Jimmy John's

6508 Monona Dr Building A, Monona
(608) 221-3232

Recent Reviews

Jean Grimes

Bread was way over baked.Very tall garbage can was full. Every table needed to be wiped off. Debris on the floor under tables and around the edges...looked like it had not been swept or mopped a while. There were large chunks of dried bread under the pick up shelves. Pretty disgusting store.Oh and wasn't very busy but yet no one was doing anything but playing around behind the counter and complaining about other workers.Won't be back here.


The last two times I stopped at this location (around 6 pm on different days), it's been closed even though Google and JJ website both say open until 9 pm.

Andrew Mathews

Website and Google both say open until 9:00 pm Saturday’s. Came at 5:10 pm, and they were closed.

Derek O'Brien

Not sure why one week they deliver and the next week they say I'm out of their delivery area when I'm only 2miles away.

Spencer Mitchell

Always enjoy eating from here. I work not too far and usually pleased with how fast they are with the food. Today though was extraordinary! My J.J.B.L.T. Was done by the time I had paid! They are freakin’ fast!

Randolph Pearson

I live down the street, even when they are busy they make it fast and accurate, never had a bad experience at this location

Tim Meise

Speed and quality as expected. Staff was extra friendly during my visit. This location was having a great day when I visited.

Arionna Zimbric

Every time me or one of my coworkers has ordered from here for delivery they take almost 2 hours to deliver and the store is literally right down the road. Their customer service is also terrible. Never getting food from this location again.


Be flat out honest when I 1st got my sandwich I wasn't quite sure. Oh my heavens when I had my 1st bite it it was just delicious!!! I give them kudos I'm not easily impressed. Great flavor combination great sandwich. My customer service was good as well. Would definitely recommend them.

Taylor D.

Most managers or owners are gonna make sure the store is open making money . But I guess because there 1 driver called in they gotta closed shop . Despite 2 in shoppers ...


Really great place. I don’t spend any time here…I walk in, grab my sub, and I’m on my way. Subs are great tasting and reasonably priced. What else can you ask for?

Elizabeth Macpherson

Placed my online order at 11:56 AM. My order arrived at 1:15 pm. I am a three minute drive from the store.

Dale Nelson

Worst sub I’ve ever had !!Did not order jalapeños, way to much mayo and mustered.Threw it away-waste of ten bucks!! Took over an hour to arrive.I used to like Jimmy Johns, Never again

im 2trubbul

Just stopped for two subs. I saw an employee use the edge of a knife (used to cut the sub rolls) to shave off the edge of the plastic counter then proceed to use it to cut open a sub. When I said something, the retort was " the counter has been sanitized. Just gross!!

Shawna Verges

The food is as expected but don't trust their Order Tracker. It's shown that my orders are "Out for Delivery" for hours after it's already been delivered. Other times, it says "Eat!" as if it's already been delivered when it hasn't been. No estimated delivery time is provided upon placing an order but it generally takes about an hour+ in my experience for a delivery about 5 minutes away from the store. I understand being short staffed but the Order Tracker's inaccuracy is frustrating.

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