2626 S Oneida St, Green Bay
(920) 489-8095

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Joey Haase

In my search for the best wings in Green Bay I finally fell on Wingstop! I have tried wings all over town, and to be quite honest none of them are good. The bar has wings that are like rubber, well....BDubs, I could go on and on. After driving past Wingstop for a year and a half I finally ordered from there..... And boy am I glad I did! The wings were done to perfection my order was spot on even though it was a tad confusing, and I ordered my hot wings well done and guess what? They were well done and cooked perfect! But the best part was the awesome crew behind the counter! They handled the busy time I went like champs people were getting their food in a timely fashion, and they continued to give me updates on my order since I wanted mine well done. I even called there after I ate to get the names of the gentleman who were working. Andrew, Skylar, and Denzel. Those boys were kicking it. I felt it necessary to post this review and give them gentlemen credit and give credit to The Establishment for putting out an excellent product!! By the way I've been all over this country and have eaten wings everywhere..... Believe me these are top shelf!! Keep up the great work!!!

Tiffany Gwinn

2 people that ordered after me that were walk in’s and ordered more food got their order before me. Fries were mooshy, wings too! They also must be getting in a different ranch because it was gross. When I expressed my disappointment they simply said we are busy, I understand. I work in a restaurant too. But there is no excuse to bump bigger orders ahead of others and serve nasty food. If I’m going to wait 40 minutes for 8 wings and fries I would hope they at least were edible.

Nicholas J Wetzel

Never tried wing stop in my life. I promise I'll be going back now that I have. Great food.


Love there wings always order lemon pepper they are the best.

Natalie Gomez

Pretty good, sometimes fries taste overcooked or too much seasoning but besides that good value.

Yesi Plancarte

The food is really good!! Definitely be ordering again.

Yesille Plancarte

The food is really good!! Definitely be ordering again.

Wade Wasmund

The greenbay location is the worst. Everytime I order delivery or takeout it is slow and when it is supposed to be ready it is an extra 10 to 15 minutes.

Dayton Shurtz

Always great tasting tenders and the fries are addictive! My favorite fries anywhere coating in sugar. Honey mustard is some of the best I've had. Always, fresh, quick, and I see the same staff every time I go.

Brandon Marti

Restaurant full of nasty smoke from something being burned. Multiple dashers waiting on food that is supposed to be ready, there’s only a handful of tickets even in and they’re still slow and rude and disrespectful.

Omar De Gracia

Every time I try to call to place an order for pick up, they NEVER answer. I literally have to keep calling just so they can finally answer and give attitude. They say they are really busy but when I pull up to pick up my order, no cars what so ever.. bad customer service every time.

Steven Bodoh

Dine in was not available. Since we are from out of town, we had to eat in the car which is not ideal with wings. (The vehicle still smells like a barbecue shack) The wings are crispy and have good flavor but they were a bit over sauced. I recommend ordering the sauce on the side, if allowed. The fries are very tasty. The staff is friendly, but the place could use more cleaning.

Mark Jones

Came in to order 10 measly wings and a side of fries. Woman who I’m assuming is the owner ignored me the whole time I was standing up there, gave to go orders to 3 people before finally acknowledging me. Finally the woman yelled to me from the kitchen, asking if I’m here to ‘pick up’. I said that I had not placed an order yet. She had an attitude as if I was such an inconvenience, rolled her eyes and STILL didn’t come over to take my order and then one of the other workers, said “I’ll take her order” as I’m ordering, the woman walks up to him, CUTS ME OFF, and goes “you know it’s gonna be like 30-40 min since you didn’t order online right??? in a nasty tone. I wouldn’t have minded waiting but I was fed up with her attitude, and told her forget it and walked out. Not to mention I watched that same woman get something out of her teeth then go back to touching the food, WITH NO GLOVES!!!! Out of the 3 people, husband, wife and other male worker working in the kitchen, NONE of them wore gloves.

Timmy Holt

Rude owners. Unsanitary. Husband and wife were in the kitchen eating the same wings they were cooking….with no gloves. Disgusting. Walked straight out.

Brendan Chan

Awesome place! Arrived and let the team know I am here to put in a pickup order and they prioritized my order! Can't go wrong with wings, fries and Cajun fried corn!!!

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