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The food was never reminiscent of any Persian food I've ever had, having traveled to Iran and eaten at some of the better known Persian restaurants in D.C., L.A., and Chicago. Incredibly disappointing, poor service, and a poor representation of Persian cuisine. If this place served real Persian food, the cost of rent wouldn't be an issue, as they'd be packed at all hours. Of course when you're a hack chef/owner, you're gonna blame your landlord for your failure as a business, full review
Went to dinner around 5:30 pm on a Saturday, several tables available. A sizable menu with many vegetarian options. Ordered the beef stew ($20) and the lamb dish (Dizi) ($20). Tips included in the listing price which I appreciate. The Dizi lamb dish is to die for - complex flavor and large portions and the side salad + baby pita bread is a great combo. The beef stew was a let down - total of 3 pieces of beef, watery broth. Definitely not worth the $20 price - especially in full review

I had one of the two vegetarian dishes (vegetable stew) and I did not like it. It had many whole garlic cloves and some mushrooms, I couldn't find other vegetables (or the nuts). Rice was partly crunchy partly overcooked. The decorations in the restaurant are very nice.

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