Panera Bread

6637 Mineral Point Rd, Madison
(608) 821-0001

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Beth M.

We are so happy to see Panera on Fish Hatchery allowing some indoor dining. We enjoyed a special lunch for my birthday there today. My husband enjoyed his flatbread pizza.. I love the salads and are looking forward to the orange scones that we brought home . I will give 5 stars when they are fully open.

rebecca dohm

First poor food here...turkey was processed yuk and hot chocolates were cold yuk

Michelette Richardson

Orders are frequently missing items, don't have modifications made, or are just entirely wrong. Service is incredibly slow. And this is not new as of Covid, it has always been the case.

Jodie May

I loved my Steak & White Cheddar sandwich!! It was the best! My free Cranberry Oatmeal cookie was a close second! Thanks for the kind service. Happy I could walk in and place an order.

Hannah Houle

My husband and I had the best breakfast experience this morning! The kindness from the employees was second to none! The service and the food was exceptional! Will not forget this Panera!!

Gaelle Emmanuelle

This is usually a fine place to pick up food from but today I ordered delivery and my pick-two included a tuna sandwich, that didn't get delivered. I called them and was on the phone for 11 minutes, most of which was on hold. The 1st person that picked up told me to wait while they looked up my order after i gave my name and said they'd probably be able to send their driver back with the missing item. 4 minutes later someone else comes to the phone and asks for my name again but this time somehow they can't hear my audio very well and I have to keep repeating myself. Then, they ask me what I'd like them to do? I say whatever works i don't have a huge preference i just don't want to get charged for something i didn't receive. The person on the line says... nothing. I say "hello?" "Hello" and yet again nothing. They just had me on the line and were not talking, they weren't even saying hello either to see if I could hear them. Not to mention the fact that a second ago, someone else on the same line was hearing me just fine! I gave it a couple minutes, and eventually have up an hung up. Very disappointed in this kind of shady service.

Mark DuRussel

Unfortunately a few things went wrong with our most recent order: (1) I clicked "I'm here" for curbside pickup, but no one ever brought out our food, so after 5 minutes... (2) I called the restaurant, but the automated phone system was too wordy and slow, so it took another 2 or 3 minutes to get through to a person. (3) The turkey sandwich had low-quality turkey slices on it, instead of the shaved roasted turkey we were expecting.

Cliff R.

Don't use the Panera app this location constantly messes up the order or check your order before leaving with your order.

Keira F.

They gave me food poisoning I went here and got the Turkey Bacon Bravo sandwich with a cheddar broccoli soup. service was... iffy. their kiosk was not working and the manager had told us that he did not know how to help us with the problem we were having with the kiosk. we ended up going to the counter to order our food. the lady who took our order got my grandmothers order wrong and then when she went up to correct it they got her order wrong again. the food was very good, 10/10 on taste. but my sandwich was very cold when i got it. about 30 minutes after eating, my stomach started to hurt but i thought it was just a simple dairy problem. about 50mins-1 hour after eating i started to cry because of how bad my stomach hurt. we were driving and had to stop at a gas station because of how bad it hurt. long story short i was in the gas station bathroom for 1 hour and 30 minutes with food poisoning. for the rest of the weekend i was stuck between bed and the bathroom with food poisoning.

Robert Shanks

No curb side. The food was not done on time. I had to go back in three times before they finally got the order right. In the end the manager was nice, and I got one whole free cookie for my trouble......

Chris Mathes

Not Sure what the problem is but these guys don't have enough staff to handle their online ordering

David Campbell

Excellent food!! Thi location gave usa 10% dicount. Room nice ofnuf

Tom Chubaty

Enjoying my free Panera coffee subscription. Gladly get my free dsrk roast coffee daily! Thank-You Panera. When my subscription runs out in September I am thinking I will renew it with a paid subscription. It is a very good deal and the coffee is good too!!

George Basily

The place is usually clean and the coffee and pastries are nice. However, most of the time the coffee station is not serviced and you have to alert someone to refill the pot or the milk. And this is usually happening during not busy times (otherwise I'd understand the pot just running faster than usual or no one had the time to go and check)The pick-up procedure is very unclear especially when it comes to picking up just coffee; I was told to grab one of the cups and just go. But then I always find someone getting the cup ready for me.Finally, the last requirement is not being enforced on people setting in which was very disappointing.

crystal ladewig

Love love love! Food is great and the staff is super friendly! Great food for the price you pay.

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