A & J Polish Deli

1215 W Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee
(414) 643-7733

Recent Reviews

Peter Jelen

Very nice service and actual polish food. Recommend.

Josef Homolka

Always fresh Friendly people

Vaughn J

Been going here for many, many years. Excellent food and a cozy atmosphere!

Deborah Tatarowicz

Love the quaint deli, attention to detail, and variety of Polish delicacies.

Steve W.

I experienced friendly and fast service on a very busy day. I purchased sausage and everyone at the party preferred A&J over others.

Jon Carbon

The smoked meats alone are worth the trip! Polish candies and drinks are always a hit for parties

Andrzej Gasik

Best small Polish food store in Wisconsin.

bill bodus

Best Polish sausage variety in MLK!

Anthony Buchino

Good little Polish store, variety of sausages.

Adrián Peña Hueso

Went there to buy kołaczki, but some many more delicious Polish goodies, there are cookies imported from Poland that taste heavenly. You can also find magazines in Polish and several other items, not just deli meats. A place to go.

Adrián Peña Hueso

Went there to buy kołaczki, but some many more delicious Polish goodies, there are cookies imported from Poland that taste heavenly. You can also find magazines in Polish and several other items, not just deli meats. A place to go.

Pappa Mack

It's very clean and very nice

Teri Small

Great food for great prices

Shawn Augustynowicz

Amazing service outstanding meats , cheese , and other assorted goodies if you have never been shame on you go now you'll love it

Jim L

Authentic Polish deli. Great service.


This is a very hidden gem on Lincoln Avenue in South Milwaukee. They have a great selection of polish meats, pickles, other canned goods, sweets, and vodka! Staff speaks English even though you are likely to overhear conversations in Polish which just adds to the charm.

Jim Marchu

Drive one hour to go there once a year to load up on kielbasa and Polish saurkraut. Great products and friendly service. Shops like this are a rarity enjoy them before modern practice's gobble them up.

Renee Slezewski

Awesome authentic Polish Deli. A treat!

Denise Canterbury

Excellent fresh polish sausage.

Terry Zajda

Oh the delicious hams and sausages!! The Gypsy and Black Forest hams are our favorites! The skinny stick sausages are the best! Takes me back to my childhood!

James Slarzynski

Very crowded for Easter. Alot of foods were sold out early in the day. No parking outside was also a hastle too. Not like the big city of Chicago at all. Updated. They buy Chicago foods and resell them here. There is zero originality as a result.

Stefanie Klopp

No homemade pierogies? Booo

Kathi Hilliard

Outstanding! Worth the trip from Kansas!

Barbara Rajzer

Great fresh cuts selection. A wide assortment of sweets and pastries. A very friendly personnel and awesome prices when compared to any other deli places in town. Highly recommended.

Bridget H

If you want authentic Polish food, this is the place to go. Free street parking. However, don't expect to carry on a robust conversation in English with the lady who works there, her level of English comprehension is very basic. I bought kielbasa, Polish smoked sausages, pierogies, and Polish sauerkraut there. The kielbasa and the pierogies were excellent. Haven't eaten the other stuff yet.

Stephanie N

Good bread, good butter, good cheeze, special water😉

Steve kiel

Great place for Polish meat and sausage. Enjoy speaking Polish to the owners. Big variety of Polish items.

Erika Heichler

Love this place! It's not a huge store, but nice selection or product and meats.


A & J Polish Deli is awesome. This is a Traditional Polish Deli with many different kinds of Polish Sausages & Polish Foods, including Polish Soda that is imported from Poland according to the bottles. The owners are really nice people from Poland. Adam & Jagwiga are awesome people. I Love listening to them talk with their Polish Accents. It reminds me of listening to my Busia & Dziadzia (Grandma & Grandpa in Polish). I absolutely Love shopping at A & J Polish Deli. There are not too many Polish Places that are left in Milwaukee. European Homemade Sausage Shop on Muskego Avenue was a Polish Sausage Shop that Sadly closed up about 2 Years Ago now. They had the best Fresh Homemade Polish Sausage next to my Family's. Frank who was the owner of European Homemade Sausage Shop really knew his stuff when it came to making sausage. I now shop at A & J Polish Deli since European Homemade Sausage Shop closed. The Southside of Milwaukee used to be predominantly Polish, German, & Irish. There are only a handful of Polish Places & History that is left in Milwaukee County. The Basilica Of Saint Josaphat which is also known as St. Josaphat's Polish Roman Catholic Church which my Great Great Grandparents helped build in 1897 is still here. It is just down the block on 6th & Lincoln from A & J Polish Deli. St. Stanislaus Catholic Church which is a Polish Catholic Church is on 5th & Mitchell. There is one Polish restaurant that is left in Milwaukee County besides Polish Fest which is 'America's Largest Polish Festival' & The Polish Center Of Wisconsin In Franklin. I am Happy that I found A & J Polish Deli. They sell all kinds of Polish stuff there including Polish Tyskie Beer. They sell all kinds of Polish Food. Some are imported from Poland. Some are imported from Polish Stores or Deli's in Chicago. Some is listed on the signs as Homemade which is awesome. Go shopping at A & J Polish Deli. I Promise that you won't be disappointed. You will Love this place - Joseph Alexander Suchorski Ordained Minister & 5th Generation American Natrual Born Citizen & American National with Polish, Jewish, German, & Russian Ancestry 🕆 ✡ 🇺🇸 🇵🇱 🇮🇱 🇩🇪 🇷🇺


Located less than a mile west of I-43 on Lincoln Avenue just south of downtown Milwaukee. You are likely going to be the only people speaking English instead of Polish in this small but large on selection Polish deli. The ham, sausage, vodka, sauerkraut and many other Polish and Eastern European delights come at incredible prices. The hams are much better than any store in the area. Parking can be dicey but worth the effort.

Karla D.

Omg so good. Fresh and very appetizing. Chocoflan is the best. Unless your alergic to almonds ,try it because it's soooooo good .