Pizza Brutta

1805 Monroe St, Madison
(608) 257-2120

Recent Reviews

Frankie F.

Like many reviewers right now, this is about their take-out/delivery -- I haven't actually been to their location. That being said, I have eaten from there about once a week March-May. I can't believe I didn't know about Pizza Brutta before this year -- this food is delicious. We love their pizza because it's not a grease-fest, it's light and the crust base is excellent. I buy the bread loaves and they are wonderful -- I make toast, grilled cheese, it freezes well. My favorite thing is the beet salad and I have ordered 2-3 per week to have for lunches and dinners. The food is great, they have good service and I feel good about eating their food regularly. I've definitely become a fan of PB.


The pizza is wildly fresh and the dough is chewy and flavorful. The carbonara is my go-to pizza!

Kelly C.

Caprino in the picture! (Olive oil,pepper flakes, prosciutto, mushrooms, goat cheese, and arugula) I've been thinking about pizza brutta all of quarantine..... -My friend loves the Rossoverde! We liked to get 2 pizzas and share them. Took my card over the phone and had the pizzas waiting for me on a table in the restaurant 15 mins later (completely touchless system) or could do curb side pick up SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL RESTAURANTS

Ben Luginbill

Some of the best pizza in Madison. Talked with the owner and gave great advice plus information on their business. Local vibe made it so much better!


Great wood fired pizza here. Friendly service and a very easy going experience.

Lizzy T.

I downloaded yelp JUST to review Pizza Brutta. We ordered takeout-- amazing employees and INCREDIBLE pizza! You will not be disappointed. So delicious.

Stasha M.

Doesn't look like a pizza place from the outside. Can't tell you the amount of times I've driven past this place and never knew it was there. I am SO glad I tried it finally. So yummy! Smaller pizzas which was great for me eating it by myself. One of the more authentic margarita pizzas I've had. Sauce is delicious!!! I can't wait to try it again!

Jennifer J.

Pizza is blah. The owner actually came to my business when we first opened. Offered my staff a free pizza day! I thought what a great way to promote your business and welcome us to the neighborhood! He never came back. The pizza is nothing to write home about and the owner seems to have zero integrity. Won't ever eat there again!

Angela S.

We've been wanting to try this place this we walked by last October during their Monroe Street trick or treat event. We finally made it in and are sorry it hasn't been sooner. My brothers own a pizza business similar to this and it's the closest thing to it! The thin but crispy-chewy crust, the crushed tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cubes and fine Italian meats!!! We'll be back soon and often!!!

Your Gold Buyer

Great fire roasted pizza. Just say YES! Worth the difficulty with lack of parking!

Byron Sanderson

I have been going here for years, the pizza is always top tier, best pizza around

Serena M.

Had to pizzas there the staff was extremely friendly. It's a bit overpriced but I understand by having the fresh made pizza. The pizza was delicious and the crust was amazing

Kate Campbell

Best Pizza in Madison! Every visit is so yummy

Ericka B.

From first date the first Valentine's Day married, my husband and I are big fans. Always quick and friendly service.

Pankaj Kabra

best pizza in Madison! Quattro Formaggi is a must have to enlighten your taste buds.?

John Nehmer

My favorite

Christopher Sanders

Went with a couple other people food was great friendly service would absolutely recommend.


I was amazed at the texture and taste of the Gluten Free crust on my margarita pizza that I added eggplant to. The light tomato sauce was perfect and the cheese and basil very fresh!

Sue Arganek

Best pizza I've had in forever. Custom made, fast service. There's nothing like a brick oven pizza.

Diane Backlund

Great little pizza place! The service was super quick and the pizza was delicious!

Steven Schappe

Tasty, the sausage, mushrooms, black olives pizza was extremely good. 1st time trying Pizza Brutta. Simply delicious, not your everyday pizza

Cleda W.

