Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

4863 Hayes Rd, Madison
(608) 241-9123

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Lawrence Pavia

The restaurant on Madison's east side had outstanding staff and service. Precautions were made to distance patrons. Why only four stars? Because the food was sub-par. I ordered pork chops - there were two, one was borderline spoiled, the other completely so. I had to send them back, which our server graciously did, and substituted chicken strips for me instead. The baked potato was fine, and the side salad had fresh croutons and onions, but rusty lettuce. Overall, Perkins is a great restaurant chain, but occasionally food is lacking in quality.

Uriyah Barry sr

You're allowed to sit in the eat but because of covid they make your like you taking it home I forgot my spoons forks my hot sauce ketchup mustard salt pepper hot sauce

Tayler Packard

I always get the same thing here. Brioche French toast with a side of sausage. It's great every time. The service is iffy, some servers are better than others but it's always relaxed

MzEnvy Ricks

They were super friendly and courteous to me and my family on top of that the food was delicious I would recommend this place to anyone

Scott P

Our favorite person who works there,Jerri is the best waitress/hostess ever, we've been going there for 32 years and absolutely love her!!! Great food, clean and inexpensive!!

Elijah Mock

The food is great and the servers were great too. Prices aren't terrible for what you get.


We love this Perkins...Staff is very friendly and the food is wonderful! The Meatloaf is my favorite....Make sure you leave room for dessert because the pies are really good!

Sonja Perez

If you love pie--this is your place. Yes, they have breakfast, lunch and dinner--but when it comes to Perkins, it's all about the pie! That said, if you're alone in the world and have no one to have Thanksgiving dinner with, go to Perkins and order their Thanksgiving dinner. Better than you'd have gotten at Aunt Emma's! Then have a piece of pumpkin pie. It's like home...without Uncle Bob.

Jennifer Kramer

Food was tepid in temperature and the portion of what I had received was enough to feed an 8 to 10 year old. The meat alone was the kicker as there were only 6 bite sized pieces in the whole serving. Not worth the time or the money. Very poor and I will not be going back.

Scotty Rorek

Love this place. Great food and staff especially...Jessica is one of the best servers ever.

Allen Stillabower

Food was marvelous service was by the kitchen manager cook was excellent however our server was not wearing a mask and took offense to when we ask her to put one on that is why the kitchen manger took care of us

Don B

The crew working there was friendly but the food lacked pizazz. I have eaten at other Perkins where the food is more tasty.

Cone F.

They never answer the phone! WTF? I'd like to place a to-go please! The number is 608 241 9123. This place is trash!

Chris Chanson

Food is good quality with affordable price. Service is slow.

Kelly Lasinski

the best service I had in the state!!!!! Awesome late night food!!!!!!! Thanks for a good night out !!!

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Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

4863 Hayes Rd, Madison, WI 53704
(608) 241-9123