Cool Beans Coffee Cafe

1748 Eagan Rd, Madison
(608) 244-8414

Recent Reviews

Chantelle Schultz

Great vibes. Good for studying/reading. Espresso shake is delicious. Love their bagel sandwiches. I drive 15 minutes out of my way to come here in the mornings.

Jason Jensen

One of my favorite local places to find a quiet nook and meet with a friend or go solo and get some work done. Nice fireplace in the winter to stay warm by. Bottomless coffee cups to stay caffeinated. Friendly staff and good food. Skip the franchise locations and support a local business.

Britt K.

My team and I like to come here for work lunches occasionally. You can reserve a small room in the back so it's semi-private too. Came here this week and had the Cobb salad. It was very fresh and had all the traditional Cobb salad ingredients, along with a side of some sliced French baguette and butter pat. There's an assortment of other lunch options including paninis, sandwiches, wraps and soups. Prices were reasonable too.

Al M.

I loved this place when I come into town. Unfortunately I can't enjoy the lovely cafe anymore, because they close at 3 pm on Saturday. I hope the manager/ owner decides to change the Saturday hours back to 9pm. I don't want to go to Starbucks, it's not as charming as cool beans. I'm going to have to find a new cafe to relax and read.

Melissa McGraw

Met for a business coffee meeting and loved the mango chai latte. Nice chill vibe on a weekday morning.

Leah Wall

We love coming here .. the fire place area is our fave, great food and coffee! Only complaint is the worn / torn/ ripped furniture and outdated paint/decor. Any plans of sprucing things up?

Burton Runde

Very good white mocha with whipped cream. Eat in and get it in the cool beans coffee cup. Cool experience!

Chad M Kittelson

Nice fireplace, good coffee and they even play Josh Garrels on their sound system...

Kerri Walker-Kane

Friendly staff, great food & coffee and fun atmosphere!!

Yasmine Reis

Food is decent, baristas are friendly. There aren't enough outlets and the seats are extremely outdated. The atmosphere is warm and cozy. Seats by the fireplace are hard to come by so grab it if one is open! The quiche and their soups are always a good choice. They also make a mean almond milk latte (throw a shot of hazelnut in there too! Thank me later)

Barbara J. Arnold

I enjoyed my menu selection and yhr company of friends

Jack Mayys

Really cute, nice place. A lot of unique options. I love that they can make lavender lattes and white coffee, since they're not very common. The fireplace is cozy and the blondie bars are great. The only reason its four stars and not five is because the baristas here are unfriendly/a touch rude. They do make a great coffee, though, so it's worth it most of the time.

Ira & Amy Rolack

Great place to relax! Great coffee, latte’s, food, etc!!! Staff is so very kind!! My favorite coffee shop in Madison


I like their coffee. The atmosphere of the place is very trendy and hipster

Elonda Montanye

Whether I'm getting an iced coffee or my favorite Italian soda (Blackberry, please) they always greet me with a smile and friendly

Rafael Reis

Great service! I really enjoy this coffee shop

Jonathan Maynord

Cool Beans is my go-to for a long study session. I like the specialty drinks more than those found at other coffee cafes, and they come in really cozy mugs that I can sip at while I work on my studies.

Kellan Reierson

Pretty decent coffee shop. Great atmosphere.

Adriana Rojas

Good food , good coffee bad internet service.

Jay Suthers

I have lunch here about once a week. The service is fast. The food is delicious, healthy, and satisfying. I love the Evening in Missoula tea and, in the winter, the fireplace warms me to the soul. Highly recommended.

Christine Knox

white cloud coffee drink is so good, great place to visit with friends

Rebecca Johnson

Found this place while searching for smoothies in the area. It's larger on the inside than it appears from the exterior, and also has a large outdoor patio. Neat little cafe vibe on the interior. My family tried everything from a strawberry-banana protein shake, soy latte, capreese sandwich with chips, and a bacon and egg breakfast bagel - it was all very good! Glad we found this place!

vikram stanam

My favorite location for delicious Cafe food. It's so savory. It has a nice atmosphere. I see why this place has so many great reviews.

oh snap

First time here today. Not from the area. Walked in, girl looked up from her phone. No acknowledgment. I looked at hanging menu, while she was on her cell. I decided not to even try to order food. I ordered a coffee to go and she said the cost. I paid it and waited for my drink. She set it down on the counter and walked away. I picked it up and left.

