Hy-Vee Chinese

675 S Whitney Way, Madison
(608) 277-6735

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Djouly C.

I always order my cake there for special event. I customize most of the time for birthdays, baby shower, baby dedication etc... I always satisfied. They are very good at communication. I usually send the picture of the cake via email and the always able do to something close to the picture.

Shannon S.

Hyvee is our favorite cake and cupcake bakery. We have used Hyvee for birthdays and celebrations personally and for work events. Their cake artist (Kim) will help you come up with the perfect design. Most recently we ordered 4 different cupcakes for my daughters 14th birthday, they will arrange the cupcakes into what appears to be a cake. Hyvee gives a personal touch to any of your needs. Give their bakery a shot for your next event!


I was in Lane 7 to checkout. Did not even say hello. I said hello to her. She said PAPER OR PLASTIC? I stated plastic. Please put the sugar by itself. Thank you. There was no response from the young guy bagging. Him and tge cashier were joking between themselves. Not much interaction with customers prior to even me. The bagger left the groceries on the labr. Didn't put them in the cart while I was paying. I had 2 bags. No worries. I will try not to come to the checkout while these 2 are working. If I was a big shot working for HyVee. I would have fired them on the spot for disrespect and not even a smile.

Lenny R.

The perfect supermarket with absolutely everything you want at the price you want, does not exist. I don't mind shopping from different stores through the month to grab different items. Howerver, I will not be returning to Hy-Vee on Whitney Way because the selection is not adequate, the quality discrepancies in store brand items, and the especilly horrible service I've endured several times. Every time I met an employee with "Hi, how are you today?" they either don't answer or, worse, just blurt out "what do you want?" if you take a second too long to ask your question. When a posted discount does not activate at the register, or when the scanned price is different from the shelf tag, every cashier I've had just shrugged. You have to really insist, ask again several times what we can do, and then they'll shrug again and simply ask "do you want it or not". Plants and flowers are often missing their price tag, but there are no dedicated floral department employees, and if you ask anybody else, they just say they don't know and therefore can't sell it to you. No efforts were ever made to even answer a simple question. My last straw was the customer service representative I had to face after I tried to return energy drinks I realized were expired after I took them home. I spent almost an hour at the desk, begging for a refund. I am a very polite person in general, and I work retail as well, so I know sometimes customers can be horrible to deal with, and I definitely was not one of them. I was accused of switching them with older ones, of using a different receipt, of stealing another customer's receipt to return old drinks I had sitting around... After almost an hour, the representative just threw a $5 bill at me. I drove home crying. That was my last straw. No matter what you're looking for, Metcalfe's and Metro Market will have a better selection, better prices, and above all, will treat you with the standard minimum dignity!

John K.

Grocery store is nice. Having said that the sit down restaurant service is horrible for food that really isn't any different then what i can make at home.

Carol C.

My husband and I have been shopping at this Hy-Vee since we moved to Madison four years ago. Almost always, it's a negative experience with surly, unfriendly, unhelpful employees. At first we thought this might be the "Madison way," despite the idea of "Wisconsin nice." But since we have found many other establishments, including grocery stores, with friendly and helpful employees, we realize that it is this Hy-Vee that is so bad. Perhaps it is all Hy-Vees; we don't know, since we don't shop at any others. We're tired of having to toughen up inside and getting knots in our stomach every time we go into this store, so we're going to stop. I don't know why you employ such grouchy people; likely it's a top-down, management problem. In any case, it would be good if you change your attitudes.

Susan M.

Posted price VS scanned price issue. Posted price didn't match the scanned price. Manager said too bad, customer had to take product at the scanned price as it must have been in the wrong place. Customer touched it therefore they must purchase the product at the scanned price because, covid. Right. See WI statute 98.08.

Claire S.

A Black woman was accused of stealing cakes she paid for by manager Jenn Harnish. Her actions were blatantly racist. I will not be shopping here for as long as Jenn Harnish is employed here.

Nathan R.

So today (6/28/2020) the GM of this store , Jen something or other, falsely accused a black shopper of stealing who had paid for her groceries and was in her car ready to leave. This shopper had her receipts but Karen wasn't having it and acted like a bald-faced racist ass. Don't shop here if you're Black, don't shop here if you care about Black people. And call ahead to make sure GM Jen is not on the clock (hopefully she gets relieved of her duties soon). The world has heard enough out of people like her.

