Chipotle Mexican Grill

4628 E Washington Ave, Madison
(608) 242-7334

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Alex Nikitins

They used to do better than than what I have in my bowl today. Barely half of the bowl.

Brandy L.

The food here is good. That's why they get 3 stars. Everything else is mediocre at best. I've been to this location 10-15 times in the past 2 years. It's ran and operated by young people. They typically are more concerned with random odd jobs instead of helping customers. Multiple times one person is making food and running the register while 4 other employees are cleaning the grill, in the back of the store, or doing other things. So the wait can be long. This location is always busy when I am there no matter the time of day. The dining room tends to be messy, tables not clean floors dirty. The overall store seems clean. They just don't wipe tables and clean the dining room in between guests. The last time I was here 3 weeks ago they had no silverware. It's 5:00pm on a Friday night and no silverware. They were selling salads (burrito bowls) with no forks. How are you going to eat a salad with no fork. They did not tell customers that they were out of silverware until after the food was made and purchased. They also had no napkins. We had napkins in our glovebox. So we walked out to our car to grab napkins to eat our food. But I felt so sorry for customers coming in after us who would ask for utensils and were told they didn't have any. I watched one customer leave and go to a nearby restaurant to get his daughter silverware to eat her salad. Seriously??? This is a restaurant. Go to Target, Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree or the many other businesses nearby and purchase silverware and napkins for your customers. They had 5 people working this night. Send one employee to a store nearby to purchase items you need to conduct business. It's a shame. This location is not managed properly. Tonight we were shopping in East Towne and decided to go across the street to Qdoba instead of this Chipotle location. I did not want to take a chance in them not have proper utensils for my dinner.

Anthony Garvert

I got there when it was supposed to be open, and they hadn't even unlocked the doors yet. When I finally was let in, the rice was crunchy and under seasoned, the chicken was way overcooked, the utensils were not set up, and there was no receipt paper. One of my worst Chipotle experiences in recent memory.

Dallas Miles

I do a lot of pickup orders here, and while the employees are very nice in store, the orders are 20 minutes late or more at least 90% of the time. This gets very old after a while. Very commonplace to see employees not wearing masks too.

Ethan Winker

We consistently order 15 minutes ahead of time. Once we arrive the food is never ready. People will show up after we arrive, go through the line, and leave before I get my order. Really frustrating

Julie Young

I ordered chipotle online while traveling out of town. I ordered 3 meals to pick up. We showed up at the pickup time and had to wait for 20 more minutes before our food was even ready. The worst part, they forgot to put cheese on every single one of our meals!!! It was a terrible experience. My daughter's build your own taco had an empty compartment in the tray because they didn't put in cheese. All she had was a tortilla, rice and some meat. Unfortunately we were already back in the highway before we opened our food. This will be our last time at Chipotle.

Nicole Wittkopp

I splurged one evening and got a Chipotle bowl. I ordered it online for pick up. I had two items that I ordered that I knew would be an up-charge- cauliflower rice and guacamole. NEITHER OF THESE ITEMS WERE ON MY BOWL!! I was furious and I tried calling the store, at least ten times over the weekend, no one ever picked up. Will NEVER be back- so rude and inconsiderate. Would not recommend. Store also feels and looks dirty.

Connor H.

Literally the worst Chipotle I have ever been to. Multiple times I have ordered delivery from here and without fail it comes completely wrong. From the wrong meat to wrong salsa and they always forget to add guacamole. Frustrating when you pay for delivery, tip and guacamole. I finally just went in to order and they still proceeded to begin putting the wrong meat on. On top of that the staff is generally rude and unprofessional.

Chelsea K.

