Taco Bell

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Naomi K.

Went through the drive thru anf waited over 20 minutes for our food. Didnt have any chips. Guy at window complained while we waited cause he had to work open to close. Called his boss very inappropriate names. Got our food daughter checked it and order was for KFC not taco bell. Went into store and was told I took the wrong order. How can I take a wrong order at drive thru. Checked order back at the car missing cinnamon twists and nacho fries. Went back in anf waited to be helped. Guy at counter shook his head and walked away. Waited 27 minutes to get the two items. Called and talked to manager today and was told without a receipt she couldnt help me. I told her I wasnt given a receipt. The time I was talking to her she was talking to somebody else. So I kniw she wasnt paying attention. I asked if she coukd call up my receipt and she kept telling me without a receipt she couldnt help me.

Dan Koehler

Nice place for a quick lunch or dinner prices are fair as compared with other fast food in the area

Tyler Mitchell

The one manager Becca cruz is rude disrespectful child in a adult body...shes mean to customers and other staff members in my opinion and the old GM opinion she should not be in management she is not mature enough and can't handle the stress like a normal manger should be able to.. She should be demoted or fired

Jody Barden

Horrable!!! Not what we asked for, we asked for supreme.

Emilio Rutllant

Cashier was very rude. Guy that served me my food was nice. Will not be coming back to this one.

Kathleen Robertson

The very pleasant experience quite possible to do but it was nice

Terrence Lawrence

Went through drive thru to get some BBQ Sauce. I asked for a bag and they denied to give me sauce. I went to McDonalds and they gave me some. Absolutely ridiculous

Jonathan Dopkins

Cashier shouldn't try to upsell menu products unless the customer requests such additions and listen attentively when one is ordering. Lobby floor appeared to not have been swept in days and even the tables deemed fingerprints.


Love their tacos and the taco salad. Nice place to eat.

Hydra_ Playz

Angelo is the best cleaner and friedly make him a manager

Cynthia J

Your feet stick to the floor when you get there. It takes over 30 minutes to get an order of chicken because nothing is cooked. Half the time they are out of chicken. When they make the tacos they don't even put the right ingredients in them! I got rice in my bean burritos! BBQ sauce another time! Wrong food orders is a specialty there.

adam stouffer

I had this long drawn out justification for the one star but the short version is this place is just horrible and lacks any sense of customer service. LAZY LAZY staff and it starts at the top. I’ve given this place my business for four long years and they’ve failed every time. If they have zero concern for the customer screw em. Horrible cleanliness. Like.... borderline health violations. Horrible customer service. Slow and full of excuses. Sloppy uniforms, poor attitudes. This would all be ok if they acknowledged how crappy they were with a “sorry for the delay”, but no. It’s a small town without many options and they are content with putting out a horrible product on a consistent basis. I love Taco Bell, but this place is the WORST. I’m done giving them my money.

Echo T.

Every time it never fails my food is messed up & the customer service sucks. I'd rather drive across town and pay double then go back after today


Please don’t visit this place. It’s very dirty, and poor food. You would think because they aren’t busy that the food would be quick and the lobby would be clean, but you’re wrong! It’s just a bunch of high schools kids and recent graduates who don’t care, and wear messy uniforms. Orders are always wrong. If you are looking for a good Mexican meal, keep driving down the road.

John M.

I stop here twice a month and all I can say is extremely friendly and extremely quick! Everybody truly enjoys their jobs every time I stop here. You're looking for a Taco Bell with super fast and super friendly service this is the place to go!

Kurt R

Had a good meal here tonight. It was within walking distance of out Motel. Staff was friendly and the service was prompt. It needs to be a little cleaner but was not to bad for a fast food place.

Blake Anderson

Service always seems to be slow here. A couple of times they have been out of things

Jesse Heninger

Overall underwhelming experience. Late night service is sloppy at best. If you order more than 3 things check your order to make sure that it is right. Google says their open until 11. This is only on weekends, not week days. Majority of the food I have ever ordered was either not what I ordered or was prepared very sloppily. I can only remember getting exactly what I ordered and it being prepared nicely once. I complain but still go because its the only cheap Mexican food place around. Recommendation. Spend the money, drive the distance, find someplace better.

Zach Smith

I was craving a cheesy core burrito, so I popped in to my local Taco Bell. The food was ready in a flash, yet still fresh. The employees were all super cool and friendly (they always are). Best Taco Bell around.


Food took a long time to receive at the table and half of the chicken was cold. Part of the meal seemed to taste good but the chicken we ordered seemed to have sat for a long time before our order.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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