Anjie H.

Just saw Hy Vee's "I Need a Hero" TV spot. Hy Vee actually compares its managers & employees to first responders! It is incredibly sad and self-serving. Also, the spot fails to include Hy Vee's management that decided price gouging its customers on toilet paper, wipes, etc., during this pandemic, was a hero-like thing to do. Hy Vee's price gouging cost them a customer and I hope others take notice - including the Better Business Bureau.

Rachel N.

Very inconsistent information about cake decorating options. Bakery team thinks they are lawyers, only don't have the schooling. Ridiculous. Different answer depending on who you talk to.


They killed my tots. All I have to say is why. This was done with extreme prejudice, the bun was burnt and it this was in no way near my last experience here. Sad.

Mats W.

A great place to shop from beer to cheese to a great salad bar ! Kudos to Chuck one of the front end managers. He helped me buy luggage ( yes luggage) to bring all of my Wisconsin cheeses & beers & meats back to Colorado! The prices are the best around & the staff is willing to help & quite friendly.

Stephen V.

As a whole I've recently taken a very positive liking to this chain. The two in Madison area on the west side I've shopped at quite a few times recently. Of the two I tend to favor the Fitchburg location. But I'm writing today about the Whitney Way location. Broken down, I love the produce departments of each store equally well. Stocked with very attractive greens and fruits of a surprising wide variety. The people keeping this department are to be commended. This department deserves more stars than I'm giving the store as a whole. The cheese and deli counters too have nearly everything I could hope for. Great staffing and a couple of the (I cringe when I feel I have to refer to them as Associates.) young guys I spoke with really seem to have a vast knowledge of their product and this is so valued to any customer who is searching for that particular type of fromage but haven't enough information. I love that word. I recall my first afternoon in Amsterdam. I was watching a Dutch cartoon, and while I had no idea what was being said, I seemed to retain one word: Fromage. Cheese. I'm still pleased with that little gain in my vocabulary that resulted as I waited for my wife to get dressed so we could wander the streets and explore. The butcher department was also really helpful and two particular guys have repeatedly been great assurance when I am looking for some guidance. I know my way around the cuts pretty well, but having someone who is educated in each area is so valuable. Which brings me to my sole complaint. The fishmonger I purchased some fish. Cod in particular. There were two varieties in the display. When I asked about one verses the other, the man on the opposite side of the counter steered me to the one I should've chose NOT to purchase. It was purely my mistake, because I've been taught to always smell and touch the fish as I make my selection. But because the gentleman working had the seeming knowledge, I made the mistake of simply taking his word. Price was the second factor that distracted me. I went for the less expensive of the two. When I arrived home and began getting my work area established, the odor of fish was very evident. At this instant I should've wrapped it back up and drove back and chosen the other fish. But my menu was set in stone and time was short. In short, the fish tasted as bad as it smelled. In fact I'm the only one of my family that ate any. My wife and son wisely chose to step back from the table and go to Culver's !! I wasn't insulted. I know I can cook. I should've joined them. Though I only swallowed a couple bites before I too threw the fish into the sink and dug something else out of the fridge and chose to forget the fish. The following I had diarrhea and around the second bout, it dawned on me that the last time this situation occurred was the time I accepted that same fish guys "expertise" unquestioned. The moral of this review is don't believe what any fish vendor tells you unless you KNOW they are selling you too quality product. The old guy at the Whitney Way fish counter is a nice man but he isn't a butcher OR fishmonger with training. He's a nice man who means well, and helps to sell fish that's otherwise heading directly to the dumpster when the counter closes that day. As for the review. This review would be 5 stars had I not felt compelled to relay this story. Check your fish yourself. 1. It should only vaguely smell of the sea. 2. The eyes should be clear and dark, not dried or milky. 3. The flesh firm, and should not stay dented when you press into with your finger. If it smells like fish strongly, it's cat food. Buy it for your cat if it's a bargain. Don't buy it for your table.

Elena V.

I love Hyvee, I will probably always shop there for my groceries. However the grille/buffet at this location was pretty lacking... Service was meh, and I ended up getting the Chinese food which had a funky taste. Maybe it was just that day but it was offputting. However the actual grocery store is great as always. Love the spirits and wine section and the employees outside of the buffet are always friendly.

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