Pizza Brutta

1805 Monroe St, Madison
(608) 257-2120

Recent Reviews

Khiang S.

During these uncertain times, I'm glad pizza Brutta is still open for business. I don't dine in but will order to go from them. Super fast in fulfilling my order, less than 20 mins. Still as good as before. Staff there takes all precautions to keep you and themselves safe. The only high touch point there is that door. So practice good hygiene if you have to touch the door. Otherwise completely safe and delicious.

Maya E.

Their food is delicious and tasty. A true restaurant that serves some of the best pizza that Madison has to offer.

Jen Stevenson

Best pizza in Madison and perhaps the USA, it is as close to Neopliltan pizza as I've enjoyed. The Rosso Verde is topped with fresh arugula which means there is no guilt in eating the entire pie in one sitting.

Elizabeth Booth

My favorite brick oven pizza in Madison. The Greco pizza is to die for. Also, the location is perfect! It’s nestled between cute little shops, yoga studios, and Trader Joe’s. I love stopping by and taking a pizza home after doing a bit of grocery shopping!

Noa Seward

A great choice for a quick bite to eat on Monroe St!

Grace F.

Ugh so good. The pizza is so fresh and the tomato sauce is amazing. So clean and fresh. Amazing would definitely recommend

Jeffrey V.

I forgot what pizza I got, but I remember marinara, cheese, and sausage. Of course it's just the typical pizza toppings, but I forgot the name of the pizza. I went around 5-6 pm. The pizza I got, I don't think it was burnt but the oven was dirty or something, the bottom of my pizza was very black, just the bottom. So while I was eating my pizza, my fingers were just slowly turning black. And over time the crust started absorbing the oils of the toppings, so the crust got flimsy and very difficult to hold up. The flavor was okay. If it wasn't for the bitterness of the black bottom, it probably would've tasted better.

Paula B.

Very good pizza, sandwiches and bred!! Salads are very good too. The customer service is great, everything is excellent about Pizza Bruta.

Laine K.

I love love love pizza brutta pizzas!! Of course I always order the same thing, white pizza with red onions and arugula! But I've tasted plenty of other people's choices and can confidently attest to the fact that I would be happy eating any of their pizzas! Whenever my family suggests getting pizza, pizza Brutta is one of our top choices.

Frankie F.

Like many reviewers right now, this is about their take-out/delivery -- I haven't actually been to their location. That being said, I have eaten from there about once a week March-May. I can't believe I didn't know about Pizza Brutta before this year -- this food is delicious. We love their pizza because it's not a grease-fest, it's light and the crust base is excellent. I buy the bread loaves and they are wonderful -- I make toast, grilled cheese, it freezes well. My favorite thing is the beet salad and I have ordered 2-3 per week to have for lunches and dinners. The food is great, they have good service and I feel good about eating their food regularly. I've definitely become a fan of PB.


The pizza is wildly fresh and the dough is chewy and flavorful. The carbonara is my go-to pizza!

James Parks

It takes effort and learning to create great pizza - the whole package from the crust to the bake. Pizza Brutta has achieved great pizza :)


The pizza is wildly fresh and the dough is chewy and flavorful. The carbonara is my go-to pizza!

Kelly C.

Caprino in the picture! (Olive oil,pepper flakes, prosciutto, mushrooms, goat cheese, and arugula) I've been thinking about pizza brutta all of quarantine..... -My friend loves the Rossoverde! We liked to get 2 pizzas and share them. Took my card over the phone and had the pizzas waiting for me on a table in the restaurant 15 mins later (completely touchless system) or could do curb side pick up SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL RESTAURANTS

Ben Luginbill

Some of the best pizza in Madison. Talked with the owner and gave great advice plus information on their business. Local vibe made it so much better!

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