TGI Fridays

2502 E Springs Dr, Madison
(608) 249-4544

Recent Reviews

Rhonda Kisting

Great Waiter. Attentive Manager. Great tasting Hot Food.

Joe De Vries

Great food and great service. Music was obscene and should be changed to something more low key. Very good experience though.

Isheena Murphy

Our visit was successful the service and social distancing practices be were great.

Savannah Rule

I love this place. They have good food and the staff members are very friendly!

Andrea Mogensen

Great food. Great service. Outstanding plant based Beyond Burger. Avocado was PERFECT in it's ripeness. Terrible music selection. Club music at high volume at lunch time. Cringe.

Bruce Lange

Great food awesome service

Thomas Corbett

Be nice if they would call you and tell you your to go order is going to be missing sides instead of getting there and it just not being in there


It was settled quite nice considering with what's going on I & my domestic other had an enjoyable time.

Destiny Droste

Missing part of our order and when I called they just offered a free appetizer instead of giving me the food I had ordered. The food that we did get wasn’t very good. The chicken in my pasta was dry and hard. My boyfriends burger was missing ingredients.

Kimberley Pauley

Stopped in for my first visit ever on Valentine's day 2020. They seated us quickly, there was no significant wait at all. The young man serving us was so very friendly and extremely attentive. I loved my experience! I will definitely be coming back!

Ryan Pregler

As we entered the restaurant we were informed there would be a 10 minute wait... 35 minutes later the seater told us they had made a mistake and that they would seat us right away. Meanwhile there was more tables that were empty than were full. Lots of people were getting disgusted and leaving, I would have to if I didn't have a gift card I was looking to use. We finally got seated and I asked the waiter if I could get a drink for the wait. She did get us a pop. I informed here that we had a show to go to and we were low on time. By the time our entrees came out we had to eat our food very fast. I told the waiter to just box up the dessert as we were going to be late to our show otherwise.

Jessica Kilman

Horrible service!!! they literally were chasing each other around the restaurant like 5 yr olds. the music was horrible. had to pay cash because itntook over 20 mins to get any service. will never come back.

Melissa Sue Raddatz

we had a reservation for 9 and it took us 2.5 hours to be done. drinks took 20min or longer to receive, food was cold, people had to wait at the door for 5+min before someone even spoke to them, I had to ask to speak to the manager 2x, and when the manager came out he didn't care and got an attitude with me. other tables even left before there apparently came out because it took so long. I will br calling Corporate and will not be returning.

Andrew Goomey

GM and hostess were good, but the server didn't even try. She showed up 10 min after we sat down and only saw us to take our order and to give us our bill. The food that we received wasn't correct and we received no silverware. We had to flag down the GM to fix it. Overall disappointing since I have enjoyed the food at several other locations without issue.

Jared sperry

We went there a few days after Valentine's Day to celebrate and were very disappointed overall. They were supposed to open at 11:00am and when we arrived at 11:45am the doors were locked. After knocking they finally let us in and then locked the doors behind us again. They said they were doing "repairs". There were numerous people who tried to enter the building after us and sometimes they opened the doors for them and sometimes they didn't. We actually saw a few people leave. We are members and were not offered the free chips and salsa. Finally when we requested it they agreed to go get some for us. As time passed and we still didnt have it so we asked where it was and they admitted they forgot about it. When our meals came my steak was not prepared how I ordered it and my girlfriends quesadilla was visibly burned. She is not the type of person to complain or waste food but she physically could not eat it. When my girlfriend opened her silverware the knife still had food stuck on it from the previous person. Our bill arrived before we were asked for desserts. When we voiced that we wanted desserts the server took the bill away and took our dessert order. I asked for the brownie with no nuts and my girlfriend asked for her cake in a to go box. When the desserts arrived the brownie had nuts on it and my girlfriends was not plated to go. We also had issues using gift cards and the whole checkout process. Our bill was almost $75 and it did not feel worth the experience. We were not able to leave a tip for our server using the gift cards or even our debit card. Luckily we had some cash on us otherwise we would not have been able to tip. Overall we were very disappointed from start to finish. They were not busy at all so we can't even blame it on that. This used to be our favorite place to eat but I'm not sure we will be returning again.

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