Bernatello’s Pizza

1601 Hyland Ave, Kaukauna
(920) 766-9930

Recent Reviews

Daniel Butala

Snobby people to work for.

Linda Guyser

OMG Thank you so much for making a sausage pizza that is restaurant quality. Your sausage is exceptional. Plus I can eat 1/2 of the pie and still remain within my calorie limits. Love, love, love it. Great Job!!!

Bear Clan Trucking

FCFS, I was put in door right away and they unloaded me in 30min they counted and gave me my papper work all in about an hour, everyone cool here but dam there lot is nothing but mud, and shipping and receiving is way in back

Jason Strassman

Great piazza:)!!!!!

Peggy Brandt

By far the best Bellatoria ultra thin crust ultimate 5 cheese frozen pizza I've ever eaten.


We bought a 3 pack of frozen pizza from Costco wow I ate my paper plate and threw away the pizza, worst pizza I’ve ever eaten and wasted my money on.

Donna Robinson

Best frozen pizza I've had. Best tasting sauce and best, crispy cracker like crust. Will be buying only this brand

James Vanden Bosch

The worst pizza I ever had. It sounded a - ten .

Robert Fowler

We need contracting work here. Great place very clean

Pavel Macari

Delivery. Check in 9pm. Out 10pm. Apt 11pm. Thanks!Appreciate. A

Tony Z

Unloaded for 45 minutes

Jayden Dobizl

Awesome company!!

Bonnie Brosteau

The Ultimate Supreme Thin Crust Pizza is a frozen pizza which is better than any restaurant Pizza we have tried. My husband puts them on the grill and we love the crisp thin crust and the ingredients on top!

Shauna Morrison Bogle

My appointment was set for Wednesday morning, arrived Tuesday night took my load with no hassle. Great service in and out, dock located way in the back-check-in door on the side of the building.

Abby Young

I work in bakery 3rd shift and i personally love it there. Staff and people are very nice and just an overall great place to work

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