line on his phone while there were customers in the drive-thru. The second kid, who looked at most like he was 14, had to ask us both three times what we wanted, and I had to order an entirely different sandwich because he kept saying "Which one? It's the exact same as the chicken bacon ranch". While making the sandwiches he kept pausing his process to stare at us. Our entire ordeal took about 15 minutes, and the entire time the same car was still waiting for their sandwiches at the window. Mind you we were the only ones that came in to order physically the entire time we were there.When we sat down to eat our sandwiches we immediately heard them start to argue. They must've thought we had left instead of staying in, because one asked the other "how trained are you? How long have you been working here? You don't know anything". The other said "Why? Do you think I'm bad? Horrible? Who trained you?" they talked very poorly about management and other staff who had trained them, and one in particular kept swearing and yelling, and even took a personal call while cars kept coming through to the window.The receipt feeder must have malfunctioned because about 40 receipts printed all over the floor and they began walking around the lobby with them dragging them on the floor ?? This situation prompted the younger one to comment "some manager, huh?" Not sure if that was towards his coworker directly or another offhand comment towards management.If I was management at this Subway I would severely reconsider both the age and capabilities of the younger people I hire, because two customers at a time seemed too much for the two kids today.Food was good tho.

Mike McMahon

Ordered a cold cut combo with lettuce, tomato, onions, jalapeños and mayonnaise. Got everything except half the usual meat, no jalapeños, and no mayonnaise. Kiosk ordering system socks or else the employees such. Never come here again.

Kaitlynn Schiesser

Paid $8 for a footlong veggie delite with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, pickles, cucumbers, green peppers and mayo. I got served a sandwich with only mayo, cucumbers and pickles. $8 for THAT? Dont go here.

Trevor Zehren

Worst subway in Wisconsin. Just close! your drivethru doesn’t make up for your poor quality customer service and food.

Chris Blaugh

Subway just isn't what it used to be. Skimp on the toppings and dry bread without being toasted.


The workers here have no idea what they are doing. My sandwich that I always get from Subway was absolutely terrible. The vegetables were very old and there was stuff on this that I didn't even want. I will not return.

Olivia Huey

Absolutely horrible service tonight. Came in (noticed the door was locked but not correctly so people can still get in and out) and waited for twenty minutes, no one to be seen. Me and the other customer walked out, then he came forward and “unlocked the door”. I used to work for Subway and I’m concerned about this behavior.

Laura Hott

This location was very weird. They have two lines, but only one was open. Hard to tell what was going on especially when they had one woman standing at the closed line for no apparent reason.

Brody Vander Perren

The food is good but a couple time I've gone there in their posted business hours and they have closed early. Online ordering is spoty as they don't always read the orders right.

GreenSlime Gaming

Didn't have the bread i want, 20 min wait, asked for toasted didn't get it toasted, not cut in half.

Sue Gilbert

Did not follow instructions on order. Stuff missing from order.

Rob Claggett

Extremely long wait in the drive thru.

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