Salvatore's Tomato Pies

5507 Monona Dr, Monona
(608) 305-8611

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Shawn W

For as much as I enjoyed their pizza, Salvatore’s is not managed well.When we were told it would take 45 minutes to make for a “store pick-up”. Once we were there they said it would be another half hour. They should have added 15 minutes to that estimate.No pizza is good enough to be lied to at that level of incompetence.I’d recommend anything else.

Jennifer McAuley

The food is great! We enjoyed the cauliflower bites and garlic bread for appetizers, and two different pizzas for our entrees. A good selection of beer and ciders as well. We had great service, though the dine-in area is small. We have enjoyed delivery and pick-up in the past as well - always great pizza.Vegetarian options: Our favorite pizza is the Woodsman. The mushrooms with truffle oil are delicious. The cauliflower bites and garlic bread are also delicious appetizers.

Mary M

The pizza is delicious! There is an interesting variety of specialty pizzas. I have only ever ordered take out so have not dined in. There are only a few small tables inside. They have a really nice patio open in the warmer months. The service has been friendly.Food: 5/5

Andrew Collins

I love Salvatore's, but I'll never to to the Monona Salvatore's again. I've gone to other Salvatore's around the area before and loved the food, but this particular one in Monona left me with a terrible experience because of the service.At 4 pm I ordered 4 pizzas for pick-up at 5:45 pm. At 5 pm, I was called and they said they made my pizzas too early and asked if I would like them early. I said no, since my friends weren't going to be over until 6 pm and I didn't want to serve them hour-old, stale, cold dinner. So I asked them to re-make it for the time I requested when I put in the order, and they said yes. I arrive at 5:45 pm for my pizzas, and take them home, only to realize when I got home that they were luke-warm and stale. They obviously just re-heated the pizzas they had already made an hour ago and lied to me.I spent $75 plus tip on those pizzas, I was lied to about them re-making the pizzas they mistakenly made early, and was served sub-par food at a high price. I love Salvatore's, but I'll never to to the Monona Salvatore's again.

Jaimie Gausmann

Been a customer for awhile and the food is always good. Lately, I don't know if you have new staff but the pizzas are cooked to perfection evertime we go. We ask for ours a lil more done and sometimes it is and sometimes not. No biggie but everytime lately in the last week it's so good we pick it up right after work and then order more later. Really hoping it stays like this, but no matter what it is still always good.

Michelle Livanos

It is not exemplary of a restaurant business to not get the food out of the kitchen, which is, after all, the purpose and expectation of any restaurant - to get food out of the kitchen and feed the people. However, the difference with this "place" is that their guests have already PAID for their meals because their whole set-up is not very restaurant-like and frankly, unwelcoming.I ordered the Fried Calamari as an appetizer and then a tomato pizza pie. I waited, and waited, and waited for the appetizer to arrive. Finally, it did COLD with my pizza pie. And it was half jalapeno peppers - which was not indicated on the menu and I would not have ordered it then. Can I tell you how yucky cold calamari is? Bleh. I was afraid to return it to the kitchen for a fresh order, considering how long it took to arrive. Meanwhile, some time passed before my dinner partner'appetizer arrived - mediocre wings with a blue cheese dip that was too watery. His entree never arrived. We had to ask for a refund. How much reasonable time can one put in to wait for their freaking meal to arrive?Some thoughts on their pizza: the crust is crunchy on the outside and soft and doughy on the outside, not what a true pizza crust should be. Despite the name, it is not authentic pizza.The wait staff was friendly and sympathetic to our plight. The kitchen staff could care less and was busy doing something else, not restaurant-like.If you go, expect to wait forever for your meal to arrive, treat it like an existential experience, and prepare to go home hungry.

MIchelle L.

It is not exemplary of a restaurant business when they cannot get the food out of the kitchen, and you are waiting and waiting and waiting for your appetizer, and it arrives COLD with your pizza pie. (Oh, yeah! Almost forgot - and the Fried Calamari is HALF jalapeno peppers, which is not indicated in the menu and I would not have ordered it then.) Meanwhile, the appetizer, and entree for your dinner partner has YET to arrive. Their pizza is not all that. The crust is crunchy outside and doughy in the middle. Not how a pizza crust should be. If you decide to go to this place, expect to order food that will never arrive, that you have already paid for - because the whole setup is wierd and not very restaurant-like, and thus, not very welcoming. We ended up getting a refund for the entree that never showed up - because having to wait more than 1+ hour for it to arrive was just a bit much.


