Hyderabad House Biryani Place

4738 E Washington Ave, Madison
(608) 709-1151

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Sahithi Kolagani

This restaurant sells stale food on weekdays. On an average, 5 out of 6 times, food is either smelly, spoilt or soggy, if you order Sunday through Friday. You can literally hear the sound of the microwave when you go to pick up food. When I tried to get in touch with the manager to talk about the inconsistency, no one responded.If you order food on a Saturday, it will be fresh. Sunday to Friday, this place sells food that is smelly or soggy.


I called at 5 pm to and ordered two items off of the menu; I was told my order would be ready in 15-20 minutes. I got there and was told 10 more minutes so I waited in my car, came back and he said 5 more minutes at which point I decided to pay and wait inside the restaurant. I ended up leaving the restaurant with my order at 5:50 pm. The food was horrible (threw it all out) and I found a hair in one of the containers. There were 3 tables of customers all sitting down with empty plates probably since before 5 pm and they likely didn’t eat until 8 pm, I’m guessing? The best part is that there were atleast 3 employees inside the establishment...all just walking around like there had been a zombie apocalypse. In conclusion, please eat here if you’re looking to waste your time, be lied to about wait times and get food poisoning :)

Alexandra Gomez

I wish we would have looked more into the reviews before choosing to watch here. First, I will say that there was some good flavors from what little we could taste. We specifically asked for mild because our 5yo is still getting used to spicy food but loves Indian food. Now, I like spice but our food was just so spicy that it actually made my husband start sweating and I actually had to add yogurt so I could eat it.. Then we come to the content of the food... I ordered goat and literally got nothing but goat bones with miniscule pieces of meat just barely hanging onto the bone. For my son's chicken dish, we got less than a 1/4 cup of chicken and ended up cooking extra to toss in. We definitely will not be going back since there are other great local places for the same price in the same area. Very disappointing.

Julia C

Very good chana masala. I asked for extra spicy and it was very spicy and good! The samosas were very good too.

Mohammad Bilal

Called and said it would take 20 mins for my order. Got to the place about 25 mins after. Said it would be 10 more minutes, okay cool it happens. Ended up waiting in the store for over 45 mins. That is ridiculous! Especially for the bland food that I received. Be honest and tell someone that it will take time and not BS and waste people’s time and money. Never recommending this place or coming here ever again!

trunal tawde

Awesome place to visit for Authentic Biryani. Ambience is also best. Loved the quality and quantity of biryani and side dishes. Would recommend it for all. Do ask for spice level when you order any dish.

Bhavyashri n

biryani is very bland , it’s just like boiled chicken with some rice , no spices. Just because it was nearby to my place I used to order from them , I was a regular customer. I always get extra spicy . Once they made my fried rice extremely spicy , I was not able to eat a spoon, I called to check if I could get it replaced ,they were very rude , they told me to just eat that. I have been ordering same food (extra spicy ) from a year , every time it was ok, only this time it was extremely spicy .. the owner or whoever spoke to me on phone literally made me feel so bad I almost cried. Never going there again .Do not waste your money here It’s not worth it .. Good luck to them .

Nishi tha

I had been to Hyderabad house with my friends on the Christmas Eve. I loved the chicken fry biryani and my friends had specialty goat biryanis. The taste was awesome. They served plum cake as Christmas special and it was delicious.

Abish Bharati

One of the worst chicken biryani and veg biryani we ever had. THe place has lost its taste. It used to serve absolutely mouth watering biryanis when it opened but my last order was a devastation. Used to be good but not anymore.

Praveen Y

From last 2 months i have ordered vijayawada special chick biryani 6 times and it is worst taste. Looks like they have replaced the chef. One last time when i have ordered the biryani it is completely with yellow rice and spoiled chicken. I have informed to management and they have not even responded properly. They have mentioned that they will correct next time. So i advice people to not to order vijayawada special chicken biryani at this place, Thanks.

Mohammed R.

They can be on the Spicer side, so be careful or ask for mild if your not into that. Highly recommend the chicken lollipops. It can get busy sometimes so wait can be long sometimes. I usually order ahead. Also, they report all their food is halal.

Meena K.

This is the second time I am getting stale food from this restaurant. I ordered family pack Goat fry Biryani and I picked the food around 7pm from the restaurant and around 10 pm I opened the box severed the Biryani to eat. Food got spoiled and got bad smell. I called the restaurant next day morning at their open time and told them that I got stale food. They least bothered to APOLOGIZE and told me that the food was fresh when they gave it to us and they will replace it if I come back to their restaurant. I asked for a refund but they denied to refund saying it is against their policy and instead they said they will replace the food.
I decided to get a replacement and told them on call that I want a veg biryani of same size and a veg appetizer. I went to the restaurant returned the stale Biryani from the previous day and took the new food bag and came home and realized that I got a single size Biryani instead of a family pack which I ordered. I didn't want to call them back because they would simply ask me to come back again.  I would have given a 0 star if I had an option here instead of giving 1 star. Looks like they had a no refund and no apology policy. Very bad experience and I would not prefer ordering food from here again.

Sumit Jindal

Ordered Veg Briyani for to go.It was awful. Just yellow cloured rice with salt and some pepper.Though quantity was good. But flavor was missing.

Ankur Uthra

I ordered schezwan fried rice medium spicy but they had added so much spice that my wife couldn’t eat it and had to throw it out.I had to wait additional 25 mins after ordering in advance for tandoori chicken. I don’t mind the wait but -How can you forget a green chutney while giving a Tandoori chicken!!! Bad! A total spoiler.I happened to be their fan but totally disappointed this time. Not going again ever.

Jon Z.

The biryanis are amazing! Goat fry biryani is my go to dish.  They seem popular, every time I arrive for my carry out, so maybe call ahead ?

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