Chuck E. Cheese

438 Grand Canyon Dr, Madison
(608) 829-2659

Recent Reviews

Mihaela Delagrave

Thankful for a great birthday, a great fun day for our family… the staff was so amazing and accommodating, especially with it being so busy, Diana did a wonderful job!

Taylor Robinson

Went here last year for a birthday party and had a great time. Went there today and they had a renovation on the place and it looks great in there..and there is more games...we had so much fun

Anthony Watkins

Super clean , all the machines worked and the staff was a great help. I haven't been to one since they had tickets and couldn't figure out the card at first lol kids had a blast, good job !

Stephen Heeney

We had a great time here. Most of the games were working. We actually got a good amount of tickets in just an hour of play. Thanks for keeping it clean guys ??

plushy tv

The workers and staff are one of a kind and the manager is a true gentleman Really fun experience with my Little brother and Little sister. Also the variety of arcade machines is immense drove 3+ hours for it from Illinois worth it Expect my visit again in the near future

Kristene Heeney

One of the better CEC’s we have been to. It was clean and most of the games worked. My kids had a great time. I really like the timed open play they have implemented.

Jeff Wagner

The new remodel is awesome. Lighting is great, atmosphere is very kid friendly and staff were very polite. We recently celebrated a birthday party here and had a great time.

Barbie K

Took our grandson he had so much fun can't wait to take him back

Diane Virgin

It just isn't the same. Everything is different. The things that made it fun are replaced with a stupid screen...they've taken all of the personalized effect out of it. High prices and junky over priced prizes. About the only thing that felt the same was that.

Jaimie Doering

New place is setup well, still great for kids up to tenish... And those young at heart... They now offer James by the hour instead of by the credit(still have by the credit) but it was nice to let the little one just run around with the all access wrist band... Should serve margaritas... ;)

Abish Bharati

Took my little one, the place was empty but very clean and all the machines were working fine. Not many games for little children under 5 but they sure will enjoy whatever is there. Sanitizer stations were there but none of the employees were wearing ? masks.

Mike W

Celebrating my nephew 6th birthday partyVery nice atmosphere awesome work staff

Nichole Rosa-Robinson

We had my 7 year old's birthday here today. Honestly it's the best kids party we have had, or even attended in a long while. The inside is clean and games are well kept. The pizza was really good. And the staff was kind, very attentive, and really cared about our experience. I highly recommend this place to anyone.

Rafael Chavez Contreras

We visited with our grandkids. I like the security measures they have in place to mark numbers on everyone's hand on entry and checking on exit. I also like the electronic cards for a fixed number of play minutes. It makes it very convenient.A big minus is the replacement of the mechatronics band with a big screen.

Chris Fristed

Staff was wonderful and had enough to keep our children busy for 2 hours

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