Luigi's Pizza Palace II

1326 W Frontier Rd, Little Suamico
(920) 826-5955

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DeAnna Schupmann

I ordered an Italian beef sandwich homemade fries.. And plenty of ranch dressing for dippin'It was A LARGE portion.. And SO GOOD!!!?took 1/2 of it home for the next day !!Food: 4/5

Brian Harris

We went here from a referral about best pizza and we were not disappointed. Great pizza and pasta. We ordered some beer break which is so good! Highly recommend.

Randel Meisner

Arrived with our full party of 7 and waited over an hour to be seated. A woman who knew the hostess said the had a reservation for 6 people and its not on the list was seated before us with only 3 of their party there. Not very professional.Food: 4/5

Vern Mefferd

Service was great. Atmosphere was great. Cleanliness was great. The only issue was that my lasagna was so "BOILING HOT" I wasn't even able to eat. I got an apology from the waitress but there wasn't much she could do. I waited about a half hour but it was still too hot to eat. I then put it in a to go container and drove an hour home to find it just barely cooled enough to eat. If the manager in the kitchen can't keep an eye on the little boys they have cooking, who spent most of their time flirting with the wait staff. Maybe a new Saturday night manager is in need. Our waitress informed her of my over heated meal, all she did was glance over and walked away. But this is how management is everywhere, when they act like they're above everyone else. Overall a nice place, but just go there during the work day so that you may have the opportunity to be served while the real management is there, not the kid show on the weekend when people actually go out to eat.

Jessie Ellman

I ordered a pizza NO GREEN PEPPERS, NO ONIONS. I get home to find it full of green peppers. I called them & explained to what I ordered, they asked for my last name 6 times & then they tried to say I did from them. And then offered me a $5.00 credit. I paid $25 & then come back with the best I can do is offer $10. I didn't screw up the pizza. Thanks for the wasted money.

Chris Everst

Arrived about an hour and half before closing and it was very frequent and fast service. Ordered the luigies special which tasted excellent with green olives which is bit different then your typical. Highly recommended.

Chris Stouten

This is the first time we've been to Luigi's in quite a while. We have gone there several times before while visiting our Daughter. In our past visits we thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the food was great thus the reason why we wanted to go there this time. However we were quite disappointed. Our server was nice but they were out of a lot of items. The server didn't know if they had their Angus burgers, they had no Alfredo or the ingredients to make it. They didn't have the ingredients to make the Mac n cheese. Our one Grandson settled for the fried chicken sandwich with hot sauce and ended up getting a grilled sandwich because they were out of the fried chicken and the server didn't tell us till she brought it to the table and said she hoped it was ok that he got the grilled one instead. I ordered a baked pasta dish with a meatball but got something totally different than what I ordered. I had to ask for the meatballs. They charged us for the more expensive dish even though it wasn't what I ordered plus they charged a 3 percent credit card fee. We thought that since they were out of most items and since we didn't get what we wanted at least one of the meals should have been comped but no offer was made. We will think twice about returning.

Bill Harrier

Friday Fish Fry ... guess that is a thing in this part of Wisconsin. Normally a pizza/Italian restaurant ... on Fridays they focus on the fish fry. Had all you can eat Walleye with red skin potatoes, cole slaw, and marble rye bread. Although busy the waitress kept us posted on the wait ... and offered more fish when my plate was nearly empty ... but I had all I could eat with the 4 pieces on the initial plate. It's a long way to travel for great glad I was able to give it a try.

Angela Dean

Food was good, basic American style Italian restaurant. Bartender was great and helpful but service was terrible. Waitstaff needs to be trained on common courtesy, manners, and customer service.

April Zoller

Im very disappointed in this place. I ordered the manicotti with spinach and crab meat. When I got my plate it was so drowned in cheese I could t find the pasta, and when I did find it there was hardly any spinach and very little crab meat that I could not taste anything but cheese and dough. I got ill to my stomach after three bites and so digusted I didnt want anything else. I told the waitress it was bad and I dont want anything else. Well guess what I STILL got charged for my terrible meal. ?

Linda Smrcina

This time we had carry out I love the bruchetta chicken. Eat in or carry out you get huge portions.

Maggie Vespa

Great pasta, burgers and subs. Convenient location and friendly staff. Pizza is okay but the rest of the menu is far more notable. Huge portions and full bar.

Kelly Komisarek

I eat there a lot and love their pizza but tonight I was disappointed. Pizza had less toppings and cheese. Very disappointed. Don’t know if I will go back. We spent 300.00. Tonight no more

Richard Deterville

Our party of 4 was met and greeted promptly. Drinks were good and so was dinner. No complaints on that end.


great food Good portion s .....just double check the table you seat your guest at

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