Brendan M.

I finally found some clean food near my hotel in East Madison. It was such a treat to have a well made breakfast sandwich with high quality ingredients that were fresh and tasty. I had the egg, avocado and tomato bagel. Absolutely outstanding, fresh, so tasty. The coffee ( and admittedly, I am a terrible snob about coffee, a birthright bestowed upon me by my Colombian heritage (LOL) was the best I had in Wisconsin. It was hot, fresh and tasty. I really wish I had found this earlier, instead of suffering through my "free" hotel breakfast. Old adage is true, you get what you pay for. Except in this case, you get more. You are worth it! Eat here and treat yourself, you are worth it!

Rebecca Ellison

Found this place while searching for smoothies in the area. It's larger on the inside than it appears from the exterior, and also has a large outdoor patio. Neat little cafe vibe on the interior. My family tried everything from a strawberry-banana protein shake, soy latte, capreese sandwich with chips, and a bacon and egg breakfast bagel - it was all very good! Glad we found this place!

Danielle B.

This is a very homey coffee shop in a convenient location, which makes me enjoy it even more! It has a cozy little fireplace and comfy yet outdated furniture that adds to the ambience. The food was delicious and the staff was friendly so I'll definitely be coming back!

Max S.

Potentially the best cold brew I've ever had. Perfect mix of rich and chocolate flavor while still being bold and smooth. Food was decent too. Made fresh. Solid avocado, eggs, and bacon. Cute little spot. Has a vibe and culture to it selling different pieces of jewelry from Kenya. Plus the name is bold in itself so must give props for going with cool beans. Loved it.

Mary Revels

Love love this place. It is a home away from home.

Rudy Lienau

Great food and coffee, quality staff and pleasant atmosphere.

Aaron Almaroad

Coffee is ok but place could use a good old fashioned scrub down.

Barb Meisel

Lots of indoor and outdoor seating. Friendly staff and awesome food. The chocolate/orange sconce was very yummy. The cafe miel hit the spot. The Princeton wrap (turkey, bacon, avocado & lettuce on a spinach tortilla) was sooo good.

Kevin Anderson

We decided to have a meeting here and it was great. I had a blue cow smoothie and Isaac turkey sandwich. Everything was delicious!

Geoff Johnson

I had me an expresso protein shake. It was delicious A+. The staff seemed really nice and helpful A. Atmosphere gets an BIG A. Bathroom needs to be taken care of and upgraded but still gets a B+.

Lauren K.

GREAT coffee. GREAT food. Great play area for kids (especially if you're on the road and they need a play break!). Even a kid stool in the bathroom to wash hands for littles - those little things are huge for families. Also - the best - left my coffee on the roof of the car bc we're traveling cross country with 3 kids (& it flew off!) & that's #momlife sometimes-went back to order a second one - and they GAVE me one just because I laughingly told them what happened. The sweetest gesture. We will def be back driving through again! Bonus: my daughter got to pet that decorative horse & it met her 3yrold dreams. Lol.

Anna Wineland

Friendly staff, great coffee and food, super kid friendly with the playroom and outdoor sandbox and patio, and very convenient location. Love it here!

Olivia Reese

Used to love this place but as of lately it’s been horrible. Found some hair in my wrap and the lettuce for my salad was disgusting.


This is a lovely coffee shop. It has a calm and peaceful atmosphere, very laid back. The staff are courteous and friendly and the coffee has a great taste. Love it here. Highly recommended...


Until I stumbled upon this place, Starbucks was the only free-standing coffee shop around huge East Town mall area (there is a Caribou inside HiVee and I believe something inside the mall proper too. I see Cool Beans as an East side equivalent to Helbach's on the West Side - even their brand name mugs are similar-looking. I haven't eaten here much yet, but noticed interesting menu - will come back to try different items that look delicious. They have children play area. Also have a corner where Kenyan jewelry and other items from that country are sold (I am not sure if owners are from Kenya, or why they sell Kenyan in particular). Location is not the best though - you've got to drive into the heart of crammed and busy East Towne, and you can't walk here from anywhere else.

Patrick D.

The staff here are always so friendly and cheerful. The coffee is better than any other coffeeshop in Madison, I often go out of my way to stop in just to get a medium coffee and hang out by their fireplace for a little bit.