La Michoacana - Madison West

6712 Odana Rd, Madison
(608) 841-1123

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Really enjoy the Elote and the Mangonadas! I will say that it is pretty pricey though, so I don’t go often. But when craving some Mexican treats this is the go-to place!

Stuart Fuller

Holy jumping Moses this place was worth the trip, we drove there in a snow squall(sounds like a bird but it’s a storm) we almost died several times and I would do it again everyday until my luck ran out. I tried a waffle cone of the coffee flavor and started tasting colors. Also tried the strawberries and cheese and it gave me self confidence and improved my self image. I purchased 5 popsicals and they were so good I forgot how to spell. The abulita chocolate made me forget past traumas. The mint Oreo made my dogs behave better and they didn’t even get to try any. Five stars all day. Go, now.

Mohammed Asadullah

The shop smells weird when you step in. Also the ice cream storage temperature needs to be checked as the one we revived had icicles.Otherwise good selection and a friendly staff, would recommend them and support them.

Laura Green

I would venture to say this is the best ice cream in Madison! I love local, homemade ice cream shops and this is the only one we have in Madison that I am aware of. They offer a wide variety of flavors both by the scoop or as a paleta (popsicle/ice cream bar). If you are not in the mood for ice cream, they have other options too including chopped fresh fruit. The staff is friendly and the owners make a good effort to give back to the community. All around this is a local business I really enjoy supporting!

Anjoli Rowe

First time here and very impressed: SO much variety, unique flavors, great staff who are willing to make suggestions and tell you their favorites, and very clean with obvious attention to sanitation and appropriate COVID protocols.P.S. They have about a million (give or take a few) popsicle flavors, and they're all amazing.

Ann Sherman

Yummy! Had the piñon (pine nuts) absolutely delicious & very friendly folks — thank you!


Love the staff and desserts! Always a nice experience!

Ryan Greenslet

Got a Mangonada very tasty and service was prompt. Will return and recommend.

Daniel Pederson

Holy frozen cow milk! Went here at random because was the closest ice cream shop to the gym. But honestly, already has taken the top spot on my list of Madison ice cream establishments. GGs to all the other West side creameries.I got a double scoop because the flavors were so interesting and I wanted multiple. Coconut and pistachio, if you were wondering. Both had chunks of the actual nut in them - a sure sign on quality (jk I'm not a connoisseur but I found it extremely tasty). Anyway, this thing was Huuuuuge! Original plan of eating it on the way home thrown out the window. So bring something to clean your hands afterwards (or ask for napkins) at least if you get a double scoop in a cone. Or bring a friend to drive you home but get a dish.They actually did give me a dish too in case of falling - My arms must've looked shaky after lift, but still a very considerate gesture.Also I didn't eat dinner before going so totally ruined that but worth. Very much worth.

Matt Doyle

Unique ice cream flavours you won't find elsewhere. And the staff were very nice.

Hannah M

One of my favorite places from my time living in Madison. I miss it!

Mark Williams

Happiness has a home. It is here :) great ice-cream and treats.

Nicole Palmer

The ice cream is great and the service was amazing! I can’t wait to go back

Manda Jordan

I just wanna start off by saying I would give this a 0 star rating if I could. Me and my cousin came into the restaurant with good hopes of receiving good quality service but instead we were ignored multiple people were helped before us even though we were the first and only in there at the time. I was completely baffled I felt invisible as if I was a ghost. The silent discrimination was loud. The guy that finally helped us after 20 minutes he seemed very agitated he chucked my bowl of elote at me and when I went to finally open it was only 3 spoons of corn.!! I was very calm about it but I saw live bugs in the corner I don’t know what that’s all about. I also didn’t appreciate the fact that my 6 stale chips were drowned in cheese and basically mush by the time I could eat them. they’re very stingy with their portions!! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.

C. Lor

Love it! Great choices and probably the best mangonada I have had in Madison. Their horchata is amazing too!

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La Michoacana - Madison West

6712 Odana Rd, Madison, WI 53719
(608) 841-1123