Saigon Noodles Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

6754 Odana Rd, Madison
(608) 827-9120

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Saran Ouk

Good place for pho. Their bbq Korean beef is my favorite.

Hope Marie

My parents brought me here when I just started eating solid food. I have been going to this restaurant my entire life. The pho is amazing and the best I’ve ever had, anywhere. I come here on a weekly, if not monthly basis and it tastes the exact same every time. They treat me like family and I love them like family. The best food in Wisconsin.

Corinna Zennig

Noodle soup is decent but the service is consistently non-existent. You have to beg to order and they rather clean the chairs than pay attention to the customers. I only come here if invited by others at this point in time.Food: 4/5

Tou Top Thor

Allergic to shrimp. Asked numerous times for no shrimp in fried rice and she even repeated no shrimp. Many shrimp was in the fried rice.

kamal eldissi

I am new to Madison and have been looking for a good Pho place. First couple visits here were good then it went down hill. I took my family to get food one nite and ordered the stir fry. As I swirled my fork I found literally a clump of hair inside. Totally grossed out. So they offers another dish which I took up. Believe me and I don’t post here ever but I felt like I had to. The second dish also had the same hair in it. I kindly paid for my food and left. A week later my wife said let give them another shot just because she really did like the flavor of the food. And hey hair In food is a common thing right…?Although hesitant I went against my gut feeling. So I order take out this time…bad idea. I took the food home and opened it up….the ribs which she had said were one of the most popular were dry and so small it would maybe amount to one long short rib cut into 8 small pieces. Then I opened the beef stir. The food looked like it was missing something and it was…sauce and seasoning. It was just noodles and some veggies. It was bland and tasted horrible. I decided to call her and tell her about the food. Her response was I was wrong because apparently she was standing behind him as he cook my dish out of all the dishes there being done. Also she said that is how it is always done and I was lying. ?. She just refused to take accountability. She didn’t even offer to do anything to make things better. I can say since I been coming here things have taken a turn for the worst. Kinda sucks because I really used to like coming here. Here is a pic so you all can see how dry and how it really has so seasoning or daisy like it should have. They are so rude I couldn’t even get some extra plum sauce without being hassled jeez. They definitely don’t care about their customers and all look so mean there. I mean I urge you to go and see for yourself. Oh and be careful about the price’s because the prices listed and the prices charged are different and when I asked about why my boba was 6 something and the price on the menu was 5 something and she replied those are old prices…lol don’t you think it would be good to change the prices to reflect the current prices or do you want to intentionally mislead your customers ? Shady AF. Good luck folks.

Janeth Sanchez

Used to Bring my whole family and friends here all the time , every time I take my whole family we spend over $200 . I’ve had a couple bad experiences with them but , today I had enough. They take for ever to bring the food, staff is rude, some of them don’t speak English which makes it very hard to order. They refuse no Ice in drinks, Today i placed and order of drinks to go and they refused to make my order until I arrived. Which defeats the purpose of ordering ahead . Will not be going back , will no longer recommend this place I will share my bad experiences with people every chance I get. If you’re a person that wants to get your food how YOU order it because YOU are paying , this in Not the place for you, they serve you under their conditions.

Yun Zhou

I am so glad to know that finally we have nice Boba milk tea in town and ordered through phone, however the price on my bill is one dollars higher than menu and without any notice but found by myself.Can anyone explain for this? The price on menu for large size milk tea is 6.35$, but I was charged 7.35$, with no notice at all, I found the after I got home.


Very good food and awesome boba, would definitely go again if we're in the area! :)Parking: Parking is right in front of the restaurant, pretty easy to find and definitely enough space considering the size of the place.

Paul F.

Possibly the best pho broth I've had yet. Upscale decor, good service.

Cristin N.

Visit this place a few times a year, and have for years. I was surprised how many yelpers are complaining about the portion sizes and service declining. This was not my recent return experience. The dish that has come to be my fave (vermicelli bowl with egg roll) is consistently good. Service is fast, not chatty but you're here for the food. Take your check up to the counter to pay instead of complaining they're not paying attention. They have sauces and condiments at each table if you want to customize the flavor. Eating in the restaurant where the food is plated and eaten immediately with silverware or reusable chopsticks is superior to takeout where your food sat for who knows how long then you eat it out of plastic and say it could have been better.

Zander H.

Pho too small! The size of the pho bowl regular is smaller than my hand. I have small hands! Paid over $11 for a super small size bowl. Also this place just taste like any Chinese buffet. We order boba tea and didn't even get it. I watch 4 tables get theirs before we got out. Never coming back to this place

Jimmy Jean

Kept the same taste.Been coming there each time I travel to Madison for the past 10 years.Will definitely come again.

Ari M.

This my favorite restaurant for Pho. We have been coming here for YEARS! It was to the point that we would come always every week . However we did start to slow down when COVID started. This still continues to be my favorite Pho restaurant. I love their Saigon Deluxe and the Shrimp and Egg roll Vermicelli . Also don't forget the Coffee with Condensed Milk. Although the service and staff are very nice and quick most days, there are times when it does get a little slow. But overall for a calm dinner or date this is a hit!

Alex S.

Super delicious food and a good atmosphere. I had spring rolls and pho, and a boba tea to go. The staff were friendly and everything came out just right.

Polly Prochaska

Had a ladies lunch at the Saigon today for my sister's birthday, the waitstaff was very friendly and the food was out of this world crazy good. Loved it , this is now my new favorite place for Vietnamese food.I suggest you try it if you have n ot yet done so, you will enjoy it. YUMMY, HEALTHY & FILLING. 5 STARS FRIM ME!!

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Saigon Noodles Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

6754 Odana Rd, Madison, WI 53719
(608) 827-9120