Good food but service was lacking. Bar was slow with two bartenders and we had to ask for food and drinks. Bartender acted like it was a huge inconvenience when I asked to sub potatoes for extra vegetables, said he’d have to check with him he kitchen. Disappointing first experience and would not return because of the service but the food was good.

Hannah L.

Well, we had intentions of going to Cousins after doing our rounds. But when we saw Sal's was open, it was GAME ON. We have ordered here online during the pandemic, they have super easy/fast ordering online. Just need to add that. Today we wanted to eat in the outside patio. Parking: There's a large amount of parking in the strip malls parking lot. Granted sometimes people drive like crazy through it. Seating: We went around 4:00, when we walked in, there wasn't a sign giving much for prompts for inside or outside seating. The lady said she could seat us where we wanted, as she could tell that's probably what we wanted. They have a VERY small inside seating, and a good amount of outside seating. The seats are a tad lightweight. But they have a lot of them. And small tables. We ran into this issue near the end of the meal, but a few bees showed up. We were sitting near a potted plant, not sure if that played into the bees. Bathrooms: We didn't see any bathrooms, unless there in a back room. But it was a bit of an issue, not the end all be all. Granted I did get the cheese pizza... Food: We got some garlic bread, which was OK. Forgot to get a picture. But it was extremely hard, could tasted the oil when you got a tad further into the piece of garlic bread. I'd rate the garlic bread a 3/10. It did have GREAT marinara with it. Which it needed. Fiancé got a 10in Fat Uncle Tony, we'd rate this at 9/10. It was pretty classic. A good meat and cheese pizza, but the quality is beyond what you get at a majority of places. I decided I wanted a 10in Walter White. Honestly this was a tad bit of a let down. The description was enticing. Ricotta, sausage, pepper and lemon. All together it was a good pizza, it's what I love about Sal's. They do exciting things. The let down came with inconsistencies in the pizza slice to slice. Either you had one pure cheese, or heavy lemon, or heavy peppered cheese. Final rating: 4/5, mainly just for the seating issue and the fact I couldn't find a consistent flavor with the pizza I chose. But I do love the service, the uniqueness of the pizza and the quality!

Jenny K

Super good! We really enjoyed it. And there was plenty of pizza to take home.

John Klak

The pizzas were very good. The service was very attentive. The only negative was an inordinately long wait that day. Everything else was great.

Robert Heaney

My wife and I ordered from Salvatore's on June 30th loved it. The Phoning it in specialty pizza was amazing. One of better pies I had in a long time. Think of Roman Candle self titled Pizza but with better ingredients.

Marcelle Barbir

Adoro le torte di pomodoro di Salvatore... oltre l'aldilà!I’m from Jersey Wisconsinites … FINALLY WISCONSIN HAS REAL PIZZA ! Scusi, TOMATO PIES as we call it in Jersey . In case you didn’t know , yet again Jersey has been picked as best pizza in the country ( exception , anywhere Salvatore’s is in WI) !

Jennifer Peterson

Good pizza. Despite only being a couple minutes off our pick up time, they gave us a coupon for $10 off next order.

Rob R.

I'm not a big fan of giving 5 stars. To me, 5 stars is not like getting 100% on a test because you got all the questions right, that would be a 4. 5 stars is when you get an experience beyond what you should reasonably expect. Food here is a solid 4.5. Definitely deserves the top spot for best pizza in the city (which is subjective and depends on what style of pizza you prefer). Only having outdoor seating or carryout should only count for 3 at best. Especially since it's right along the parking lot and you could end up 2 feet from a car that's idling for 15 mins, while also playing crap music. Note to owners: what's taking so long with indoor seating? How do we get up to 5 stars? One superstar server carrying the brand on her shoulders. She's one of those lovely young people that has qualities that can't be trained. No room for improvement.

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