Schwoegler Park Towne Lanes

444 Grand Canyon Dr, Madison
(608) 833-7272

Recent Reviews

Wisco Simple

very nice bowling alley. full bar and pretty good food. staff is very attentive and keep the place nice and clean. also they have a few nice pinball machines. definitely worth a visit

Jesse Gray Jr.

It all started at the counter. The older guy at the counter gave the worst customer service I have ever experienced. He had a very bad disposition. Manager was very proactive and providing feedback.

Dersh Dershment

First off I love the way staff treats people as if they are family also food arrives to you so fast and very on time(punctual) what do they cook it on a plasma burner or something foods never cold on arrival and always tastes amazing I'd be honored to say this place is like home for most of my bowling will keep coming back for certain

Heui Sung Yang

Although the facility and the atmosphere is good, the manager was unkind and not respectful to his customers when asked about using the online coupon from their own website. This place deserves a better manager.

Gary Tuggers

Dance floor jumping friendly people

Kyle Liegel

It is a lot of fun and their food is very excellent too and their staff is very nice and cool to hang out with when I their if I buy a pull tab but I have not won a big amount yet like one of my friends has been very lucky at too!

Lisa Whittington

Very friendly staff. They noticed my daughter was struggling keeping the ball on the lane so they put the bumpers up for her. Definitely a great family place to hang out

Lynn Egeland

They have a great lunch menu

Taylor Fossedal

Great staff and great food and drink options. An all around fun place to bowl!

Matthew C.

A bowling alley isn't supposed to have wings this good. Volleyball bartenders kick ass. Nets are a bit too high though ‍

Jair Alvarez

A bowling alley meets the wild wild west

Karl Davis

Very nice, classy and well maintained.

Becky Brown Paws Rescue Brown

Like remodels, looks more modern. Food was decent. Only complaint was temperature on the lanes. Yesterday was a cool day outside so was surprised how warm it got while bowling. They turned fans on but they barely spun. I think they could be 5 out of 5 if they can figure out how to keep bowling alley cool.

Brian Dunkel

I had a pretty decent Bloody Mary and every food item I have ordered has been fantastic but the entire place is sooooo dark. Turn up the lights a hair unless the aesthetic you're going for is smoky nuclear fallout shelter.

Noah Eng

Love eating and bowling at Schwoeglers. Somehow they make bar food better than most others!

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