1835 Monroe St, Madison
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T. S.

The food was never reminiscent of any Persian food I've ever had, having traveled to Iran and eaten at some of the better known Persian restaurants in D.C., L.A., and Chicago. Incredibly disappointing, poor service, and a poor representation of Persian cuisine. If this place served real Persian food, the cost of rent wouldn't be an issue, as they'd be packed at all hours. Of course when you're a hack chef/owner, you're gonna blame your landlord for your failure as a business, not your lack of skill in preparing Persian food or use of poor quality ingredients. Laila, do us all a favor and let someone else open/run a Persian restaurant in Madison. You clearly don't have the skill, time, or energy to do it right.

Mary Martin Gillman

Interesting! Food was lovely and service was excellent.

Zuzana B

I had one of the two vegetarian dishes (vegetable stew) and I did not like it. It had many whole garlic cloves and some mushrooms, I couldn't find other vegetables (or the nuts). Rice was partly crunchy partly overcooked. The decorations in the restaurant are very nice.

Randy Converse

The hummus was delicious. The vegan curry was superb! It had just the right amount of curry and the vegetables were well cooked.

Farhan Raza

Food was overpriced, it felt like rice was reheated in microwave, lamb was bad.

Christopher Yue

Went to dinner around 5:30 pm on a Saturday, several tables available. A sizable menu with many vegetarian options. Ordered the beef stew ($20) and the lamb dish (Dizi) ($20). Tips included in the listing price which I appreciate. The Dizi lamb dish is to die for - complex flavor and large portions and the side salad + baby pita bread is a great combo. The beef stew was a let down - total of 3 pieces of beef, watery broth. Definitely not worth the $20 price - especially in contrast with the other hearty dish on the table.

Cat P.

What a lovely, home cooked meal and experience. We went in on a Friday night around 5:00 p.m. and had be entire restaurant to ourselves. Service was quick and friendly; I felt like I was having a meal in someone's home. We started with borekas, which reminded me of Greek spanakopita but served with a nice, creamy yogurt sauce. You can't really go wrong with cheese and spinach wrapped up in a phylo dough that is served hot and fried. We liked mixing the yogurt sauce with some of the red hot sauce that they leave on the table which I would compare to sambal. We ordered the fesenjoon and gormeh sabzi. In regards to the fesenjoon, I enjoyed the flavor palette, the spices, in the heartiness of the bowl. The duck itself was super moist and cooked well. My only qualm with the dish was the fact it was watery at the bottom maybe from the salad? Separating the two would be nice and also would have loved some yogurt sauce with this. The gormeh sabzi was also delicious; its flavors were a little more forward. The beef was on the drier side, but when mixed with the salad and young it sauce, it was as layers upon layers of spice. By the time we finished our meal, the whole restaurant was packed with people. We will definitely be coming back to try more dishes and I am so glad that Joon has made its way to Monroe street!

Alison Tilley Jones Chaim

Family friendly delicious dinner place. If you like Gates & Brovi atmosphere, try JOON.

Thomas P.

Very good, friendly server and a very reasonable 2 for $22 Persian Fried Chicken special. Will be back!

Ted C.

Best Mediterranean food in town. Prompt and attentive service. This place is Madison's hidden gem!


I didn't go to this place, but had persian pilaf from here served at a Bike the barns on 9/15/19 . It was not tasty. Hopefully restaurant is better.

Shelly A.

Eat here! I was so impressed with the food, everything we ordered was delicious. The slow roasted chicken dish was yum-worthy and the yogurt sauce is not to be missed. Service was very friendly and with a warm smile. Prices are very affordable too. I am definitely coming back soon!

JooJoo A.

The joke of a hand scribbled 'joon' on the window exemplifies your experience inside this ridiculous place! The menu is NOT Persian ! It's a ridiculous, beyond short, list of mish-mosh! A single waiter running around clueless about drinks and food! Laila Borokhim A.k.a. 'Supposed Chef?!' yakking with others, sitting at a table! Taking a look at the strange menu of proclaimed Persian food, we ordered out of the FOUR OPTIONS that the menu had! We also ordered beer....was told we had to walk to the counter to pick and order! They gave ONE BEER and they said they had to CHILL the other two! We decided to leave this joint! The owner/chef : Laila Borokhim opened her filthy mouth to yell profanity as we left!---guess she decided to 'care' at that point! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY HERE! THEY NEED TO BE PERMANENTLY CLOSED!

Fwoozie P.

Horrible service, saw the chef talking to the customers instead of cooking my food. There was also one waiter that didn't know a thing about the Persian food after I asked and took 10 minutes to get my drinks. Ended up leaving after waiting too long for my order and the chef cussed at me as we were leaving. Don't support a business like this! This is a disgrace to the Persian culture.

Shujah Rehman

Really good food! Stopped by for lunch to go, and although it was a bit of a wait, it was worth it! I ordered the PFC rice bowl. Really high quality ingredients and tasted great. Definitely can’t wait to try everything else on the menu.

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