7707 W Layton Ave, Greenfield
(414) 281-0222

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Kent Brodie

Dining room still closed, their drive-thru is super slow as well. Be prepared to wait a LONG time. Last time I was here the drive thru took 30 minutes. Not exaggerating.


Excellent customer service at this location! Friendly staff. Delicious food. The line at the drive through was a bit long, due to dine in still being closed, but worth it. Fries were hot, the drink hit the spot, and the asiago chicken sandwhich was delish :)

Chelsea Weaver

If there was an award for “Slowest Fast-Food Restaurant”, I’d give them 2!

Kevin Doherty

For some reason 3:00 this afternoon was a busy time to stop in for a quick Double Stack and chocolate frosty. The crue was swamped, but they were very courteous, thorough and professional. And the sandwich was perfect.

Jennifer Claunch-Meyers

Love that Wendy's is open past 10 pm on a Friday unlike what seems like every other fast food joint ... Yeah talking to you Arby's. Line was formidable but moved fairly quickly where I was greeted by one of the best drive thru employees I've had the pleasure of dealing with ... Highly recommend Wendy's especially on a Friday late at night and looking for a good fresh burger and fries to start the weekend right!

Pedro Galvan

Not sure about the rest of the day but when I go there late around 10 to 11. It's always the same song, long lines, no greeting at the speaker, and they don't even have eye contact when taking your money.. I refuse to say thank you if I don't get a thank you first from them.

Amy Chapman

It's hit or miss if they actually get your order right. (And these people think they deserve more than minimum wage?!!) For example, I don't like mayo, makes me nauseated... so I ordered a son of baconator sandwich today WITHOUT mayo and with extra ketchup. I get home... no ketchup and hoards of mayo. This happens on a regular basis at this location.

Jean Gust

Not always giving what was ordered. Also quick to answer and not friendly.

Rick Sanchez is My Spirit Animal

Salad was excellent! Crunchy and delicious! No wilty greens! Highly recommend the strawberry, southwest avacado but especially the jalapeno popper with grilled chicken!

Steven Greenfield

Horrible. I am disabled. I was given no help and frankly felt mocked. I've reported it on Wendy's web site and no one at corporate could be bothered to contact me either.I ended up leaving without being servedI will not return. Stay away.


Great chili, and you get a good amount for what you pay.

Linda P.

My baked potato looked extremely over baked and smashed almost like as if one of the workers took out anger and frustration on it it was extremely sad looking.

Dana Cruz

Good service, good food. I ordered on the app for curbside pickup, since the drive thru line was backed up. Despite having a large order and them being very busy, they had my order out and delivered to me within about 7 minutes.

Terry Zuehlsdorf

Plants a little more expensive the big box stores, but obviously better cared for. Staff a little more knowledgeable if you have garden questions.


Slow! They spend about 2 1/2 minutes on each vehicle in the Drive-Thru. Ridiculous. Kopp's is right next door and they are twice as fast.

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