Do not go here. My daughter had been recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and, we were excited to try Chipotle, as we were told that they accommodate for Celiac, beautifully. We were traveling and there are little options for celiac-friendly, so, we were starving and couldn't wait to get to Madison. We were met with an extremely unenthusiastic young woman who looked at me with dead eyes every time I asked a question. The cook was wearing his mask half off. The place was dirty and uninviting. When I told her my daughter has Celiac and this was all new to us, I asked for the gluten-free corn taco shells. She said they didn't have them because "they didn't make them that morning." They also didn't have guac! I had also asked her to please change gloves to avoid cross-contamination (a common practice for celiac-friendly claiming restaurants). She did this, but, then proceeded to wipe her newly gloved hands all over the counter - completely defeating the purpose of changing them in the first place. I asked if the chips were gluten-free. She said she didn't know and then just stared at me. I asked her to ask management and explained that this isn't just a gluten free trend. My daughter could get really sick if she has gluten - that her body attacks her intestines if she has even a piece of gluten. She went to ask. She came back and said the chips are not GF. By then, I had already looked it up on Chipotle's website and it said they WERE GF, so, I asked her to doublecheck. The manager came out, super unfriendly, and said "They are NOT gluten free." When I told him that the website says they are, he looked like I hurt his ego and said, "Well, uhhh, we all make them different. It depends on how we make them. I don't think they're gluten free," and walks away. It honestly seemed like he had no idea, was embarrassed to be called out and didn't care whether he got me the right answer. They then hand me an allergen card that says the chips ARE gluten free. Ugh!Besides piling on ingredients that I asked for "a little of," the rest of my interaction with that young woman was not bad. After I pay, I go to get plasticware. There isn't any out. Instead, there's a sign saying to ask staff for plasticware, with a picture of a pre-packaged set of utensils and napkin. O.k. Covid. I get it. But, then, they should be handing it out at the register, right? By the time I came back, the people behind the counter were already helping other guests. Why make people go through this extra step? There were several others, including the manager, who were moving around near the register and ignoring me for at least a minute - I mean, eye contact and walk away, ignoring me. When the manager finally asks what I need, I tell him I need forks. He reaches back, grabs some spoons that have grease all over them and says, blankly, "We only have spoons." Also, no ice in the soda machine. I had completely lost my appetite by then and barely ate. When an entire restaurant of employees appear to have absolutely no work ethic and look absolutely miserable to be at work, you have to wonder how hygienic and safe the food is. It was horribly run. I really don't like to make scenes, or inconvenience people. I should have said something while I was there, but, I honestly didn't think anyone would even care if there was a dissatisfied customer. I give people the benefit of the doubt on a regular basis, but, this was beyond horrible. Knowing the great service we've had in the past at the Chipotles near us, we will continue to frequent Chipotle - just not this one.

Natasha K.

Grey steak in my burrito, cold food, HARD and seemingly old tortillas that are supposed to be soft, a burrito bowl that was missing the sofritos, and also a missing order of large chips and guac.Horrible experience. When you try to call to speak with a staff member, the phone just rings then eventually hangs up on you.

June Lauter

Good food but slow service. Even on online orders placed in advance.

Jeff Bernales

This is by FAR the worst Chipotle I’ve ever had. I’ve been to several. The steak was dry. The rice was hard.Picked up to go and got to my hotel and couldn’t even eat it. Unbelievable. Just tried calling and no one is answering the phone.

Kathy M.

I typically give restaurants the benefit of more than 3 stars unless I have experienced something like this visit. I would give 1 star but I don't want to appear as one of those angry reviewers.I ordered the veggie salad. They did not have fajita toppings, so they slid my bowl all the way to salsas without asking if I wanted beans or rice. I looked at my lettuce with pico on it and thought I wouldn't be able to justify paying $7.15 for that alone. So I figured with guacamole it would at least feel like I was eating. They were out of that too. So I asked if they would put beans on and they got irritated at me for going backwards on the line even though they sped my order up so fast I didn't have anything to eat. I also added the cauliflower topping which was good but had to pay $2 for that.In my opinion they should have given that to me or shared the cost since they were out of the veggie options.The girl at the register said we are out for the day at 12:30 pm on guacamole, fajitas and forks.Did you say forks? She handed me a spoon and I was so upset I had to try to get spinach and lettuce into my mouth with that.Then I asked her to scan for my points and she said our scanner doesn't work. We are a very busy store.In my head I was thinking " I live in Chicago" now that's busy. And I have never in my life had this happen at any other chipotle countrywide ever.Management needs to step up and correct ordering and staff. These are simple things that can be fixed and must. Very sad to give you a bad review especially in these hard times.I could never stop here ever again. I'd stop at the Janesville store instead on the way back to Chicago.

Mark Jolly

Ordered online. Store was out of chips, which website did not reflect. I understand that the website/app may not know local inventory. When I picked up the order, there were no chips included. Luckily, I checked. When I went up to the counter and asked, I was told they were out (understandable), and IF I wanted a refund for them, I'd have to go online. Instead of saying anything to me, or automatically refunding that portion, I had to catch the missing food, and then ask. I'm sure other people were leaving with items missing. Felt like there was a hope that customers would decide complaining or requesting a refund wasn't worth the trouble.

Jeff Halpin

Ordered via app missing ingredients, smaller portions when you can't watch. Order done at promise time but it sat next to register for 6 minutes before it was placed on the pickup shelf. Better luck next time ?.

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