Maharana Indian Restaurant

1707 Thierer Rd, Madison
(608) 246-8525

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Cedric Lyric

Okay, so I'm definitely a foodie, and I review on customer service and food. This place right here was awesome!!!! I've traveled all over the U.S., and I have to say that this place made the most delicious chicken tika masala. The delivery driver was also kind enough to bring the food to our apartment door. I really love giving great reviews hoping to give another 5 star to these guys! Thanks!!!

James Mejia

Great food and fantastic customer service.

Terra Allen

It was tasty enough but id say that the food i got was kind of watery. I did order kind of off menu. I wanted paneer makhani, which ive had recommended to me as like a vegetarian butter chicken. Price is a little high for the portion size and the take away container they gave me, though i liked that it was paper, was not appropriate for how wet my food was. It completely fell apart with my aloo tikki chat. This place seems like it would be better as a sit down rather than a take away.

Tracey Clough

Fantastic place to buy some food when in a rush. The service is swift, prices are affordable, great ambience. Highly recommended

Claire Eder

We ordered the vegetarian dinner. Everything was so tasty--even the rice was better than other places we've tried. The naan was so fluffy, the samosas were well spiced, and you could taste the fresh ginger in the curry.

Tessa Chillemi

Best Indian food on the east side!!!! We love this place.

Mark Friedman

I've ordered twice from Maharana and been amazed at the dishes. The first time i had Chicken Tikka with Naan, this time the Tandoori mixed grill with Keema Naan. The food is fast, fresh and amazing! This is my new favorite restaraunt when i need some food that will truly awake my senses.

Eugene Morales

This spot is excellent! Fair rates, big portions and the employees are always very welcoming.

C H.

Soooo disappointed tonight. A complete packaging disaster, paper container soaked and stuck to food, burned, bitter tasting  bread and something that wasn't butter chicken. We have ordered takeout before and slowly the quality, accuracy and care has gone to the gutter. Wishing I could post a better review but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Peyman Morteza

I ordered seekh kabob ... I received something else ... I contact them and did not receive a response .... The food quality was pretty low .... Do not recommend at all.

Emily Cullen

Delicious food. Ready for pick up on time.

Julia C

Chana masala was kind of watery and not too much flavor. I got it hot and it felt more like medium, I wish I would have made a request to get it extra hot. Daal tarka was very flavorful and I enjoyed it. The samosa was very good was well. I only give three starts because the chana masala was very lacking.

Alicia A.

I placed my order online and asked for it Extra Spicy. It was ready when we got there and the gentleman at the front made sure to ask me. If I did really want it extra spicy! I said yes I did. That's the best part of Indian food the can make it super spicy without losing the flavor of the dish!

Katherine G.

Such delicious food and they give you so much!! Each meal could feed at least 2 people. Nice variety and you get to decide mild, medium or hot. Will definitely go back!!

Bhaskar Halami

Goat/Lamb Biryani: Poorest ever taste! While I am writing this review my wife is trying to make it edible! Only turmeric and salt nothing else you can taste...surely this is not a Biryani but something else. Not even worth one star...that star is for Mango Icecream they served with it!

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