4814 Annamark Dr, Madison
(608) 242-4032

Recent Reviews

Suzanne Taillon

So delicious. Superior ingredients and prep to average fast food burgers. A little pricey but totally worth it.

Lil Spacey

y’all served me a hockey puck

John Smith

First time ordering food at Hardees at the drive thru. The lady who took our order was very patient with us plus the burger was very delicious!

CandC B

Love the Mushroom and Swiss. It is time to allow folks inside.

Matt Reid

Great food, super delicious and great friendly staff.

Gary Grassman

Burgers were stale,chicken was good,but they neglected to give me my dipping sauses!

Jess G

This place needs more people, but that one woman that always helps me ia AWESOME!! I'd come more if my family and I could sit inside!

Nicholas Prieve

Touch and go here sometimes like the old hardee's which is great...but sometimes like the new hardee's of late which is nottt so great ?

Shawn Heil

I have been going to this Hardees almost every day for over 3 years and I have witnessed almost every example of great service, poor service, rude employees, rude customers, incompetent employees, awesome employees, managers treating employees badly, managers treating employees very good...etc... I will say this place has really gone downhill the last year or so and I am sure it has to do with hiring issues. On at least 4 occasions the biscuits were not baked properly and had raw dough in them. This is the only good part of my day so it was really disappointing when it happened. But all this aside, I really do hope this franchise actually keeps hanging on even though it seems so close to disappearing. I need them biscuits! McDonalds are ok, but not even close to as awsomely yummy!

Jon Bass

I love the burgers,they're are so big n juicy! Great food but the fountain drink area could be better maintained

Shirley Smith

Your food was great. Just wish it was closer.. i would be there more often!!!

Lynn Bever

Cold roast beef, small portions, high priced

Kevin Howard

Excellent food service....didn't have....porkri b...sandwiches promoted on...."Shark tank"??????

Santiago Silva

Says online they're open until 10pm. Showed up at 9:30p and the lady working said they were already closed. They had already locked the doors. Clearly they closed early due to no customers and wanting to go home early on a Friday.

John W

at one time hardees was one of my fav places to go now they are getting hard to find and this place is a shining example of why. I stopped going to them as often as i used to when they started raising prices but tonight i thought Id try it. I got at the drive thru on my work lunch break mind you i only have a half hour, there was a car in front of me. made my order and then got to the window, that was 7 minutes and they had instructed the person in front of me to pull into one of the numbered spots and did the same for me.sat there for nearly 10 minutes before they brought the order to me.; when it got there the burger was dried like it had been under a heat lamp all day and smashed flat before it was cooked and it was lukewarm at best. the curly fries were cold. so why did i have to wait for "fresh" food when obviously the gave me what had been sitting there for a while. I will never go back to this one again and they should be closed. the place looks dirty and the prices are outrageous! If i could give this one 0 stars I would. The last time I was here i couldnt even get anyone to take my order. No wonder they are closing them all down. such a waste of space, top it off because of the wait i was late back to work.Never Ever Again

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