Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

4863 Hayes Rd, Madison
(608) 241-9123

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Paula A. Rode-Benjamin

Perkins makes the best pancakes and french toast of anyplace I've eaten, ever, including home. The Perkins in Easy Madison is always very clean, wait staff are excellent and the prices are reasonable. Very friendly place.

Pardee Villain

The waiter was amazing! Food was very amazing also! No issues from this place and the waiter gave us time to figure out what we all wanted thank you for one of the most amazing nights that I could ask for!! Will be coming back to eat here again in the near future thanks again!!!!

Matthew Jenkins

The food was way better than I expected and the waitress we had was amazing. Really comfortable atmosphere and very clean, I'll definitely be going back. Thanks for a great meal

Carissa Beaverson

Service was good and food was what you would expect. Though, they didn't have proper distance between tables. We were literally sitting 2 or 3 feet away from other dinners. About half of the restaurant wasn't being utilized. Won't be going back until after the pandemic. Which, is sad because it is a decent restaurant.

Anzhela Judd

Went here at 10 pm, everything is good! Clean place, good menu and of course muffins buy 3, get 3 free. Personal was friendly, bathrooms very clean. Thumbs up perkins for being open 24 house during pandemic:)

Krystal Wooden

Nothing is posted online or anything but apparently now the dining room is closed from midnight to 6am. Glad to know we drove here to eat in and the dining room is closed. It doesn't even say on their website that they're closed....

Marsha Hacker

Waited for about 5-10 minutes when I arrived and there was no customers or staff up front, all I planned on purchasing were 6 of the Pumpkin Donut Muffins. Finally, the busy boy came over (he was cleaning tables). He was NOT wearing gloves when cleaning the tables and he did NOT wash his hands when helping me BUT he did use a napkin when getting my muffins for me. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS EXPERIENCE.

Bill Romine

Solid meal! Hot and tasty. Very good and prompt service. Free pie day too!?

Chris Dickinson

Great service. Delicious food. This was the salad I meant to order. Lol

Ann B

Senior menu is outstanding! Always good food. A big PLUS I didn't even know about? You get a free piece of pie on Mondays! Ate too much ... the ask you if you want a box before they bring the pie!

Jack Flint

Normally I like Perkins but this one had very bitter coffee (they brought a second pot that was also bitter) and the tables were in need of a good scrubbing. The server and the service was great. They were following covet procedures.

Alyssa Antonia

Had a nice breakfast today. & our waitress was so nice and friendly.

Lawrence Pavia

The restaurant on Madison's east side had outstanding staff and service. Precautions were made to distance patrons. Why only four stars? Because the food was sub-par. I ordered pork chops - there were two, one was borderline spoiled, the other completely so. I had to send them back, which our server graciously did, and substituted chicken strips for me instead. The baked potato was fine, and the side salad had fresh croutons and onions, but rusty lettuce. Overall, Perkins is a great restaurant chain, but occasionally food is lacking in quality.

Uriyah Barry sr

You're allowed to sit in the eat but because of covid they make your like you taking it home I forgot my spoons forks my hot sauce ketchup mustard salt pepper hot sauce

Tayler Packard

I always get the same thing here. Brioche French toast with a side of sausage. It's great every time. The service is iffy, some servers are better than others but it's always relaxed

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Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

4863 Hayes Rd, Madison, WI 53704
(608) 241-9123