Panera Bread

2627 E Springs Dr, Madison
(608) 441-7666

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Allan Locia

why is this closed?. the website said it was open. then it wasn't. yet not information... pretty confused. anybody knows whats going on?.

Drew Marie

Online placed my order where they took my money...arrive to pick up my food and the building is closed. No one to talk with, no sign on the door and no one answering the phone. Still no response from customer service. I’m out $50 and have no food and no way to get my money back without extensive effort. Terrible.

Andrew Jahr

I like the curb side pick up. It's nice in times like this.

Chad Lensert

Ordered a bread bowl with broccoli cheddar soup for pick up. No customization, straight off their menu. Got home and found out I had a cup, not bowl of soup and no bread bowl.All I ask is that they QC their orders better. It sucks when you're on a diet and plan for one meal out for the week and it gets messed up.

Larissa Mathes

I ordered curbside, confirmed I had arrived, and waited 15-20 minutes after my order was set for pick up. I finally went in and asked to speak with a manager. I let the manager on duty, a young woman know the situation. By then my food was cold, and my almost 7$ ice coffee was watered down from melting. She rolled her eyes, and with no apology offed me a replacement on my souffle. I was already running late and her lack of empathy was further frustrating. So I took my food and left, I called the store and asked to speak with a manager. Of course I got her, and when I asked to speak to her manager. She stated he was not there. I asked for his contact info and she said she couldn't give it to me. She then told me I could call him when he gets in at 11am and then hung up on me! I have worked in customer service and don't typically complain. But this location has messed up my order almost every time I have ordered in the last few months. And it seems like they just don't care that you spend your time and money just to be shrugged off when you don't get what you have payed for. Maybe they feel like they have such a customer base that they can afford to loose some. However although I am just one customer. I ordered from them often, at least twice a week! Well this is the last time I will be ordering from this location or any other! Panera, you just lost a customer! And I will be sure to tell everyone I know all of the better, local options in my area! Thanks for the cold and soggy souffle!

Maria S

Terrible service by Carol and the manager. Rude and unqualified. Food is so so. They ask for a tip every time at time of purchase, a tip is given for good service AFTER receiving service. Not coming back

Stacy Lin

I cannot mask for health reasons. There are people sitting at tables with no masks, but I'm not allowed to walk in and sit down at a table (there's one literally one foot from where we're standing by the entrance) while my friend (wearing her mask she says she feels the air coming through) would order for me. F*** you, panera. Will never be back.

Marialinda Almaguer

*love it!!* *Great Breakfast!!* *Awesome sandwiches!!* *Free Wifi!!* *But the Afghan woman is disrespectful!* *I wish I would of got her name so I don't sound like I'm racists against Afghan peeps!!* *She offers everyone else rewards but not me.*Other then that it's a very awesome place!!*

Emily Diaz

I order curbside pick up and and pressed the button to let them know im here. 20 min later still no food until I got down and asked where my food was. By that time the ice in my coffee was melted and my sandwich was cold. Also, I order the avocado egg white sandwich and the avocado wasn't sliced and it was hard.

Wendy Crisiglio

My sister and I went here on Sun Aug 16th. The manager was a RUDE and UNHELPFUL person that has absolutely NO customer service skills whatsoever. Then when I asked an asst manager about a souffel I wanted I was told it is only for breakfast. However when I asked her why they were still handing them out, her response was their not suppose to. Absolute NO engagement with her, she just then PUSHED PAST ME!!!! I will never go to this location again. They need to hire new management team

B. G.

Nice employees! Pretty rare. Cold brew seemed way to concentrated and bitter. :[ But I do enjoy their iced coffee.

Sue Dunaj

Ordered online went in to pickup my food. Came back to my vehicle went and parked it.Open my bag bo spoon for my soup. Pull backup a gal was out delivering to other vehicles. Asked her to bring me a spoon. Waited 5 minutes no spoon. Went back into the store to get a spoon and told the workers to make sure this stuff is put Iin the bag. Young kids all just looked at me. No one apologized.

Insu Park

Very yummy and kind employees??

Jim David

Not cheap but good eats and coffee. Had a Claw, first one in long time that was actually quality and good old taste that I remember from long time b/4.

Sheryl Lynn

Terrible service. Took over an hour & half to get food after odering online & already paying online. It said 5-10 min online, then after sending order the correspondence said an Hour later. Once I arrived, I tapped, "I'm Here, Twice on the email, then called after 20 min of waiting, didn't answer phone. I had to walk in & eventually ask for a manager. 9 employees working (some cleaning, others just standing around), empty dining room. I wasn't walking out with paying for noth

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