Maharana Indian Restaurant

1707 Thierer Rd, Madison
(608) 246-8525

Recent Reviews

Alexandra Waller

Ordered delivery, very fast and notified us when they were a few min out. I tried the Gobhi Manchurian for the first time and it is DELICIOUS. The food was nice and hot too. Their spring rolls and naan are also FIRE??

Simon Zelotes

Lamb Vindaloo was not spicy at all. No discernable chili flavor. Just unforgivably bland.

Melissa Firth

Absolutely adore the food here ? The Mango Lamb Curry is my go to and I love that they include a free scoop of mango ice cream with your dinner, even to-go!!

Samantha Helmer

I had the lentil soup and chicken saag delivered tonight. Absolutely delicious! Thank you!

Amber De Petro

We’ve been ordering takeout here through EatStreet since the quarantine. It has fast become one of my favorite Indian places! I cannot get enough of their goat curry!

Stephanie R.

Ordered lamb saag, tiki masala, rogan josh. The food was not good. It was extremely salty and the sauce was watery. Like they were trying to stretch their portions out by adding water and then a bunch of salt so it had some kind of flavor. I could not taste any traditional Indian spices at all. So very disappointed. Servers were friendly and were working hard so I felt bad for them. I love Indian food and I've eaten It all over the world and this was one of the worst.

Katie R.

I got lunch here a few weeks ago and it was fantastic. I didn't realize how much food they give you, so I ordered way too much and afterwards I was painfully but very happily full! Indian food is my favorite comfort food, and this is the best that I've found so far in Madison. I'm fairly new to here and I'm so glad I found this place, I will definitely order from them often.

Diego M.

Ordered this during quarantine because i was in DIRE need of some roti and butter chicken. And it did not disappoint. I ordered the butter chicken, naan, garlic roti, and lamb vindaloo(I wanted enough for dinner too). This was ALOT of food. All of the entrees come with rice so it's definitely enough food. However, I think it was over priced. It was around $15 per entree plus the extra naan and roti ended up being around $40. The order was accurate and delivery was quick! Hopefully after COVID19, I'll be able to enjoy their lunch buffet.

Kyler N.

Maharana has the best Indian food in town. It's authentic, fresh, and super tasty. We've been there a few times and the service is always great. We also just did a pickup order during the quarantine and they had it ready right on time. It is a touch in the expensive side but it's totally worth it. I'd highly recommend Maharana if you're looking for great Indian food in Madison.

Alora Newberry

Ordered thru doordash. Food came fast, hot, and fresh. Everything was as ordered and they even threw in a little mango ice cream for dessert. Best Indian food I’ve had in a long time. The vegetable samosa were excellent and the Lamb Moghlai was amazing. So happy with my order and will most definitely come back and order more.

Edward Looney

This spot is great! Convenient pricing, large dishes and the staff members are regularly helpful.

Brent Bankes

Order pickup and delivery through doordash often. Order is always accurate and tasty! Our. Go to Indian place.

Gabe Taveira

Great Indian food for a fair price. Would recommend the lunch buffet. Good range of options and an even better deal than their dinner. I recommend the goat curry and the Tikka masala.

Caitlin C.

Delivery is always super good, especially the chicken tikka masala. I love that they give you some mango ice cream for free.

Sergio Scarponi

First time for us. I liked the food. It is what it is. I will go again. I ordered medium heat, I should have ordered low heat but I still liked what I had. Older ambience.

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