Himal Chuli Restaurant

318 State St, Madison
(608) 251-9225

Recent Reviews

Angie Great

I was pretty disappointed with the lack of flavor. It's a favorite of my dining companion.

Alissa S.

Himal Chuli has been a State Street favorite of mine for a long time! So many great vegetarian choices on the menu! Start off with an order of the momocha, a kind of dumpling filled with peanut butter paste as an appetizer. For your main course try the takari, roti (a homemade flat bread) and dal platter to get a sampling of all of the best flavors. The takari (a house vegetable stewed with fresh spices) changes daily. The dal, a mixed bean soup, is absolutely delicious!

Julia P

Good little vegetarian place. The portions are just a little small however considering the price.

Aditi Bajpayi

Very peaceful. Nice momos and chai.

Julia Paciorek

Loved it here. Food was very good, not too spicy.

john s.

Haven't been here in a while but have pleasant memories of eating dinners here many moons ago. Glad to see the business still going strong! Authentic Nepali flavors and attentive service is what I remember. Thanks for introducing me to the mountains cuisine :).

Andy Agle

The menu is unique and highlights dishes from Nepal. However, food in Nepal is delicious and this food is bland.


This is a great place if you are looking for some different flavors. Nepalese and a bit of Indian cuisine and flavors. Great vegetarian options. Loved the Dal soup and combo platter we ordered. Samosas seemed a bit bland but overall ok.

Joey Godiska

Really great little place. Our waitress was fantastic. She was friendly, but not overly friendly, and did her job excellently. The food came quickly and was delicious - I got the Himal's combination. My only small gripe is that the quantity of food was pretty small, but it did encourage you to savor it more.

shiksha sharma

Overpriced, overrated place. The food size was very tiny. We paid $18 for two pieces of chickens, a little cauliflower curry and a few grains of rice. Lentil was like Amrit ( Holly drink ) came in a tiny bowl. No pickle and no salad as well. If you are looking for authentic Nepali and Indian food don’t go there. If you want to feel betrayed, please go once .

Diana Joy

Whenever I'm in town I stop for Momocha appetizer (vegetarian) + roti, tarkari, dal combo. One of my favorite restaurants of all time - lovely people, amazing food.


Have never forgotten the many wonderful meals that I have had in this restaurant back in my college days. 30 plus years ago:) Was back in town this past weekend with my wife and I stopped by and found that very little has changed. Absolutely some of the best food that I have ever eaten. Lovely cozy interior. And I really thought the sidewalk eating setup looked terrific also. Don't miss it if you're in Madison.

Kate Lentz

First time eating Nepalese food and it was delicious. The waiter was friendly and helped us find alternatives to a couple things they were out of. We would definitely go back again if we find ourselves in the area again.

Linnea Taglia

Food was really delicious! I love the many vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options!

Deniece L.

I love Nepali food. Unfortunately, the food I had at Himal Chuli was very bland. I tried dal bhat takari and momos. I was surprised that the dal bhat takari wasn't presented more traditionally. It all just needed way more flavor. Don't be afraid to use more of those wonderful spices and aromatics that make Nepali food so fantastic. Also, the prices were just too high for Nepali food. The service was very good, though.

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