4502 E Washington Ave, Madison
(608) 249-4500

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Ashley E.

Worst Mc Donald's ever. Went at 12am..... only took cash. Had to go to the bank across the street and get cash out. Went back.... ordered food.... gave him a 20.00 bill and got my food.... got home the food was cold and realized he gave me the wrong change. Called and talked to the manager he said to come back and get my change and a coupon for free meal. Went back the next day.... and he gave me the wrong change AGAIN!!!!!! Never going back

Austin Wooolley

The dude at the drive through giving your food out didn’t say a word and I was being very friendly, I asked for some BBQ sauce wasn’t a huge deal but he turned around and got it and I said thanks and then one accidentally dropped onto the ground (I was on my Harley) and I tried to pick it up but couldn’t and before I knew it he was back at the window and he just tosses it out the window at me and shuts the sliding door, no “have a nice day” or anything. I’ve been working in Madison for 2+ years now and I go every now and then to switch up the venue... but time and time again this place fails. Their attitudes are so bad, they act like they are miserable 24/7. I work in a shop that’s always way too hot or way too cold and I’ve also worked fast food and I know the attitude you need to have to be in that business. If you don’t likeYour job. Quit. There’s plenty of opportunity here in Madison. At some point people need to realize life’s not so bad if you live it with a positive attitude. This place is clean. But the service is so poor. Beyond poor.

Justin Smith

Went inside. Very clean and safe from COVID issues. Great experience...

Strange Wisco

I come here every so often for lunch. Order is correct about 75% of the time, it's McDonalds though so my expectation is right around 75% anyway. Every time I pull up to the second lane, 5+ cars get helped before I do, so I usually just decide to pull up and order at the window. I tell them that I think your second lane is broken and they look at me like they saw a ghost. "Oh you didn't say anything?" Well I did say hello about 10 times but I wasn't aware when pulling up to a drive thru that I have to initiate the conversation. They pay zero attention to the 2nd lane, I dont even know why they have 2.


Ordered a cheeseburger and they were out how does that happen? They had 4 meals you could choose from that's it said thank you to them and they don't respond they just shut the window.

Dylan McNamara

There is crumbs and dirt around every corner and table. Like they sweep the middle of the floor only. Fries were either brown and solid or barely cooked in the same container..

Jesse Darrow

Very bad I had to wait to get 2 soda for 25 minutes

Timothy Ramthun

Didn't want a big dinner or the expense that comes from that. This McDonald's was quick & the food was very good. I will most likely return...

Brittany Moran

This is one of those places that the service and quality depends on the manager on duty. Today was fast and my iced coffee was perfect. Sometimes you sit in the drive thru for 4 minutes before they respond to you and the iced coffee is so weak it tastes like milk. Really depends on management at the time of your visit. Some visits I would give 0 stars and others 5, so I settled on 3.

jackson Stake

Good place, not well clean but nothing too bad. Out of ketchup in dispenser.

terry moore

McDonald's is what you stuff in your pie hole when you're on a cross-country trip. I do have to say that it makes a huge deal of difference that they're using fresh beef. You can taste the difference it's actually the reason I started eating there

James Gove

Fast service. Clean restaurant and restrooms. Great stop off the main way for quick, cheap bite. Staff were friendly and quick to cleanup after guests.

Christopher Aspinwall

Really busy it took me about 20 min to get a Mcchickin! But I never really have anything bad to say about Mc-e-Dees!

jridi jridi

Best location with a play area if u have kids

David Uselmann

Pretty much all the McDonalds are equally fine. With billions served, you likely already know how you feel about it. This location was as clean and speedy as the others.

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