Dairy Queen (Treat)

7860 Mineral Point Rd, Madison
(608) 833-2080

Recent Reviews

Bryan Scott

Very good if you are looking for ice cream. Not so good if you are looking for asphalt or gravel. Contractors should take note.

Michelle Black

Fast service. All employees are wearing masks. Ice cream is delicious


They have good food, however the service on the other hand.. nah


Thank you for the amazing and wonderful birthday cake!?

Tom Chubaty

Normally good, but this time the blizzards weren't fully mixed. Tasted like icecream mostly because at the bottom was the caramel and brownie!!

Joseph Gut

Served me a lopsided cone. Staff is rude. Touched my phone without asking my permission to touch it. I now feel violated, and angry.

Joseph Daniels

lopsided cone. Rude workers. touched my phone, without my permission.

Peter C.

Your typical Dairy Queen offerings with really good service. Friendly and quick. Parking is usually available right in front and the lines move quickly

Kayla Clevenger

This is a good place when you want to take a quick stop to get a treat. They have almost every blizzard/ice cream.that you could possibly think of. I enjoy this place as it is one of my favorite places to get an ice cream from.


This place was weird. I came in for a cake and saw all of the staff sitting in the back. I completely understand it can be slow. But then they all came up front and huddled behind the register. I asked for a cake and a guy pointed to the refrigerator and said it's somewhere in there. It was definitely not in any order, but I found a cake and rang out easy enough.

Elizabeth Blindauer

Employees didnt know how to make basic menu items. I had to explain to them. Hopefully better now

Luann Morine

Good, but no grill!


Service was quite friendly and efficient. Blizzards great as always.

Colleen Erickson

Best icecream cakes

Ike Garcia

I got there about an hour before they closed. The younger girl who helped me at the register was very nice. When she told the older lady what I had ordered though the older lady said "WHAT?!? I JUST CLEANED THAT UP AND PUT EVERYTHING AWAY!". I was pretty happy I didn't have to deal with her for sure.

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