Ok. I feel like I need to confess. I'm disappointed in myself for not knowing about the best pizza in town for as long as I lived here. Two friends told me (thanks Jolene & Sherry) about this place and I've always driven by but didn't give it the time I wish I had sooner. Beer on draft. Brick oven pizza. Neapolitan style. Fresh. Fast. Delicious. They even have specials. I plan on getting a different pizza each time. Their salads look filling. Their pizza crust is just right. Perfectly cooked and the crust a bit chewy. So good. Do it family style. Get a couple of different pizzas with your family and friends. Try it out. Parking is definitely not ideal but there's always parking a block over. Totally worth it. Don't think about it, just go. You won't regret it.

Jessica W.

Great crust and I love the fresh mozzarella, but the pizza tends to be soggy in the middle. I recommend asking them to cook your pizza 'well-done' if you don't want that soggy bit in the middle.

Joel Weirauch

This place makes the best wood fired pizza that I've had anywhere in the country. Always delicious

Vivian Y.

Possibly the best wood-fired pizza in Madison! This small restaurant is rather easy to miss at first, but we're glad we stopped for a try! Being vegetarians there was more than a couple of choices for my husband and I to choose from. We got a Quattro Formaggi, Pesto pizza, and a Greek salad for tonight and wolfed it down in minutes. The cheeses on the Quattro Formaggi is to die for; savory melted cheese complementing a tangy tomato sauce - a combination where neither overpowers the other. The pesto pizza was wonderful as well, a little overwhelming towards the last few slices but we were able to balance it off with a refreshing salad on the side. The pizzas were light, crispy and not as greasy as your traditional pizzas. A classic Neapolitan. Definitely makes pizza dining a 'healthy' experience!

Eric J Gauthier

great customer service and quick delivery of food to our table. the artichoke dip and sausage and bacon pizza were delicious. thank you for a wonderful experience!

Stephen W.

I'm lucky enough to live across the street from Brutta and it is our favorite neighborhood joint. My typical meal is a salad and flatbread. They do terrific salads. And I'm not typically a salad eater. Also great pizza of course. Always a favorite with visiting Italians too.


Good old fashioned wood fired pizza. Excellent topping choices! Very flavorful. Nice, quick place to grab a bite.

Tom McClusky

Great food. I've had pizza and this time, the BLT. Delicious.

Susan Hoyerman Berg

Good pizza.. Good service

Elizabeth Weber

It had good flavor but stingy on cheese and basil. Didn't really care for how the toppings were just a few clusters on the top of the pizza so it left a lot of the parts of the pizza bear with no toppings or even cheese. So I thought the price was expensive for eating mostly a bare pizza.

Michaela Warnecke

Probably the best pizza in town - this is coming from a native, south Italian-born and raised individual. If you want to try pizza close to Italian style, especially Napoli style, go here. Crunchy base and crust, not soggy, great tasting local ingredients. Highly recommend.

Scott Fitzgerald

Always fantastic. The fact that the wood fired oven baked crusts are used as the base for pizza, sandwiches, and appetizers is unique & superb. Their dough & crusts are the closest to those I found in Napoli. Try Pizza Brutta - do not delay. You will not be disappointed.


Great atmosphere. The pizza is spicy but the sauce isn't that sweet new Italian it's more like the classic spice without the harsh kick. Good food highly recommended.

Ron Baran

Very good brick oven pizza. Salads are excellent as well. Great place for lunch or light dinner. Would go again if I weren't leaving town.

Mary Norton

Pizza was fresh and crust soft and chewy with fresh mozzarella. No atmosphere to speak of and all the various ingredients you need to add to your pizza ends up being pricey for a pizza designed for 1 hungry person. Also I really wish they had green pepper, reg black olives and pineapple.

Peter Meyers

Great pizza, very tasty and affordable. Very fun atmosphere. Will definitely return here next time we are in town.

David London

Brilliant ... as always. You'll have to go to Naples to find a better pizza.

David Robles

Delicious personalized pizza quickly prepared in wood fired oven - reasonably priced. A short walk from Camp Randal. Can be ordered online so ready when you arrive.

Aaron Simpson

Family friendly. Great neapolitan style pizza.