The Prairie Cafe

4402 E Washington Ave, Madison
(608) 244-4703

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King Orochi

Rude waitress

John F.

I believe this is primarily set up for hotel guest, but It might be a good place to try if you would like a breakfast buffet instead of fast food. Not a huge dining area, but I have eaten here twice and it has never been busy. Pretty much walk in, sit down and eat! Easily as quick as ordering at McDonalds but way better! All you can eat buffet was well stocked with most of your basic wants or needs. Fresh fruits, cereal, yogurt, donuts, toast and bengals, 2 meats, 2 types of eggs, french toast and potatoes.

Kathy M

The breakfast buffet has the typical options. Food tasted fine just nothing special. Enjoyed the fruit the most. I think it is over priced for what you get.

Troy H.

The staff is always helpful and the breakfast buffet is not too bad. Nothing particular stands out here, but the food is good as you would expect from the fresh buffet. You can order from the menu, but we preferred the buffet of eggs, pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon, fresh fruit, juice, and other items.

Pat M

I've stayed at the crown plaza a few times but this is the first time I tried the breakfast buffet at the prairie cafe. The food here is reasonable with the basics you'd expect to find on a buffet. Pancakes, scrambled eggs with and without cheese, sausage, bacon, French toast, waffles, fruit and yogurt. I tired a little bit of everything, I'd recommend the cheese scrambled eggs and sausage. I did note that this area on the hotel was uncomfortably hot and humid and I found myself sweating sitting at the table.

Christine T

Dining alone on business. Took a long time to get a drink. Longer to get food (about 30 min) When I did there were no utensils. Not relevant, but... My meal has been eaten and I have not seen my salad after the order and two follow up requests. The chefs special was clearly a food purveyors monthly special and 'nuked'. Salad finally came and had to remind the server to leave me a fork. Also, I have not been asked to refresh the beverage in over an hour. When I was finally asked I said water. Epic sales failure. I really wanted the microbrew beer . The hotel is very nice. But that's another review. - Check please.


This bar is on the ground floor of the hotel I just stayed at. Every time I went to this bar for a cold one, I was greeted by friendly personnel and quick service. They have a happy hour from 5-7 pm every weekday, and that's a great draw if you've just arrived. I had 3 premium beers and the bill was less than $10. And the waitress was kind enough to bring out some trail mix as well.Good place to relax. Every time i passed by this area, the customers were having fun and there were some really scrumptious aromas coming from the food they were serving.Whet yer whistle here, especially right at quittin time!

Shirley G

... because of the people mostly. My husband and I really like the bar. We're not big drinkers and don't appreciate many bars, we're not big on drunks either. At this bar you'll find people who are hard working, away from home and just want a little conversation, a little dinner and drink or two. Phil and Lacey are a great team. I've not been there when the two of them were not there working together but I'm sure it's just as nice. Phil's been a bartender for a long time and is an expert and Lacey (sorry I spelled the name wrong) is a doll, effective, friendly and efficient. Phil makes sure there's a nifty new beer on tap and makes a killer Old Fashion.

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