4802 Annamark Dr, Madison
(608) 249-3033

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Victor Kumapayi

Wings were amazing !!! Great Fill Up Meal after Work . And they put some extras in the bag too ?

Ares Topping

Some of the actual chicken is pretty "messed up", pieces gone, seemed old.

John Smith

Passing through Madison, my family and I decided on KFC since it was close the interstate and gas station. I don't know if it is that we are going through COVID-19 where restaurants have skimped on good service delivery to cut corners on expenses.Ordered a 16 piece meal and found out later at a rest stop outside Madison that there was no utensils and napkins. The saving grace was that we were in and out of there quickly

Jimbo R.

The chicken was delicious ? as usual. However, due to the fact that the dinning room was closed it would be a good idea to put a few tables and/or chairs to be able to eat your meal.

Suzanne Hock

Food is going downhill! Dried out chicken and sides weren't hot!

J De

Tried to order online from this KFC as the one in Sun Prairie wasn't showing up as an option. This one wasn't much better. Actually, kind of worse as it would allow me to get all the way through the order before telling me the time I selected for pickup was not available, even though I had not yet selected the time for pickup, yet. I eventually had success ordering online from KFC in Waunakee.

Matthew Boehlert

Service was very rude, and stingy, then wanted to argue about it. Food seemed like it was super old, and was over salted, never had a bad experience like this from any other KFC, very disappointed.

Patricia Warden

Awesome fast service and server Was wearing mask, thank you!

Ashley Benedix

Service was incredibly nice but I was not given all of my order. I even told the man at the window that I was still waiting on a famous bowl and he assured me it was in the box. So I left. Drove all the way home, opened the box, and no famous bowl. There were only 2 cars in the drive-thru. Very disappointing since i went there primarily to get the famous bowl.

Damion Ditsch

We came in right before close. And I hate being that guy , but they were terrific and up beat. Thanks guys

Kimberly Wood

KFC has really fallen off. The food quality is definitely suffering as is the chain as a whole. I was pretty upset when they asked me to pull ahead to wait 5 mins and then had me sitting for close to 20 mins while the rest of my food got cold. When I went in to get my food, I was given an apology, but no reparation. Disappoint as KFC used to be one of my favorites. :(

Julie Radcliff

No one spoke or understood English to try to take my order. The whole place was filthy dirty. I also had a guy come up and ask me for money while I was eating!

Rishav B. Roy

Went through their drive-thru at 8 pm on a Friday night. Ordering food took about five minutes, even though there was no line ahead of us, because we kept on having to repeat ourselves. We then waited at the window for another five minutes as they kept on asking what our order was despite, you know, already having ordered. This could easily have been solved if they had more than TWO PEOPLE staff the joint


Chicken was hot and delicious but the restaurant was dirty; especially the bathrooms.


Check your order before leaving drive thru.. Forgot fries & no syrup for chicken & waffle sandwich. Dr. Pepper tasted horrible. I should have read the reviews before stopping. I definitely would have passed.. $9.oo for a sandwich & flat soda? I'm slightly confused at some of these fast food chains..

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