QDOBA Mexican Eats

4718 E Towne Blvd, Madison
(608) 819-8910

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Kayleb Rutter

The person on the end of the line when you first walk in, was very rude to my fiancé. We sometimes have a hard time deciding on what we want and he kept saying “today would be best, I have people waiting” and I found that very rude I want a better experience the next time I go there.

Brent Hoffmann

Always a solid choice for a quick and tasty bite to eat. Super clean restaurant with friendly staff. Yum!


We ordered the nachos and quesadillas for delivery via Doordash and everything was great! Food is super tasty at a good price!

Ashley Lee

Will not be using this restaurant for takeout in the future. Delivery order was wrong, which happens, but when we contacted the restaurant the manager was really rude about it. He said it’s our fault (it wasn’t) and to “quit talking and let him finish.” If you can’t omit an ingredient than it shouldn’t be offered as an option when ordering. Too bad, because I do like their food, but should your order be wrong don’t plan on anyone fixing it.

Paul Girdler

Bought a burritos. The burritos were disappointing. It seemed like they were made to maximize the cheaper ingredients, like rice, and we're stingier on the meat, and guac etc.

Michael LaReau

The taco bowls are whats up. The cilantro rice with all the fixings made me a believer.

Nathan Belden

The wife and I love this place. The people here are always friendly, the food is very consistent, and it's clean. If you're looking for consistent fast casual level Tex-mex style burritos, tacos etc, this place will do in a pinch. I highly recommend the brisket for tacos, and chicken for burritos.

Sravanthi Rao

This is my everyday lunch run... fresh crunchy veggies n chicken

Rhonda Kisting

Great Food. Made Fresh. I ordered Take out but they forgot silverware and napkins. Overall Great experience.

Fs B.

This place is TERRIBLE. The people act like you're nothing to them and their inside is so dirty. My burritos that I ordered were terrible. I got a ton of toppings and they put like nothing on it. The burrito was easily 80% rice, maybe 10% chicken and like 10% toppings. I paid extra for these things and they put nothing on it. I'm going to stick with chipotle from now on.

miss trish

I absolutely love the food and the all the salsas however it is very expensive compared to going to a Mexican restaurant. Also I always forget to bring in my rewards card and the cashier will say no problem I will print a code on your receipt but it is never actually on the receipt. The last 3 times I have caught it I went back to the register and I was told the system must be down and they couldn't do anything about it. VERY irritating since I eat here so often.

James Twieg

Tasty food, good quality. Could be more consistently friendly in taking orders and building burritos

Joshua Appel

I’ve definitely been to better Qdoba locations. The service is fast yes, but not friendly. Ordered a steak burrito and the gal filled it with a double scoop of rice and only half a scoop of steak. Additionally, the hot sauce was not spread around the burrito, but only on the veggie side, resulting in a half bland entree.

Gary Veney

I celebrated my nomination today in this excellent restaurant. Well it was a incredible evening and the venue was clearly one of the reasons for the successful celebration. The team helped in a pleasant manner, the cooking was tasty and my guests were so overjoyed. We shall definitely return for more events. Thank you very much.

Jeremiah DuBray

Very friendly punctual efficient delicious

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