Chuck E. Cheese

438 Grand Canyon Dr, Madison
(608) 829-2659

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lauren greenwood

It was a clean place & was pretty empty when we went. There was a small party there besides us. It wasn't to fun some games were broken I'd say about 6-8 games were. Which were small kid games mainly, so it made it harder for my niece to be entertained. It's not as big game wise as another "alone building" chuck. E. Cheese I've gone to. I'd say at most 20 games there in all. So it was a lot of repeat and failed attempts to play bigger kid games with the kids. Wouldn't go again to this one, just doesn't fit my family well.

Travis Welch

Went for an impromptu birthday party. Place was very clean. Staff was knowledgeable and patient. The food prices were astronomically high though. 1 pizza (very good), 1 appetizer sampler (which came with 6 cheese sticks(good), 5 boneless chicken wings(meh), and some awful french fries), and 4 drinks was 45 dollars. So that's outrageous.Gaming prices were reasonable though. 25 dollars for 1 hour of unlimited play was good.

Matias Finley

Miss the animatronics, but my duck got to get a pic with Chuck, so that made up for it. Great fun!

Ana Halbur

Great place for the whole family! Our children love it. It's clean, great service and a lot of fun games to play for all ages. ?

suly toj

All if this happened yesterday 4-17-22 First of all we walked in there the manager screamed and said the other girl can help so we went and the cashier was pretty nice and then we found 2 hairs on our food and then we ordered other food and it took a like almost an hour to get it. When we went to buy candy at the register manager again was screaming at the cashiers and was really rude to them. Bad experience for us.

Autumn Twilla Puccio

Had a great birthday!! Brought our own cake got the kids time on the games and had family time with snacks of pizza and a sampler app!!

Stacey Christian

Kids and family had a great time. The manager was overly concerned with what rating I would give them. Otherwise staff was very friendly.

Jennifer Rausch

Went here for my daughter's birthday. Everything was perfect. Our host was great and the manager went out of her way to make sure we had a great experience. Very clean, friendly atmosphere.

Connie Walker

This is not the CEC of old! I stopped in to say hello to a friend who works there and stayed for a personal pan pizza and a draft Spotted Cow. The pizza was excellent and the Cow was too ? The last time I was in a Cheese was 35 years ago with my own kids ... what a difference now; well lit, good menu and salad bar, fun games (lots!) for the kids and very positive messaging, songs, and videos on the screen. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are a big deal here and great to see. I'm sorry I missed seeing The Mouse on this trip but I'll be going back for that, and more of the excellent pizza with a crispy crust! Moms, Dads, and Grandparents, come check this out with the kiddos!

le93ndary reviews2020

The girl in the custom loves kids. You can totally tell. Thank you. 2 days in a row. Made my kids week. Thank you. Who ever is manager.......... DONT LOOSE HER!

ed james

Had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and the kids had a great time thanks to Diane! Talked to her earlier in the day to schedule the party as it was a bit of a last minute thing. When we arrived there later that evening, she had everything set and up ready to go.She was very friendly with a great personality and was very involved with the guests/families making sure they were having a good time. Thank you Diane and we will be back!

Katrina Hudson

We arrived for a 2 year olds birthday party and Diane was less then helpful. She was angry I did the feedback before we arrived. At that point I was extremely happy with everything and gave good scores. She told me you don’t know how hard I work on my score. You just screwed me. However!! You just told me you do the review with your customers so you can stay at 100%. Not cool!! The cashiers was super nice, after that Diane ignored us and talked trash about us in front of other guests and us!! We was standing right there!! I don’t understand, for a party that cost $500.00 you’d think she would be thankful, with our party package was supposed to get a hostess well we didn’t have one. We won’t be back here!! She needs to learn how to work in customer service. If I could give no stars I would!!!!

Debbie White

Our kids had so much fun and everybody was really nice there

Dan Wortmann

Place was pretty empty and had mostly to my 2 kids and myself. I haven't been to a chuck e cheese in like 15 years but my kids had a blast lm chuckee even came out to give them a high five.Place was clean and all the games worked right away. For 20 bucks you can give you kid a solid hour if fun!

LaShell Lentz

For little kids this is such a happy place form them to go! The location is all newly remodeled and in great shape. We hosted a birthday party and the five year olds had a blast!

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