Panera Bread

2627 E Springs Dr, Madison
(608) 441-7666

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Jim David

Not cheap but good eats and coffee. Had a Claw, first one in long time that was actually quality and good old taste that I remember from long time b/4.

Sheryl Lynn

Terrible service. Took over an hour & half to get food after odering online & already paying online. It said 5-10 min online, then after sending order the correspondence said an Hour later. Once I arrived, I tapped, "I'm Here, Twice on the email, then called after 20 min of waiting, didn't answer phone. I had to walk in & eventually ask for a manager. 9 employees working (some cleaning, others just standing around), empty dining room. I wasn't walking out with paying for noth

Pascal Bleam

This location does not enforce the Dane County Mask mandate. The manager allowed a customer to order and wait in the restaurant without a mask. This after a staff member asked the manager for assistance. The manager said that they "did not want to get sued."I will not be returning to this location.Update: I have reached out to Dane County Public Health and Panera Corporate. The Corporate office was clear about their policies. Panera Bread follows all local guidelines.They will be contacting this location soon.

Linda Dillner

Despite ordering online and selecting curbside pickup, finally had to go inside to get order, after checking in on app and then waiting outside almost 20 minutes beyond the time we were told it would be ready. If you call their phone number, it rings forever and finally cuts off. Unbelievable that a franchise like Panera would offer such poor service - prime example of over promise and under deliver.

Taylor H

Things wrong with my order so I had to make this review . #1 is they don’t specify on the website when ordering curbside pickup describe car type (If so I would’ve done it ) # 2 I requested extra cream and sugar on the side I never received the items . #3 if my order is ready at 8:00 am why isn’t anyone calling to see if you arrived , I sat outside for 6 mins then had to call to let them know I was outside ( no biggie just have common sense to check outside if you have customers w curbside pickup ) . Last thing the Hispanic woman who worked 07/06/20 morning has a nasty attitude and had no patience idk her but leave your home problems at home . Overall I had to add salt & pepper to my brioche bacon egg sausage sandwich and added cream and sugar to my cappuccino. This was my first time ordering curbside (will not be doing that again ) I will no longer shop at this specific location next to East Towne Mall

jill izydor

I am very disappointed to see so many single use items now that you are allowing in person and outside dining rather than just pick up. There is no reason related to covid that everything has to be paper and plastic. Please consider using reusable dishes and silverware again for in person dining. We love Panera, but we don't love all that unnecessary waste.

Nina Nordness

Love the cinnamon crunch bagels....can heat them up for 20 seconda for a warm treat. Have many options on menu for lunch or dinner and alternate bakery items and coffee, tea and other warm beverage options as well.

Roman Minyaylyuk

This location has quality control issues. The deliveries have been pretty timely to our house, but literally every single time we order something, it's missing or directions aren't followed. The latest issue, we ordered two large ice cold brews (one plain and one Madagascar vanilla) as a part of our breakfast order today. What was delivered? Two regular sized iced chai lattes. One of the sandwiches was made incorrectly as well. I think I'm done ordering from this location. Literally the worst Panera I've ever dealt with.

Sue Leder

Called in my order. Get there and no order. The girl came back back to me 3 times. To get my name,then my email then my order number. Some how some orders got mixed up. So they had to remake my food. 20 minutes waiting. She didn't even offer any compensation. Totally sucked.

Heather N.

We were feeding our employees during the time of COVID, and Panera really brought their A-game with these boxed lunches! We had over 200 lunches delivered and everyone absolutely loved them! You can't beat the quality for the price and all that comes with it! Thank you for helping make these employees feel special!

Brittany Kyla-Marie

I have had plenty of issues with delivery times at this location being up to an hour or two late when picking a specific time to have it delivered. Today I ordered for pick up and they have people staying in their cars and they come out to you. I get to the store and was not greeted for 25 minutes. There were 4 other cars when I had originally gotten there which I understand but as they left I continued sitting and waiting and watching cars pull in after me being helped. I understand that they are probably busy but when someone says they are picking up food at a certain time and it is now almost a half hour past that time with no update, that is really frustrating. Plus I had to get back to work which means I barely had any time to eat. I ended up calling the store twice, firs time no one answered. They answered the second time and proceeded to tell me they did not have my order. After a couple of minutes they "found it" and told me they would bring it out. Not a simple apology or anything. This will probably be my last time ordering from here due to all the issues I have had.

Anon Mous

Excited to see they had curbside pickup during quarantine. Extremely disappointed in their service. Waited in my car for 45 minutes, asked the lady giving out orders twice if she could help me. After 45 minutes she comes back and tells me they don’t know what happened but they’re remaking it. Offered no discount or apology. Food was great once we finally had it though.

Helmut Uitz

Ordered 3 bowls of soup today. Young woman took my order by phone. Paid with debit card and was told it would be ready in 30 minutes. Was there on time and there was only one customer in front of me. He got his order after 5minutes. After waiting almost one hour a young woman came and asked about my order. I told her what I ordered and she came out after 10 min.

Randy Kuntz

Just okay. Their bread tends to be dry and hard. I prefer softer bread myself.

Nicole Frey

I had a great experience at this location this morning. I had made an online order for pick-up, and unfortunately they were having trouble with their espresso machine (I had ordered an iced mocha). The manager called me right away to inform me of the problem and ask if I wanted a substitute or wanted it refunded. When I arrived they processed my refund and then when I asked for a substitute they special made a coffee for me at no charge! Definitely made my morning!

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